Barack Obama – 44th President of the United States

060922_barackobama_xtrawide.jpgOn January 20, 2009, Barack Obama will become the first minority (non-white) American to be the president of the United States. If you had asked me two years ago–or even a year ago–whether I thought an African American could get elected to the highest office (public job) of this country, I would have been doubtful (not sure).

I would have been uncertain, like many Americans, not because we doubted the ability of Barack Obama, but because race continues to be an issue that divides (makes into separate parts) the United States. Despite what some pundits (people who give their political opinion on TV, radio, newspapers and other media) say, racial bias is still a part of the culture in the U.S.

However, Barack Obama did not lose because he is African American. He did not win because he is African American. He won because he was judged by the content of his character to be the best person for the job by a majority (52%) of Americans. That, many would agree, is progress.

~ Lucy

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  1. Jose Antonio says:

    In my opinion, I found amazing the first words of candidate Mccain: congratulations to my opponent, now my president.
    Here, in Spain its unbelievable such affirmations after any kind of elections, because our lifestyle and a sort of anti-patriotic character.
    Thanks to the American people for this great democracy demonstration, and what this word means.

  2. emiliano says:

    The words of Jose Antonio are my words, that is just what I think and what happens here. Your words Lucy are my words too, yes that is progress.
    And being old, much older that you Lucy, I can remember perfectly well what segregation was in USA by the fifty/sixty decade, and what happens
    when M.L.King was killed. So now when I see tears goin out from Mr.Jackson eyes I can understand it perfectly well.
    Congratulations to all you, Americans, also to us because we have the opportunity of living this change.
    Nobody knows about the future but we live the present and it may be more promising.
    Bye Bye Mr. Bush, on January quite a different person should be take your place. We hope to the better.

  3. Ghasem says:

    Congratulations to all American people and, also, to all people around the world who love peace and prosperity. Actually, as it has been predicted, American poeple said a big “NO” to the Bush policy, and, as New York Times wrote, McCain lose this campaign just because of wrong Bush policy and his support of him.
    I belive that this election was another jump in the American history and now American people are located at the bend of their history. Now, the dreams of Dr. King are coming to the reality. I am so proud being here in the US right now to see this historical event from a close view, and to sense what is going on in tha hearts of my young American friends.
    Hope Obama could bring peace and progress back to the US and to the all world.

  4. Peter90 says:

    I support Barack Obama. Go Obama!!!

  5. Rodrigo says:

    The elections of Mr Obama shows the evolution of the United States´s society, just 45 years ago it would be impossible, its seems that changes for the new century will come from the States, this is the real revolution not the fake we are facing in Venezuela I regret to say, what a difference¡¡¡, the respect of both adversaries,the acceptance of the results, and in the end they joint together in order to work for their country in this economic turnoil time

  6. linus says:

    Congratulations to the american people. America has shown to the world that is still a beacon of freedom and the land of choices and opportunities for everybody. I always thought that everything was already written in the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Today this beautiful line has been fully accomplished in this great country. God bless America.

  7. Helen says:

    Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has come true. Congratulations to Obama!

  8. belay says:

    Congratulation to all Americans! they assure to the world that Americans judge to a person’s character, to a person’s ability, not to the person’s color or Rice. That’s way Obama got this big victory and he put America and Americans in a new revolution and new history. GOD bless America and Long live for Obama.

  9. Akiuki says:

    I feel hopeful with Obama in the meaning he is willing to change USA policy, domestic and foreing policy. He is going to put dialogue on top of force.

    On the other hand, I feel obliged to say that McCain, when he conceded election yesterday, taught everybody a lesson of unity of the Americans around their new President, consistent and in line with his electoral slogan: “Country Matters”.

    In this election, America has won, the World has won, Obama has won, McCain has won, and there is only one loser: George W. Bush.

    Congratulation to the American people.

  10. richard says:

    Congradulations to Americans on having the first black president ! We can see the light of racial harmony.His success will encourage more colored people to go into politics. As a Chinese in China,I am glad to see such a great progress in the USA .I wish Americans prosperity in the future.

    Richard in China.

