Poll: Which Superpower Would You Want?

super_friends.jpgIt’s summertime and the movie theaters are full of blockbusters (very successful; earning a lot of money) movies. The number 1 movie in the U.S. this week is The Dark Knight, a movie about Batman. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read good reviews.

This got me thinking about when I was younger and how I wished I had superpowers, or powers and abilities that would allow me to do great things.

Here’s a poll question: If you could any superpower, which superpower would you want? If it’s not listed in the options, submit a comment and tell us what that power would be.

~ Lucy


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23 Responses to Poll: Which Superpower Would You Want?

  1. emiliano says:

    Well, I have voted, but as it is only one option I am very frustrated because I would like to have three or four superpowers like time travel, ability to fly, or telekinesis……telepathy may be so dangerous and desagreable if you see what people are thinking and what are they doing instead, pufff……may be I do not really like that, so I have not voted that superpower if I was the only one that would have it.
    I should be nice if just a lot of people do have it and we may interchanged the thoughts. May be in future?

  2. Luke says:

    wow, time travel is the most popular choice, I also put it in the first place, but I’d admit all the superpowers are attractive to me.

  3. Gulls says:

    My superpower would be the ability to change the world in a world without crime
    and of course with happy people.

  4. Grzegorz says:

    I can tell you how to have those powers 😉 Try Lucid Dreaming. It’s smashing!

    Ps. It may also help you meat Lucy and Jeff 🙂

  5. Mustafa Altunsoy says:

    I woted for telepathy because I believe we can solve problems of earth by kbowing what the people are thinking before he or she commit a crime.

  6. Fabiana says:

    I’d like to have the superpower of being in many places at the same time, to do more things in less time.

  7. elcomandant says:

    Yes, I would like to have a superpower what it isn’t listed. It would call “supergoodpower” or ability to bring other people the peace and the justice (always good never evil)that they need. Here there are three exemples.

    We suppose ther is a married couple with one or more children. They have some problem and all the family are unhappy. I go to visit them and my body irradiate something. Then their troubles disappear and then they are happy again.

    Another exemple, There is a poor family whith a baby that he need an surgery for keep living and the father is the only person who bring the money to home. Suddenly the father die and the family don’t have enough income to living. My visit will do possible that the widowed could get a very good working that she’ll permit earn enough money to surgery your baby and keep living.

    Last exemple, There is a person who have in your mind to kill your wife becouse she have a lover. Mi visit will permit that the happiness could come back this couple. The woman will fall in love with her husband again, the lover will realise that this isn’t your place and the husband will forgive to the lover.
    Do you imagine how wonderful would be the world if I with my “supergoodpower” could visit to the Presidents of all the countries of the world?
    P.S.: Sorry my bad English Language.

  8. orlando nunez says:

    Time travel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, definitely the best superpower. You can go back in time and solve the current problems in the world. And do not worry about changing history.

  9. Taehoo Kim says:

    If I can get one superpower I will choose time travel ability. Because I’m a geologist, I always study about past of the earth. We never know what happen during past 4.5 billions years.
    We just can see the history of the earth on the rocks, so that geology is very difficult study I think.
    If I can travel past, I will solve the mystery problem about the earth.
    I really want to get the power if I can.

  10. belay says:

    there are many superpowers which are so nice to be. but I vote telepathy superpower. if I could read the people’s mind.
    b.c. we like to enter in people’s busines to judge as a good or bad. but we do not know their mind.

  11. I remember a movie where a guy could read woman´s mind. Was funny he become mad. LOL

  12. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    I’ve chosen Time Travel. I wish to know deeply the human beings history.

  13. Lovesummer says:

    Teleporter might be the best choice. I will teleport into safe-deposit of bank at first. That’s the simplest way being rich man without any danger.
    Because some of guys wrote above, choose superpower for world piece – that is little different reason with mine – I feel myself selfish. I promise I’ll never forget about the poor and make a lot of donation, if i get superpower.

