Win One Million Dollars from ESL Podcast!

April FoolsI have an exciting announcement to make: ESL Podcast will be giving away one million dollars this week to one of our lucky listeners. That’s right – $1,000,000! All you have to do to win is post a response to this blog post. You will then be entered in our Grand Prize (biggest or best prize) drawing (when you pick a name or number at random). Just answer the question…

April Fools! Actually, we’re not giving away one million dollars. Today is the first of April, known as April Fools’ Day. I gave a detailed description of this day on English Cafe #27 way back in 2006. Take a listen if you have not heard it yet. On this day, we try to get other people to believe things that aren’t true, to fool them, as a sort of joke. So don’t believe everything you hear today, especially if it is said by me!


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35 Responses to Win One Million Dollars from ESL Podcast!

  1. Daniel says:

    Hello Sr Jeff!!

    Big joke this… I’m really believe that this announcement was
    true… you take me!!!!

    You and Dr Lucy are with me all days!!!

    Congratulations for your job!
    Daniel Favero

  2. Florence says:

    Hey Jeff!!!! I believed it! Hahaha !!! Well done!!


  3. Mario says:


    Very funny!
    I was thinking… how is possible they could give away one million???
    How many people is subscribed to!!!

  4. Kati says:

    Hi! It was very funny! I read the first line, after that I started to think: “What day it is today?” And I remembered…

  5. Fred says:


    It’s hard to believe anything today !

    t h a n k y o u

  6. emiliano says:

    I have listened english cafe 27 more than twice, but just now I didn´t remember anything about Fool’s Day as I was reading your blog. I was actually astonished and asking myself what are Jeff talking about? Is he crazy? …….. And it is because here, in Spain, we do not celebrate Fool’s Day the first of April. I do celebrate a similar day on 28th of December and we call it Holly Innocent’s Day remembering the young innocents that King Herodes killed wanted to kill JesusChrist child.
    Usually, same like you, we play a practical joke on somebody, one to another, and if we take him/her we shout “innocent, innocent”………
    So, today you have take me indeed, congratulations I am an Innocent, Innocent..
    But, as a matter of fact ¿Where is my million dollar?.

  7. Andrei says:

    Guys! Daniel, Florence, Mario! Is the first thing you do in the morning (8 and harf am) – browsing 🙂

  8. Gabor says:

    Hi Jeff

    Unfortunately, my English is still not perfect – but getting better with your help. So, I just understood the first paragraph of your announcement, the second part was toooo difficult for me. But the first part was already enough to make me HAPPY! Therefore, I don’t need to understand the second part, right?

    Thank you very much for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You improved not only my English but also my financial situation.

    All the best, also for Lucy.


  9. Jude says:

    Oh.. my..
    I took it seriously!

    You got me, Jeff!

    Have a find fool’s day~

  10. Jamshid says:

    Hi Jeff, Hi lucy
    I am very happy to have a friend like you .According to a popular saying one good friend make me rich; so I don’t need 1000000 $ I don’t need so much money . As we say in Iran when you have bigger roof you have more snow .That means when you have more money you have more problems ….
    But I have a gooood advice: 500000 $ for Jeff and 500000$ for Lucy as a gift for so hard work to make a nice holiday . I think all of the listeners of ESL podcast are agree with me .

    Jamshid from Berlin Germany

  11. sara says:

    It was really funny. at the frist when I red the title I was surprized , how is it possible?
    but in fact, you and Lucy already gave us more than that. your wonderful podcasts worth more than 1 million dollars.

  12. peter says:

    Hey, that caught me offguard, I hope that me and the rest of the crew will learn from this plus I wish jeff and lucy, said this yesterday or tomorrow. Coz obviously today……….. hell no. Good one though

  13. darren says:

    What a wonderful thing it is if it’s true or it will become true one day. Lucky drawing.
    Thanks, anyway, even you gotchas!

  14. Carlos Carvalho says:

    That caught me offguard!!! Nice one mate!! 🙂

  15. I only read the first paragraph 😉 🙂 Thank you.

  16. Felipe Duzzi says:

    i though i will be rich !!!!!
    HEHE Your job in this site is very beautiful ! Thanks for all !
    From: Brazil – SP
    Felipe DUzzi

  17. Torsten Kuhnke says:

    Hey Jeff, it’s very funny. Great. A good day for you and Dr. Lucy.
    Torsten Kuhnke

  18. Daniele says:

    That’s very funny! Somewhat englih humor!