  11. Steven Wincent Ding says:

    I like Barack Obama,he’s young and energetic,I’m sure it will be good for eliminating racial discrimination.Of course I don’t hate white people,I admire white people,I don’t hate black people either.
    Steven Wincent Ding
    from Shanghai

  12. Muhyadin says:

    WELL:stonned event !congratulations to society of USA,the frist African-archtype presendent of the united states Mr Obama,in my opinion its was clear that Obama was the rigt man for the white house becouse even if u lisen the view-points of both the candidates ,the thing in which mcan mistook was,every speech he adreses he used to make a target denouncing or critizing “obam’s fouls if he is elected as presedent” instead of talking about what is good for american people and the world,but obama did well, every speech he addresses was so unbeleivable,and one thing people believes and that is the one who can’t indulge the people the speech is not the right person for the presendent rf any other official rank.


  13. Robert says:

    Congratulation to Obama! Congratulation to all american people. From the election, i saw the democracy again. I hope the new president will lead all world better.

  14. Frank says:

    Congratulations Mr Obama….
    Congratulations to all American People… Yes, you could!! ^_^
    Congratulations to all the world…

    Greetings from Barcelona

  15. Sophie Sun says:

    I dare not believe it! Obama is really a super-man!!! He is a wise, and handsome man. I like his relaxed gesture and easy speech very much!!! How excellent He is, I think. I came from China, and as several months ago, I bought a lot of american dollar and lost a lot, and very disappointed, but now, I am very hopeful because I saw the hope from american spirit!!! Admiring freedom and justice!!!and I really love American and American Spirit. Congratulationss to American new times and SUPER-MAN OBAMA!

  16. Eugene says:

    I am more happy to see Obama rather than McCain on this position, however I don’t believe that this is the achievement of US democracy. In US as well as in Russia the “democracy” is just another name to the process of people management. I don’t think that Republicans were not able to find more young and smart guy than McCain and choose a candidate for vice-president without any dirty history. I think that this is the part of the “plan”.
    I suspect that all these elections with such predictable and planned results is an attempt to give America another chance to raise its profile. In other words Obama can negotiate with other countries now starting from zero point instead of minus level if he would be a successor of Bush.

    So…let’s see together how Obama will solve the economic problems without bombing other countries. He has a credit of trust at least till Jan 20.

  17. ESL says:

    I wouldn’ t have said person of color (non-white), African American sounds better.

  18. emiliano says:

    People who like history may see that sometimes only a person may change all future, and it looks unreal just because we are living only the present, just this moment, and it is quite difficult to see that a person individually may change anything saying NO, Yes, or doing a little thing.
    Now here on the screen we are seing again a woman that a day told NO to a white man who was calling her to got up from her sit on the bus and asked her to go at the end of the bus where black people were obliged to sit.
    I think this happened someplace on the South of EE.UU., and this woman (who was in prission to do such an incredible thing at that time) with her NO begun a change, a social revolution, a big change, that we all now can see.
    If we search history we may see quite a lot of things like this, made by ordinary people that a day feel they have to do something about their little world.
    So I hope that Obama, who is now elected president of one of the great countries of the world by the efford of so many ordinary people, may change this hard times we are living now to be less bad. He has a very difficult job but it is sure he can change quite a lot of wrong things if he really wants.
    We need some hopes as pessimist is growing up aroung every moment we live.

  19. metin says:

    First congratulations to all Americans. because everybody is much more happy to see Barack Obama as president of the United States in the White House. Unfortunately I can’t share same happiness.
    In my opinion, there is not much more change about U.S. of America’s policy in the world. Therefore I agree my friend Eugene’s comments. It doesn’t matter that who will preside to the U.S. of America?
    (or to the world, because they are similar) Nevertheless people will die because of wars in the world and will starve because of capitalist countries. So I don’t think that change will be good for Americans
    and the other people who live anywhere in the world. Please don’t deceive ourselves.

  20. fatima says:

    World is proud of USA

    I think he was the best candidate, and millions of people have voted with heart and head, without prejudice, wonderful! and, like Jose Antonio, I found amazing and comforting the words of McCaine (we -spanish people- have too much to learn)

    Congratulations to all of us.

  21. alvaro says:

    yes we can, but it´s necessary that all the country start to work for get out of the crisis that in this moment we have

    so if we can… do it

  22. Randy says:

    I really like Obama and enjoyed his every speeches. However, I have been wondering and thinking his big winning is not only because he is intelligent and having extraordinary characters, but also because he is not that black. To me, race is always and will always be an issue in US. But good thing in this election is, people at least are willing to accept African American people.

