Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is Dr. Jeff McQuillan’s birthday! If you’ve been a longtime listener, you know how old he is (but I won’t tell).

Here at ESL Podcast, we wish him the very best for this special day. It’s hard to know what birthday present (gift) to get him–let me know if you have suggestions. In the meantime, join me in wishing Jeff a very happy birthday!

~ Lucy


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153 Responses to Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  1. Wachira says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!


  2. Mauricio Morales says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!
    I’m pretty sure that a great birthday present for Jeff is to become an ESL podcast member.
    Supplementary material for members has resulted very useful to improve my English level so at the same time it is a great present for all persons becoming ESL members.
    Mauricio (Mexico City)

  3. smallpig says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Happy Birthday! You’ve done a great job helping thousands and thousands of people around the world improving their English proficiency. You should be proud of yourself! I wish you all good luck and health and wealth and any other thing you want in your life~

    Support from HK


  4. Stefan says:

    Happy birthday Jeff! Your podcasts are awesome and really helpful for ESL studends. Keep going!


  5. omar says:

    dear jeff
    i listen u r pod cast every day an hear ur great voice thanks for all ur great job
    happy birth day

  6. Song says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I just got my Toefl IBT score (109). Thank you for what you and your colleagues have done for us!
    Happy birthday!

  7. IreneKe says:

    Dear Jeff,
    A day too late but good wishes come never too late I think.
    All the best for you and every day good ideas for new topics.
    I know that is a hard work but your work is really very helpful.
    Keep going!

  8. Václav says:

    Dear Jeff,

    a little late, but I would like to join the long crowd of your well-wishers. Everything has been said. Happy birthday and thank you.
    Vaclav from Czech Republic.

  9. Ying says:

    Dear Jeff!

    Thank you and your coworkers for the great work on ESl Podcast! It’s very helpful for us.

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Rodrigo says:

    I´m late but my best wishes are very sincere, happy birthday dear friend and teacher.
    Rodrigo from Venezuela

  11. Eliyaho says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff!

    Thank’s a lot for your great job!

  12. Gilles says:

    Hi, Doc
    I wish you a Happy Birthday!
    Thank you so much for your great job.

    Gilles from Cannes, French Riviera.

  13. Linus says:

    Dear Jeff

    Happy birthday, and as always thank you very much for your help.

  14. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff and all the best from Switzerland.
    I go along with all listeners and writers here on these blog – It doesn’t need more words, so I also just want to say ‘Thank you’!
    Which teacher has a class with so many students and also will beloved from all of them?!

    And Jeff, you don’t look like the terminator ‘Arni’ but you are an CREATOR -The creator of a big ESL-learner community! That is much more worth – You’re not simply a teacher – for us you are the friend, buddy, joker and psychologist…anything else? :o) oh you’re a great singer too ;o)

    Well, Jeff, believe me or not – you was acting as a ‘justice of peace’ for me when I got married in San Jose in beautiful California this year in July! With the help of your podcast I was able to understand and speak all the difficult and important words for our wedding ceremony – written by Lucy – thank you so much too, Lucy!


  15. William says:

    Feliz aniversário Jeff!!
    Keep going with the good work.
    We’re always looking forward to listening the following episodes!

  16. nazila says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff.
    Thanks for being nice & helpful.

  17. Paco says:


    Te felicito en español ya que hablas y enseñas español, mil felicidad, salud, larga vida, que se cumplan tus metas personales y profesionales.

    Uds. son una gran aportación en la web.

    sinceramente Paco

  18. lucy says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff!
    i wish u have a unforgettable day

  19. Orion says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jeff.
    Thank you for your dedication to improve communication among people around the world.
    My Best wishes.

  20. Kobe.Su says:

    hi Jeff
    Happy birthday to you from China“
    Wish you would get drunk with all these sweet greetings from friends all over the world.
    i really appricate this wonderful excellent work that you, Lucy and IT Expert have been doing all the time.
    and no different like other listeners, eslpodcast is the best english studing webside that i’d love to keep learning and staying forever!

    having a great day!
    kobe =^ ^=

  21. Norma says:

    I hope you have a wonderful day, Thanks for your great work and happy birthday. Thanks for support us. you really help me with ESL podcast , GLAD BLESS YOU , and i am going to pray to you. you really help me.

  22. Farid says:

    Happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday Jeff
    wish you the best of the best things in the world.
    “Sepas gozaram” (thank you in persian)

  23. Alexey says:

    Happy Birhday from Russia, Jeff! Your podcast is the best educational podcast I ever heard! Good luck with everything! Thank you!

  24. Tatiana says:

    Dear Jeff!!!!!
    Be Healthy, Be Wealthy!!!!!!
    Your are the magnificent person!!!!