  14. MONKING says:

    Should I choose just one?
    It is very difficult for me to choose one.
    I want to have all of them. Because Super power is Superpower.
    If I have to choose only one, I will vote invisibilty.
    Can you image that Other people can’t see you. It will be fantastic.

  15. Jamshid says:

    I belive all this ability is intresting but I don’t need any of this ability .
    It is very intresting to have this ability but the ability that I wish is ability to speak in any language .
    I think with this ability I can speak with all people around the world .
    The secound ability that I wish is the ability to make freedom in all the world.
    I don’t like to live more than normal .
    I don’t like to look behind the wall maybe is something that is not about me or relate to me.
    I don’t like to travel so fast ,it’s so many things to see and when I move very fast I can’t see any things.
    I don’t like to know what the people think, it make our living impossible .Sometimes you are angry and think something that in not true and next day you realise that is not ok ,and imagine when other people have ability to know your mind when you are angry … it make more problem
    I wish to have ability to understand better all people and ability to forgive thair mistake.
    And at the end I wish to have the power to say excuse me .

    Jamshid from Berlin Germany

  16. Christoph says:

    I’d like to be able to eat 20 hot dogs in less than 3 minutes.

  17. Rizia says:

    i guess if you have powe of reading people’s mind,
    how great would be every day make the right choices
    and dont let anybody fool you around or just be able to know when you have
    been really loved by someone!!

  18. Bigmoose says:

    Hi !
    For me If I could to travel across into the time it’s will be the 70’s, because the life was less stress and more jobs, and most of people were more happy in their life.
    It was fun in 70’s, it was like a new life who began.

  19. emiliano says:

    Nearly I agree with you Jamshid in all you said before, but I think this is just a joke and it has been a very usefull matter as Jeff and Lucy may see how many people do they look into their blog by the votes. And for me it has been very nice surprise as there is a lot of followers who read the blog (more than I thaught, ja, ja….) but they didn’t ever write at all.
    So please, more votes, every body voting and so we may see how many friends we are.
    Also more writting please, we need more opinions about each subject and all your opinions are important, like Jamshid, or Bigmoose, Rizia, Orlando, elcomandante….everybody, even mine of course.
    Thanks all you.

  20. smallpig says:

    Time Travel is the most appealing superpower. I’d love to travel back to time when I was a child in the 70’s and 80’s. I miss so much my old school, the old streets, the destructed landmarks of the city, and for sure my old friends. However I don’t want to travel to the future, as I am worried about the future of the world!

    The least desired superpower is telepathy. While one may think this superpower can bring many advantages to the one who has the power, I think knowing all thoughts of everyone is agonizing. I watched a TV drama called “Heroes” in which a character actually holds this power. He knows when his wife betrays him, he knows when his colleagues thinks bad about him, and he knows all dirty thoughts of strangers. I don’t want to have this power!

  21. emiliano says:

    Sorry, where are you from “smallpig” and why that name?. I would like to know a litle more about you have told us.
    I don’t like also telepathy same reasons like you.

  22. kinji says:

    mmm????the resurlt was as I thought, Time Travel!!
    But don’t you all think it is a sort of scare seeing the future?
    If something that should have happened around you would be extremely tragic , can you accept that future?
    So, I want to see it , but I don’t choose it.

  23. Joel says:

    umm… telekinesis

    Simply because I’m too lazy to reach for my remote control when it’s on the other side of the room…

    lol no but seriously, it would help me alot when lifting stuff and moving it around. I would be able to hold as many things up in the air as I would like.
    Also, this would immediately give me the ability to fly since I can simply get on a large enough object and levitate with it in the sky.

    This is also usefull for selfe defense. Simply blowing someone away when they try to harm you is really good. Without mentioning the ability to save other people with it if for example I see someone fall off a cliff and I catch them in time, or if I push someone away when they are about to be run over by a car…

    The only thing with which I was REALLY hesitating was telepathy… simply because my girlfriend left me 2 days ago with no reason and she never wanted to tell me why. Knowing what she was thinking would truely help me get back together with her… =(

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