  23. emiliano says:

    Well I think it should be interesting to read about Obama’s life, and what he has done till now, and it was just what I did moths ago because first I like Hillary much more than him.
    I was thinking six or seven months ago that he was in some way like our Mr. Zapatero, nice words and nothing more.
    I read about his life in Wikipedia and I was very surprised changing my opinion about him completly. Nothing to do with our “nice” president, that before being elected he did nothing relevant, only being a member of the parlament doing or saying nothing more than to be seated year after year, but he has been a lucky man with very beautiful words, and a big smile.
    A clever person choose smart people around him, just what I think is doing Obama now.
    But who is not clever or smart, never choose someone better than him/her becaurse he/she don’t want to be ever shadowed.
    Our politicians here in Spain ( goverment and oposition) are so bad as to be off from them as far as possible. Meanwhile we are going down and down day by day.
    P.D. Congratulations Fatima, at last I have seen you in the blog, I’m a proud father.

  24. Hannah Chen says:

    Well done! all my room-mates support him from very beginning.he was the first man who with black skin that won the paradise.

  25. Prinkle | India says:

    New Era in America is going to start in coming time.

    Salute to Americans for this unexpected and phenomenon response to world !

    Congratulation to Obama! Congratulation to American people

    Greetings from India

  26. Peter says:

    Historically, This election was a turning page . The fact that Barack Hossein Obama ( Moslem from father side) is a higher up ,no actually is better to say is the highest up can be considered as a threshold for what once seemed to remain untarnished for eternity.

  27. Noemi says:

    I am Noemi, from Indonesia(Southeast). I am so happy, finally Obama become the President. It’s the time that the wolrd will see many miracles and love. I believe that Obama can change the world. no war!!!. America must control the world economic.

    When I saw Obama in TV. I believe that all eyes in america will be opened. Non-White President will prove that whoever can be no.1.

    Noemi, Indonesia

  28. elcomandant says:

    I have to congratulate Mr. Obama, and congratulate to Mr. Mccain too. One because is the winner and another one because was a good loser. Anyway both are american and at your speach, both told us that they go to work together to U.S.A.

    As Spaniard I have envy to U.S.A. for some things. One of them because all the citizens are patriotic, love your country, and show your flag proudly. This not happens in Spain because, If I show the flag of Spain at my veranda in the local festivity of another big event, then people think I’m a fascist. It is a shame but it’s the truth.

    So I thing that my president Mr. Zapatero, should to be a little more patriotic and to have more respect to the flag of Spain or whichever country, even the U.S.A. too. All the world knew that Mr. Zapatero was rude with your guest because he doesn’t wanted stand up in the pass of American Flag. This way maybe Mr. Zapatero not would be so ridicolous imploring around the world a place in the meeting G20 and today, for sure, Spain would be invited there.

    Please, Mr. president of Spain, takes example of the Americans, at least in this matter. The Spaniards will appreciate it to you very much.


  29. Jeremy says:

    I really appreciate the words said by Mccain
    He, Obama, is also my president

    Give a hope to Mr. Obama

  30. Masakazu Takano says:

    I was really brought into tears when the electoral vote of California was added to Obama, which was the moment of his victory.
    After that, I watched his speech very frequently on TV that was addressed at Democratic National Convention 2004, which includes the line “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.”
    This line says it all.
    I was convinced that Obama has something very enormous but humble and decent.
    Talking about the race seems very little tiny thing.
    He has his own sight which is beyond such matters.
    There would be many difficult issues to solve in his Presidency, I think he can handle with them all.
    But now, I ‘d like to say to him to take a rest for a while.
    Thank you for encouraging me through your campaign.

  31. emiliano says:

    Now we are so proud as our Mr. Zapatero has a chear where he may sit in the next G20 meeting and he may say to averybody overthere about the good ideas he has to resolve all the world economic problems.
    Just the same ideas he has three or four months ago when he and his goverment denny THE CRISSIS and call anti-patriotic if anybody here in Spain said anything about it.
    We all Spaniards have to thank The France Nation, and her President, who has hand over a sit in that G20 meeting to Spain.
    Thank you very much Mr. Sarkozy as I am sure that the Mr. Zapatero´s contribution will be very appreciate if everybody there forget that last month nearly 200.000 new people in Spain went to the unenployment. A very sad and horrible record.

  32. Peter says:

    Dear Lucy ,

    I don’t mean to pass judgment on something that I have not been a part of ,but I am still wan to negate the pundit’s stand point about racial segregation.I guess we can wait untill history wears out another page.
    I personally admire Mr president Barak Obama for his integrity ,and his optimistic,forward looking mindset that definitely characterized what he sets to accomplish for the years to come. But, I have to say my favourite president is still George Bosh.

