Snow-Capped Mountains…in Los Angeles

LA MountainsIt has been raining here in Los Angeles pretty much non-stop (without interruption) for the past four days. It is normally very dry in southern California, but this year we have received a lot of rain and snow. One of the nice things about a big storm (bad weather, usually with rain) in L.A. is that the pollution levels go down, and you can see things that you cannot normally see with the dirty air we often have.

Yesterday I was driving around and I saw the beautiful, snow-capped mountains that surround the city. (The cap of something is the top of it, so snow-capped means there was snow at the very top of the mountain.) I imagined what Los Angeles used to look like many years ago, before the cars and smog and pollution of the city made the air dirty. For a brief moment, I was taken back in time.

Perhaps someday we will be able to reduce the pollution in our city so that we can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain everyday, not just after one of the few days that it rains here.


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  1. yosh says:

    Hi. Jeff.
    It also have been raining here in Tokyo, Japan since last night. We feel really chilly when rain fallsespecially in winter season, but we become more aware of real cleanness of the air.
    Its like these rainfalls washing all up the city that is coverd all kinds of pollution.

    Oh, its about to time to get out of my room for working and jump into rain!!
    Have a good day!

  2. Robert(o) says:

    I missed the full stops at first, so I read : Snow-Capped Mountains IN Los Angeles.
    But that couldn´t have happened.

    Due to the climate-change, maybe we´ll see in the future some snow on the Santa Monica Mountains, it would be a real disaster.

  3. The pollution need to be a biggest concern of the world. It´s to be stupid to think that pollution in others countries is not of our business.

  4. Joselin says:

    Here in Madrid we are experiencing a big problem with the pollution as well. This January an air mass coming from Africa arrived to the city and the atmosphere became so dirty than the Madrid’s Town Council suggest to avoid any kind of outdoor sports.

    Definitively, we need the rain here!!

  5. Sergio says:

    Somebody has been in Mexico…??? that is pollution…!!!. I use to live in Puebla, Mex. is about 80 miles from Mexico City and sometimes I’ve nedd to go to Mexico City, believe me, is horrible. We use to call Mexico City “the Gray Cluod”

  6. Ellly says:

    The snow-capped mountains are really beautiful, aren’t they? 🙂 But nowadays it is hard to see that kind of view, which is sad.
    I am in Seoul, Korea and we have also serious air pollution from transportations, factories and even other country.
    And i agree that this problem is about not just one country but all around the world.
    All we do know that we should take this matter serious.
    Did u remember the tsunami and big tornado in the U.S? It was horrible.

  7. hy says:

    I do like seeing the snow, but here in China the disaster of snow is raging in many provinces. The transportation system has been impacted much or even paralyzed somewhere for several days due to the bad weather, and many people can not go back to their hometown for a family reunion at the coming Spring Festival. Is it a revenge of the nature against the severe pollution? Anyway, I really hope it can stop immediately so that we can have a good Spring Festival.

  8. Marcio says:

    Hi Jeff. Nowadays is very common polution issues. Every day we heard news about it. Here in Brazil is not so different. I live on a beatiful city in south of my country, and we are feeling the influence of the climate changes. We are in summer here, but the weather seems like winter: Low temperatures and rainy days…Last 10 days were the same… Normally in january the temperature reaches 40 celcius degree, and yesterday was just 12, very cold for this season. We need change our acts. Now!!!


  9. sai says:

    Next few days, the snow will come again.

    Here Nanjing, we haven’t seen snow for many years because of global warming. For this winter, we were happy to see snow at first, as it reminded us the good old days. But the snow didn’t stop, continuing several days. People can not go home by train, plane and bus for Spring Festival, most of people have to walk to the office, only subway works normally.

    It’s may like the moive”the day after tomorrow”, so do not pollute any more.

  10. emiliano says:

    I have listen the bad news about China, and the great snow that people over ther are suffering. Just this morning news were calling about more than half million people fighting to get a train to go out of the disaster, I do not know where exactly but it seems really horrible.
    I’m sorry for these bad news Sai and hope all should be better soon for your compatriots.
    The picture ol mountains sorrounding L.A. is really very beatifull. I do not imagine mountains and snow so near of L.A., and it reminds me Madrid when I was young, because just from my parent’s house I could see also Guadarrama mountains that are 50 km. from the big city, and they are really very beautifull with snow nearly every winter.
    Madrid is about 600 m. high from sea level so it was easy to see snow in winter some years before, not now because same problem….pollution.
    The centre of Spain is very high, about 800 or 900 m. over sea level, and specially Avila is the most high big city in Europe as it is 911 m. altitude, very very cold in winter, but really nice in summer. Avila it is sorrounded by a medieval wall that is perfectly preserved. It is really very beatifull, like other many old towns of Castilla and Leon.

  11. Françoise says:

    Ilive in Montréal, Canada.
    This winter we have a lot snow. Everay day we have snow and the temperature is so cold. So, we don’t have pollution. I thing it’s never perfect in this world. I miss sun.

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