    This morning i immagined dr Lucy didn’t want make us any jokes. She’s so professional! And infact, you did it!

  19. Hongli says:

    wow, i almost believe it

    Hongli from China

  20. Ngoc Nam says:

    Oh my god, i could be rich………You know it was astonished when i visited your website today and saw the title, i thought myself “click right now, and become rich” ……. what happens in the second paragraph? okie, am i an innocent? how joke you are?

    Ngocnam Vietnam

  21. Kohji Kuwabara says:

    Hi Jeff,
    When I read the first sentence, I believed it is true. Because of your very good work,
    I thought ESL podcast succeeded to get a very generous sponsor or some big donations.
    I believe ESL Podcast deserves to get them!!!!
    From Japan

  22. Saber says:

    yesterday is April Fools in China…..and all of the class get fooled by our teacher…..
    she said we would have a words dictation, and all of us would be graded
    then she said nine words that we had never heard or read……at that time i was really so anxious that my mind was a blank, because all of my classmates keep silent and seemed very calm….but as a matter of fact they were no better than I
    then, came to the last word….the teacher said”April Fools”…..after less than a second….we all happened to raise our head and looked at each other in a puzzle facial expression….finally and fortunately, we broke a mental log jam: we are April Fools

  23. Rama says:

    hi jef
    when I read the first line I surprized but I didn`t believe indeed because I THOUGHT how was it possible for your nonprofit organization to give away 1000000$.thank you jef and lucy I`m used to your podcast and I look at your website almost everyday for your updated news

  24. Pedro says:

    Does Sweepstakes Clearinghouse play a similar game all the time, be it an April Fools Day or not? Many new comers in this country got very excited about it when they received SC mailer.

    Yesterday, I skipped a meeting scheduled to begin at 5:30 AM local time and later told the people who requested the meeting that I thought it was merely a April Fools Day prank. It did not go too well — because it wasn’t a joke. Well, at least I tried — to take its advantage.


  25. miguel says:

    Everyday I receive 2 or 3 different mails from a country in West Africa invite me to receive millions of dollars. Once on a while, I receive notifications from a lotto in England. They say I won a million pounds. The difference is: Jeff is kidding. The others are looking for a stupid person.
    Hasta la vista! Smart Miguel

  26. José says:

    Thanks for this notice. Where is the money?.
    I want to be the winner. Good joke. Bye

  27. Serge says:

    It doesn’t cost any arm to post a response to this blog, so I do it… in case of what is false is that you’re not giving away one million dollard 😉
    In the 1rst april morning, I arrived at work with a paper fish pinned up on my back – thank you my son for this – what we call in France – fish of April.
    Thanks Jeff.
    Serge (from France)

  28. EDA says:

    thank you for help me .. I Like the way you explain everything, that’s have helped me a lot … please keeping doign for long time..

    thanks.. again.. eda.. from colombia,, in usa.

  29. Drixdel says:

    Oh my God!!!!

    Jef you are the most, using my bad english I understood that the million dollars was a joke. but before, when I read the first part, I was exited! because I believed that it was real. I want to say that I started wiht the podcast three weeks ago and mi english is better today. thanks again.

    Drixdel from Guatemala

  30. Frank says:

    Ha ha ha very Funny Jeff!! In Spain we have a similar day on December 28th “El dia de los Santos incentes” literally “Innocent saints day”….

  31. orlando nunez says:

    what a big joke. for a moment i thought i could be a millionaire.

  32. alessandro says:

    I know that eslpod is very famous!! So I thought you get very rich. But to give away 1 milion dollars is too much….:-)
    Greeting from Karlsruhe (Germany)

  33. emiliano says:

    Every moment I am looking into my bank’s account and the million doesn’t appears………..where is my million, Jeff?. It should be possible that I didn’t get it?.
    This is not serious, you did cheat us. You are a very bad boy and I am a foolish believing you and looking for my price.
    Tears are falling out of my eyes………….I want the million Jeffffff.

  34. mahmoud maddahi says:

    you think we are gullible to believe such advertisement
    but i dont belive such nonscence

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