  33. Peter says:

    He has set, sorry, it never fails( podcast 111, again and again my greatest gratitude to you guys;you are the man)

  34. sofia says:

    I would like to share my opinion with you. Because i am so happy to say :-Congratulation Barack Obama!!!!. In my country this notice it isn´t important as people don´t interest this issues, they think american elecctions doesn´t includes theirs lifes. As you know, almost all countries depends of USA so this CHANGE will affect to everybody,and I hope it will be a revolutionary change which include happiness, health , and PEACE!!!!well, see you

    sofia, argentina

  35. Leo says:

    He has a great opportunity to transform this world in a new world.
    He has to stop the wars , the hunger and defend the human rights.
    The world is not a company, it does not belong to a few people, the world is our.
    We deserve this change.
    Yes we can.

  36. F J Qurain says:

    I don’t think we should judge ppl by their skin color!! I don’t care for the appearance what I care about is how will s/he do in the future,.. anyway
    I think Obama will be a great president! even that I’m so poor in US politices but whatever !

  37. Hierbafresca says:

    I approve the democrat’s campaign led by president Obama who has shown an overwhelming personality with which will be able to change the caotic economy worsened by Bush’s policy.It’s a great change and a great opportunity for disadvantaged people affected by the crisis to recover the enthusiasm they need.It also might be the first step to make people and mainly all state-chief from around the world aware about the need of making great policies in order to cut the serious threats we have to face.GOD BLESS OBAMA.

  38. Yury says:

    Very happy by this great winning:winning of wisdom,real democracy,hope of big and essential changes.This victory is desperately needed not only for Americans but for people all of the world.US elections show to other countries that most of American people still have spirit of freedom,faith and good judgement.Race like an age in this victory was a minor factor.Only intelligence,sincerity and ideas was counted for.
    God Bless Barack Obama and God Bless America!!

  39. Bakhtyar says:

    The forty fourth presidential election was outstanding triumph for all- American, The USA proved that it is typical country in the whole world in promoting Human Rights and eliminating Racial discremination

  40. no_commaders says:

    If we (spanish people) wouldn’t have king or queen or family living with our money, then we would be proud of my flag (just a piece of textil), of my country (just some barriers), and any think you (elcomandant) want me to be proud.

    And in the other hand i agree with emiliano and Jose Antonio words. I think here in europe (not only spain) the politicians are less polites than american ones (may be they have to pay more money to the marketing consultants….)

    I hope the change to come not only in u.s., but all around the world.


  41. Peter says:

    Dear, No-Commaders,

    If you have found European politicians a bunch of button-down,arrogant people ,it is not that they are really boring it is just that they have to take extreme cautious measure for all the media and public scrutiny out there. Please don not misjudge anybody unless you know them personally.

  42. linus says:

    I’d like to add one thing, I think that President-elect Obama did the right pick while choosing Sen Biden as his running mate, I really like that guy, and I have to say that during thehe primaries was my favorite, I still believe that he was the most prepared to be president. Unfortunately for the media only two candidates existed on the Democratic side: Sen Obama and Sen Clinton. Anyway, the people have spoken and that is what democracy is all about, a nation can be perfected by changing course whenever the people see fit. I feel very comfortable with Obama being the next president, it was an achievement long due to the african-american minority and I wish him the best in the difficult endeavors ahead.

  43. Joe Liu says:

    congratuations for Obama, congratuatons for all americans,currently all the americans wish new president can bring the bright future soon, especially econimy and more and more people lost job…..

  44. emiliano says:

    Zapatero a Sarkozy, a cambio de una silla en el G-20: ‘Te daré todo lo que me pidas’
    Rubén Amón (París)

    El periódico francés ‘Le Figaro’ asegura que el presidente español ofreció al francés un cheque en blanco a cambio de un puesto en la Cumbre de Washington.»

    Translated to don’t spanish speakers: I’ll give you everything you ask me for if you get me a seat in the G20 meeting.
    I have seen this new in four or more newspapers this evening in Spain, my country, so what may we think about our Mr. Zapatero president?
    Only embarrassment and shame, that my feelings.

  45. PedroDias says:

    I’m from Brazil and I’m very happy that he won. I agree with someone above who said “he won because he was judged on his good character” – I think he’ll do a great job. He’ll be good to the US as weel to the rest of the world.

  46. oleg says:

    I suppose the new president it means no discrimination in USA.

  47. Romko Guru says:

    Mr. Obama is going to give this country a second breath, at least we will strive for doing this objective – renew the american global leadership!

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