Daylight Saving Time

Yesterday, Sunday, March 9, at 2:00 a.m. was the beginning of Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. Like many other countries, Daylight Saving is used to save energy (electricity, fuel) by adjusting (changing) the hours of the day to better match the hours when the sun is out. One way Americans know whether to turn the clocks ahead or set them back is to remember: We “spring” ahead in the spring, and we “fall” back in the fall. “Spring” is not just a season; it also means to jump. “Fall” isn’t just a season; it also means to move backwards. This is a very useful way for many people, including me, to remember.daylight-savings-time-disrupts-human-daily-rhythms-study-finds.jpg

In the U.S., Daylight Saving Time began during World War I. Since there are later hours of daylight between April and October, it made sense to take advantage of (to use for the best results) that daylight for war production (making things useful for the war). The same thing happened during World War II. The federal government again required the states to observe (to obey) Daylight Saving Time to save energy. After World War II, each states decided whether or not to observe Daylight Saving Time. In 1966, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act which standardized (make the same) the length of Daylight Saving Time.

However, not all states observe Daylight Saving Time. Arizona (except some Native American Reservations) and Hawaii are the two states that do not. (Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa also do not observe Daylight Saving Time.) This decision does make sense (have good reason) for the states and areas closer to the equator (the horizontal (side to side) line in the middle of the globe/Earth). The daylight hours there stay more consistent (the same) throughout the year.

Growing up in Arizona, it didn’t seem strange to me that half of the year, I shared the same time with family and friends in other states, and half of the year, I was an hour ahead or behind. In fact, to this day, I still find Daylight Saving Time strange. The worst parts? Losing an hour of sleep in the spring and changing all of the clocks around the house!

~ Lucy

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9 Responses to Daylight Saving Time

  1. I agree with you Lucy.It’s strange and terrible.I wish they could everything as it is.

  2. Flavio Sena says:

    In Brazil we have this time in the same way.. some states are in and others are out… I´m Lucky, my State is out..

    And Sorry about my english… i´m trying study and get better.. Congratulations this site is excellent…

  3. Atylla says:

    I think it´s missing a comma in the beginning of the last paragraph. wouldn´t it be “ did not seem strange that, half of the year, I shared the same time with…”?
    It´s just a doubt.

    Atylla from Brazil.

  4. chan bo says:

    Do the specialists think this way can save the energy? We had this Daylight Saving Time when I was child. But several years later, the government cancelled it. They said the Daylight Saving Time was not fit in our country. I have no idea about this.

  5. emiliano says:

    When I have to work outside I was very upset about this matter, I didn’t like at all these changes that affects all my body. In spring during first two weeks I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed, it was too soon. And when I was acustomed with the change of time I have to change again, so I was asleep earlier in the morning when we have to fall clocks.
    No, I didn’t like “daylight saving time” as we have to pay same amount of money for energy and have all these body problems with my adaptation to an hour spring or fall twice a year. I hate it, but really I don’t know if it is a way of saving energy in general………….that’s the question.
    Lucy I prefer your Arizona way of living indeed.

  6. Sara Ho says:

    Well, I think Daylight Saving Time is pretty good except it takes for a while for people to get used to changing time twice a year especially getting up an hour earlier.

  7. Rama says:

    I don`t agree with this way (daylight saving time) because our body have to get used to this adjustment 2 times a year and we have to wake up earlier in the dark every day and not seen the light.

  8. Yongja Kim says:

    In Korea we don’t have Daylight Saving Time now, but several years ago ,when I was in the elementary school, we also had that. We called that Summer time in Korean.
    On the second thought that time was too horrible.. ^^

  9. Rafael says:

    I really like Daylight Saving Time, because when I leave my work, the sun is already shiny and we can enjoy more the day!

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