What a Font Says About You

A font is the size and style of printed letters and words, like these:


The latest trend (fashion; something new that many people are doing) for important people or celebrities is to commission (hire someone to make or create something) someone to create your own custom (specially made; not standard) font.

* Did you know that Barack Obama, who is running for (wanting to be elected to the job of) U.S. president, has his own font?

* Did you know that singers/celebrities, like Beyonce and Bjork, do too?

An article I read reported (gave information) that last year, a movie called Helvetica (the name of a font) became very popular. Helvetica is a documentary (movie based on true events) about the history of this font–yes, an entire movie about one font! In the cities where it played (was shown), there were sold out (all the tickets sold; every seat was filled) audiences.

Typographers, people who arrange or design letters/words for printing, say that fonts can send important and subtle (not bold; not very easy to see or understand) ways, communicating or changing a mood (emotion; how you feel) or a tone (quality; character; feeling). Business and advertisers know this. They use thick fonts to convey (communicate) boldness (having courage and confidence) for products like cigarettes, and they use thiner and lighter fonts for fashion (clothes and other things people wear).

The two fonts I see the most in daily correspondence such as letters and emails in the U.S., both personal and professional (in business), are Arial and Times Roman (see above).

Do you select a special font for your correspondence? What do you think it says about you?

I usually use Arial. It’s simple, so I guess I’m simple*, too.

~ Lucy

* simple = 1) plain, not fancy, 2) easy to understand, or 3) dumb, stupid, not intelligent, when describing a person

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14 Responses to What a Font Says About You

  1. emiliano says:

    I use Arial as the most easy and clear to read, so I have to be also clear, simple and easy to read inside, and I know it is true as I can’t hide anything.
    But I didn’t know anything about this matter that looks very interesting despite we are changing our hand writting habits to these so different as
    using a type of font that define our personality. Very strange I think, but it has mean if you think about it.
    Thank you Lucy, it is very interesting matter that I am going to study, also to ask for between friends and people in general.

  2. Beto says:

    Wow! Very Interesting article!!!

    I have been using fonts a long time and I didn’t know that.

    Normally I use Arial, like Lucy, it’s means that I’m simple too.

    Thanks a lot Lucy to give the opportunity not only improve my English skills but also improve my knowledge about many topics!

    Have a great day!

    From Brazil


  3. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    Dear Lucy
    I’m simple like you and I usually choose Arial or Time Roman also for my texts.

  4. Hi Lucy,

    In fact there is thousands of Font available on the internet, each one with their own characteristic.
    I dint know that celebrities made their own Font, what I know is that big trademark like Coca-Cola, McDonald and movies has their own font.

    For designers this portfolio of fonts can be useful but in my opinion for nonprofessional users can´t.

    Aria, Time New Roman sometimes Corrier New or Verdana are my preferred font for my correspondences.

  5. sara says:

    thank you so much Lucy your this intresting topic. that is long time I am using the fonts but I’ve never heard this. BTW I think simple means honest and pure too.

  6. magnum357 says:

    Well, I have been using Arial or Times Roman in every correspondence I make. Those fonts are simple, so am I.

  7. Monique says:

    Thanks for this thrilling subject.
    I have chosen “Verdana 10”.
    What could be the psychology behind this choice? Maybe it says that I am sensible and practical. At least I hope so!
    According to psychologist Dr Aric Sigman, “Using the wrong font may give people the wrong impression about you and could effect decisions that will shape your future.”

  8. Candy says:

    Dear Lucy,
    I like Arial. It’s simple and easy to read.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Valeriy says:

    It’s a really important topic to discuss. I’m a graphic designer and all Lucy wrote is true. I have much what to do with fonts every day and it’s not an easy matter I must confess. To know for sure whether one font get on with another is a matter of practice and time. People who never thought about it could be amazed how much they could learn about in th area.

  10. K.L says:

    Hello Everyone,
    It’s a interesting topic.
    I think most of us are wearing the Arial or Times Roman hat for the reason of “Professional and Popullar” for business conrrespondence. It’s part of business game rules, not our true color. lol~~

  11. Linus says:

    Despite I work in a print, and I know only too well the difference that a font can make when trying to communicate, I had never paid too much attention to the font I’m using when sending an e-mail, perhaps I’m too focused on the issue I am dealing with, but now I know that I will always use Arial just like Lucy. because Lucy I am sure you are not simple. Anyway they say that for small size texts the easiest font to read is Times, it was specially designed for the famous english newspaper. Thanks for your help, you guys are the best.

  12. Fred says:

    I like Arial too.

    t h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  13. Chris says:

    For those who like fonts, here is a great website : http://www.dafont.com

    Don’t forget that on electronic communications you have to use common fonts, because the recipient has to have the right font to read the document too.

  14. Vagner says:

    Wow…I’m impressed! I usually wear Candara (I think it looks like me). The article is really interesting and I did not know that!
    Good job!

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