Trouble for the Airline Industry

The airline industry (business) is in trouble all over the world, and the U.S. is no exception (the same as everyone else). airport-lines-of-peopletif.jpg

In the U.S. in recent months, four smaller airlines have filed for bankruptcy, which is when a person or company say legally that they cannot pay their bills. Two big airlines–Delta and Northwest–are going ahead with a merger (when two companies combine to become one), even though there are major objections (opposition; disapproval) from the pilots (people who fly the airplanes). The two companies believe that it’s the best way to save money and to keep from going under (failing as a business).

To counter (to act against) the high price of fuel (energy that runs machines, like airplanes and cars), several major airlines are cutting back (reducing) on the number of flights they offer by about 15%, which means there are fewer seats for passengers and tickets are more expensive.

Airlines are also charging more for their services. A few of the U.S.’s largest airlines, including American Airlines and United Airlines, have started to charge for the first piece of luggage that passengers check in (give to the airline to put on the airplane). Most airlines have always charged for the second piece of luggage or for heavy luggage, but this is the first time that an airline is charging for the first piece of check-in luggage. Many people say that with this change, more people will want to bring carry-on luggage (bags a passenger takes onto the airplane him/herself), which will mean longer lines through security.

Fewer flight options (choices), higher prices, longer lines, and more hassle (bother; problems) are just a few of the things air travelers have to look forward to.

~ Lucy

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9 Responses to Trouble for the Airline Industry

  1. Mohammed Osama says:

    Thanks Lucy for this information. I think people should cut down on flying, too.

  2. darren says:

    It really appears that it’s better to walk than to fly.

  3. Gulls says:

    The whole economic system is in a life-and-death struggle.

    People live in slavery to serve the economie, de masters are money, succes, etc.

    And indeed darren, ‘ to walk is better then to fly ‘. Ikaros was not aware.

  4. Gabriella says:

    Fuel cost is going higher and higher. This is a big problem. Not only the Airline Industry is in trouble because of this.

  5. emiliano says:

    Having in mind that USA is quite a very big country, and if someone wants to go from east cost to New York, or from Minnesota to Florida, it is necessary to take a plane, I suppose that all you tell us Lucy is a very uncomfortable matter. Also so big increase of tickets has to be a real problem.
    The problem here in Spain or Europe is different, as we live in few space of land and for us is not so frequently to take a plane to go some other city in our country. Even if we want to go to Paris or other European city is easy to take a fast train.
    But we have other great problem about the increase of fuel prices, as nearly all transportation in Spain and Europe is made by road with big trucks. Every day thousands of trucks are going through European roads carrying all kind of goods.
    Fuel has increase so much that they loose money as they say, and last week we have a big strike, all roads were collapsed with trucks and no any goods were transported.
    Ahead I may see a very big crisis if this matter goes on and fuel goes up more time. All our life should be quite different from it was till now.
    Yes, I am pessimist about future, I’m sorry but this is my personal opinion about this crisis.

  6. emiliano says:

    As a matter of fact I wanted to say west cost to New York, as of course N.York is in the east cost, I know it perfectly wepp as New York is my best city to go in future. I love New York even without seeing it in person but I have been in the Big Apple through stories and movies several times.

  7. Alvaro says:

    My God! It seems that we are more and more near the time money will not buy anything at all!

  8. mareon says:

    actually, i can understand why the airlines companies do somthing like that. nobody can ignore it that somtimes the airlines do fly with just 30 percent from thier seats capacity and the rest still not sold. one solution in my opinion is that the airlines campanies reduce thier office where man can puy the tickets and they shoud automate the ticket’s buing through the internet like the ryan airline and the german airline.


  9. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    Dear Lucy
    I congratulate your way to sumarize so relevant matter, giving us a very realistic situation of airline industry nowadays in USA and in the world as well.

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