Home Away from Home

home.jpgThe expression home away from home means that the place you are describing is as comfortable as your own house, somewhere you can feel “at home,” and it is usually where you spend a lot of your time.

You could say, “I spend so much time in this hotel for my work, it’s my home away from home.”

Do you have a home away from home?  If so, where is it?


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18 Responses to Home Away from Home

  1. Roberto Geronimo says:

    Definitely if I have a place that surely is my Mother’s, I used to go there, at least, once per month to have a launch and after this I normally take a nap.

    When I weak up my Mother prepare a delicious café and we spend a lot of time talking about many subjects…

    “it’s my home away from home”

    Have a great day and thanks a lot for everything.

    From Brazil,

    Roberto Geronimo

  2. BAALLAL says:

    Yes I just discover it and it’s this esl pod cast. I’m sur it will be my home away from home during my summer holiday.

  3. Grzegorz says:

    I think that many Poles (about 2mln) can say that about Great Britain, as they emigrates there to work in last 3 years. Although some of them lives in very crowded rooms to save money and aren’t probably as comfortable as at home 🙂 but they’re better off, that’s for sure 😉
    Ps. Is that picture from James Bond movie, witch by the way also come from Britain 🙂 ?

  4. emiliano says:

    It was at my work sometimes when I felt confortable with my fellows and the kind of work I was doing in that moments, but it wasn’t easy, and now that I have changed home more than three times it cost me more than two or three years to feel the new house as my real home.
    Feelings are not so easy to understand oneself, because I always think that I didn’t like this place Madrid as my place in the world to live in. But when I have to go out and live some years in a little city near the sea I may understand that I was a big city citizen……, what a pity, I miss quite a lot now the other home beside the sea and the beach.

    By the way I have never feel an hotel or similar as home, after being some time over there I miss home eagerly, and I was always happy to come back home again, and see all the usual things just at hand.
    The big true is that home is whichever place where my love is in.

  5. Hans says:

    That reminds me of my favourite Dr. Feelgood (English Blues Rock Band) song.

    I might buy me a jaguar
    I might fly to nicaragua
    Maybe sail up the amazon
    Or take a fast train to basildon
    Honolulu sounds very nice
    But I’ve already been there twice
    I’ll think I’ll go mediterranean
    Just to get back on the sea again

    Well there’s nothing like it
    There’s nothing like it
    Well here’s nothing like it
    There’s nothing like it

    I only have to pick up the telephone
    But I’ll guess I’ll just stay here
    ’cause there’s no place like home

    Being a couch potatoe I’m afraid I have to adopt this view :-)))

  6. NOEMI says:

    I think that the place where a person is very long time is the work, and when we arrive to the house the feeling is wonderful . We miss our intimacy , we feel good with ourselves .

  7. K.L says:

    I live far away from my parents. I am in Canada, they are in China. For me China is my home, and Canada is home away from home. Everytime when I visit my parents, I feel my hometown has been changing so much. I am a guest from top to toe now. For this reason, I feel some kind of homeless.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    If I have I don’t know.

  9. akiuki says:

    I am living 8000 Km far away my home – expatriate worker- and i have found my home away from home here in México. It was hard first year to be living in a hotel, but as soon i could rent a house i was able to feel at home. Now, when i can spend some time at my own home in Spain (twice a couple of weeks per annum), sometimes i miss my place at México, so i really do not know which one is my “home away from home”.

  10. Naresue says:

    I live at staff’s domitory where is not far from my workplace. It’s so comfortable for worklife but not welcome, warm, safety and nice as my home.

  11. Gulls says:

    My home is my body, i am always at home.

  12. elcomandant says:

    I’m Spaniard of Valencia and I have always lived in this beautiful city. Is this a luck? I don’t know although I think so. Due to this I haven’t got a place as “home away from home”. But (there is always a but…), if there is a place where I feel myself as in my own home this place is La Palma, a little island of Canary Islands belonging to Spain. This is a place peaceful, warm and quiet, and all around are beautiful as much the land as the ocean. And the best of all is that my wife is agree with me. I’m happy for this and probably when I’m retired we’ll go to live there for a long period of time.
    Greetings from my home.

  13. Kone says:

    Could be the river side, cause there’s used to be a river in my hometown. Though it is covered by huge building after urban development program.

  14. This expression remember another one: home sweet home

  15. Fernando says:

    I hope one day live in this place.

  16. Wilma says:

    I used to feel comfortable at the companies I worked for. They were sort of “Home away from home” to me. Unfortunately I am unemployed now. However, no matter how strange it may seem, I felt at home when I visited Asigliano Vercelecci, a very small city in Italy, Province of Vercelli, Region of Piemont. My grandfather was borne there. Stranger than that was my feeling when I visited the cemetery (graveyard?) of that distant, silent and small city – in almost all the tombs (graves?) the surname was OLMO, my grandfather family surname: I felt an immense and intense peace, I could listen to my breath, I could hear the sounds of silence. Please, don’t call me “a mad woman”, I am not. At least, not yet. If I had the chance I would tell you how much I like to donate blood, not so much as a virtue (the love for humankind) but more for the pleasure of seeing all those machines and my blood flowing. OK, you are allowed to think I am a mad person, but be sure that Albert Einstein Hospital, Oswaldo Cruz Hospital and Hospital Sirio Libanês do not think so. They are always calling me to donate my precious blood every four months. I feel at home also in these hospitals. Kisses and hugs for you all.

  17. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    My home away from home was my parents home when they were alive.

  18. Rizia says:

    i’am Brazilian, and I’ve been living in usa for about 2 years ,
    i have my own home here but I still feel like living in home away from home!!

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