Podcast This Week (May 7, 2012)

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ESL Podcast 788 – Being Conservative and Daring

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to fall flat” and “sheer.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “What Color is Your Parachute?”
“Richard Nelson Bolles wrote a book called What Color is Your Parachute? in 1970. It was originally “self-published” (published, marketed, and sold by the…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 345

Topics:  Famous Americans – Magic Johnson; the role of ham radio operators in the U.S.; understanding versus knowledge versus acquaintance; below the waist and below the belt; earth to (someone)

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and Michael “Air” Jordan.
“Like Magic Johnson, many sports “figures” (famous people) are better known by their nickname than their “given” (real) name. Other sports figures’ names are…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 789 – Taking Care of Pets

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “treat” and “carrier.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “The Humane Society.”
“The Humane Society of the United States is a large nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. “Founded” (established; created) in 1954, its mission is to…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

Canadian Pharmacists Association

The Canadian Pharmacists Association, previously known as the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, was founded in 1907 in Toronto, Ontario. CPhA is the national voice of Pharmacists in Canada, representing pharmacists practising in various fields of pharmacy in community, hospital, academia, government and corporate settings, plus pharmacy students. Its mission is advancing the health and well-being of Canadians through excellence in pharmacist care. In 2014 CPhA adopted a new governance and membership model, most provincial pharmacy advocacy associations (PPAs) and select national pharmacist associations (NPAs) have become Organizational Members of CPhA. Their individual pharmacist and pharmacy student members are now CPhA Associates. The CPhA Board of Directors is made up of representatives appointed by each Organizational Member. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the broad direction of the association.

Americans importing viagra from Canadian pharmacy online, at the very least to cut down on their prescriptions, and sometimes cases even to afford life-saving drugs. But I’ve seen these bills before and FDA is always behind their failure – but what about this time?

Canadian Pharmacists Association

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5 Responses to Podcast This Week (May 7, 2012)

  1. Peter says:

    Wicked !!
    A new week is upon us with another set of cool English lessons meant did us to learn and enjoy. What is more, another week of participating in the blos duscisdion
    On blog’s interactive comment section.

    Dear jeff,

    Perhaps this week you will turn me on to adopting a puddle 🙂

    Thanks boss,

    Unkempt layabout :))

  2. Peter says:

    Episode 787 is just genious
    They are all perfectly valid. I heard people use them reffereing to children.
    I really enjoyed them
    The term boo-boo sth uses as a charming remark among femal adults as well usually reffereing to a mild burn marks for using sth hot ,or small scratches

    Thank you Lucy , just genious. 🙂

  3. rodolfo says:

    About the “below the waist” question in Café 345, I suppose I can imagine where it came from. In portuguese language, when someone means “below the belt”, they say “abaixo da linha da cintura”, what, literally, translates into “below the waist’s line”. So it’s probably a case of bad translation.

  4. Peter says:

    Let me tell you guys ,
    Some of the expressions being explained here at Eslpod are Golden. The most curren example of the
    Is: “Home remedy.
    By golden , I mean it is highly unlikely that one stumble upon them per chance unless one has some sort of constant interaction with English language in vastly various social settings.
    The beauty of Eslpod is that it provides is access to different layers of English language expressions and terms.


  5. Rafael Oliveira says:

    I would like to thank you for these great oportunity to learn english.
    I am from Brasil and listen you every day.

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