    I am very glad to be a listerner of eslpodcast. This site is great! I have learned a lot!

    Tatiana, Russia,Saratov

  25. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff. You’ve been with me every morning I browse the ESLPod. Today I congratulate you. Thanks a lot

  26. Coralia says:

    Still on time?
    Happy Birthday Dr. McQuillan!
    You are such a nice, creative, and funny person… I Love the ESLPod. Also I know that you have a brilliant team!

    Coralia (Peruvian living in NH, USA)

  27. antonio says:

    long live Jeff!!!

  28. CAT says:


    Sorry, I am late. Yet I want to tell you how valuable your great work on the wab site is and how much I appreciate it!!
    You are a wonderful, amazing and fabulous person! Hope you had an unforgettable day!!:)

  29. lena tran says:

    happy birthday , Jeff
    best wishes for you.
    Lena from Canada

  30. Akram says:

    happy Birthday Jeff
    I wish you more and more success in your life and making podcast

  31. Tatsuya says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    This is my message from Japan.


  32. lycan says:

    Happy birthday.

    I want to say your show is great and very helpful.

    My best wishes to you and Lucy.

    P.S. I don’t know how old you are ,but I know you are bald.

  33. parivash says:

    DEAR JEFF happy birthday with best wishes for you and thanks for helpful job.parivash from iran

  34. Minh says:

    Happy birthday to u!
    Today is also my birthday, i m so lucky 😀 Thanks for ur Toefl podcast. I listen to these audio files every night. Hope that once day, i could travel to USA and have a cup of coffee with u .

  35. Marielle Anne says:


    Thanks, thanks to be with me every day to discuss differents topics…Great!

    marielle anne from Quebec city, Canada

  36. Deshko Artem says:

    Jeff, You are great!! Thanks for all you’re doing!
    Only your podcasts could help me to develop myself in English!! Many listeners in Russia thank you and respect you!

  37. Michele says:

    Happy birthday Jeff! Thank you for this (web)site, thank you for your work;
    I love ESL Podcast: I am improving my English, at last I have the best teacher 🙂
    Michele – Siena – Italy

  38. AHMAD says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff! Thanks for your great work each week..
    my name is Ahmad and I’m from Saudi Arabia i really enjoy when i listen to you ..

  39. Wilma says:

    Happy birthday Jeff! Be happy, healthy and wealthy. May God be good, very good to you, your family, friends, co-workers …. to all you love.
    You can’t imagine how good it is for us all, your listeners, to improve our English with ESL. You are great, Lucy is great, your team is great. May it last for more than the 20 years you mentioned, may it last much more, may it last until the end and the end is far away in time, in a time we are not able to see, not yet.

    My warmest regards,

  40. Jamshid from Berlin says:

    Dear dear Jeff
    Wow your birthday !!!
    Please accept my best wishes for your 45 th birthday and warm greetings to you and your family .
    We are proud to have a nice gay like you…
    Best best regards from Jamsid

  41. Simon says:

    Hey, Dr.Jeff who’s in BEA-Utiful LA, happy birthday. Sry for the late blessing…. 🙂

  42. Juan says:

    Happy Birtday Jeff! Thank you very much. Your job is very impressive for us.
    Tanks also for Lucy and for your wonderful team.
    Best wishes for you.
    Juan from Madrid.

  43. Admeto Verde says:

    Happy birthday , Jeff
    best wishes for you.
    Admeto Verde from Milan, Italy.

  44. Mikhail Yakupov (Dipodidae) says:

    I’m abit late(( Happy birthday! My the best wishes! Many years of happy live! Health and luck! Your work helps me not only in study english, it help me in my live. From Russia, Misha.

  45. Yaaaaaaghh says:

    Dear Dear Dear Jeff,
    I wish it’s not too late to say congratulations to you.

    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful work of you and Lucy.
    Best wishes for you.

  46. prinkle says:

    Many many happy returns of the day.

    Happy Birthday, Jeff.

    Best Wishes !

    Prinkle | India

  47. carloe says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff.
    I hope ???wish is not too late.
    I speak Japanes and Chinese, I blieve with your help, trilingual is not a dream.

    carloe , from Toronto

  48. Behnam says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    And congratulations to you both for ESL podcast; keep up the good work.

  49. Amira says:

    Dear Jeff,
    It’s not late to say happy birthday to you.
    Thousands of thanks to you and Lucy.
    Amira From (Brest) France

  50. fatima says:

    (a little late but with all my best wishes)

    Happy birthday Jeff, you are the best!! Have you notice that you are the same age as Brad Pitt?? the best age without a doubt 🙂

    a ton of love from Spain, you and Lucy make my world a better place

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