Fifth Anniversary Video Podcast

Today is ESL Podcast’s five-year anniversary. It’s hard for us to believe that we have produced more than 600 ESL Podcast episodes and over 250 English Cafe episodes!

As always, we thank you, our wonderful listeners for sticking with (staying with; continuing with) us.  We would like to especially thank our donors and Learning Guide members, who are the true ESL Podcast heroes.  Without you, we could not do the work that we do.  Thank you for your continued support!

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we have produced the Fifth Anniversary Video Podcast.  In it, you will see how Jeff spends his day. We hope you enjoy it!

~ Jeff, Lucy, and the entire ESL Podcast Team

Welcome to English as a Second Language Podcast’s Fifth Anniversary Video. You know, a lot of people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them I’m a podcaster. And they say, “But, Jeff, what do you actually do all day?” This video will answer that question.

I’m up! I’m up! Time to work!

Well, I start my morning with my favorite drink, a good, hot tea at my favorite cafe, Starbucks. Here we go!

Oh, hi! I’m starting my day answering e-mail. Just let you finish this one e-mail.
?”Dear President Obama,
Thank you for your question.
If there is time I will explain the meaning of Mickey Mouse ears on our next English Café.” (He’s always writing me!)
“P.S. Please don’t write so often. I have a podcast to run.”

Well, that’s enough work for this morning. Let’s go get some lunch!

Well it’s lunchtime, and I’m hungry. You know, I always eat a healthy meal, nothing but the most healthy food for me. Here I go.

“Hello? Lucy! Oh, right…no, I’m working very hard. I’ve almost finished that podcast. Oh, absolutely! Oh, I’ll have it to you first thing in the morning. Okay, thanks for calling.” I can never get any sleep in this job.

Well, I’m done working now, and when I’m done working, I like to relax and watch my favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have my Los Angeles Dodgers cup, my hat, and of course my shirt. Baseball, as you know, is one of the great American sports, and I think, uh…goooooooooool!

Well, it’s evening time now and I try to relax a little by reading a good book. There are lots of good books out there. The one I’m reading is pretty interesting. It’s an excellent book and the author, I think, is, well, pretty smart.

Well it’s time for bed, but before I go, I want to thank all of you who listen to ESL Podcast. This is our fifth anniversary. I want to thank you for listening over the past year, and hope that you will continue listening for many more years to come. I especially want to thank our donors and our ESL Podcast Learning Guide members. These are the people who help make ESL podcast possible, so thank you especially to those of you who are members or donors.

I also want to thank Adriano, Jessica, Sue, Warren, and all the rest of our ESL Podcast team. A special thanks to our own Dr. Lucy Tse.

Well, it’s time for bed. We’ll see you next year!

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33 Responses to Fifth Anniversary Video Podcast

  1. Talal says:

    hahahahahaha , this is one of the rare times that I laugh truly from my heart, you are really qualified to be an actor, I am not flattering you, thank you for this beautiful video post, next time send my regards to the president Obama, hahaha. anyway, Dr. Jeff I am planning to visit you this summer, are you ready to receive me in LA airport???
    thank you for this comedy movie rather than simple video.
    one of your fans and supporters .
    originally from Libya, now studying in an American college in Greece.

  2. Daniele says:

    Very funny! 🙂 I got a good laugh out of it! Thanks.
    I liked most the part where you are sleeping instead of recoding.

  3. Joe McVeigh says:

    Congratulations on five wonderful years! Hope you’ll keep up the great podcasts for English language learners.

  4. Roberto from Tuscany says:

    Happy anniversary Jeff and ESL Podcast Team.
    You are doing an increadibly great job!
    If I remember well the 22nd of July is also the annyversary of another important thing happended 41 years ago.
    The video is so funny. I was watching it with my daughter, Martina. She also is a fun of yours and she is kindly asking if you have a chance to say hello to President Obama for her next time he calls you.
    I Love your work!

  5. Tania says:

    Dear ESL Podcast Team,
    All our gratefulness for your huge work, for the merry jokes and songs and for your effort to make us healthy, wealthy,and wise.
    I like the Podcast’s Fifth Anniversary Video. Very original and courageous. Thank you.

    All the best for you all,


  6. Tania says:

    Hi! Dr. Jeff, white is your favourite colour?


    Happy anniversary Jeff. I apologize but I do not think that Obama send you many emails because after many conversations with him (obama) never told me that is your friend. I sorry friend !

  8. emiliano says:

    Jeff, Lucy, ESL team, congratulations and thank you very much.
    I have said it several times but actually you have changed my life in so many ways that I feel ESL as something of my own too.
    You are my dear friends and you know it quite well.

    Your voices, your good humor and your marvellous teaching have fulfilled the last years of my life. After so long time of
    studing English at last I feel some improvement till the point of reading some books and what is more important sharing ideas and living experiences with other friend through your Blog.

    Lucy I am really fond of all your scrips and I like your good looking in the video, yes a nice beautiful girl as I always imagine.

    ESL I want you, I need you, I really love you.

    Now more seriously….
    Jeff you look splendid in this video, even younger, but please do not work so much, I think you need some rest.
    Another suggestion….saying GOOOOOOOOLLLLL you should jump frenetically dance and move your arms as a mad man, also some tears could complete the scene more or less as I did some days ago.

    All my best wishes and respect in your Fifth Anniversary.

  9. link says:

    Dera teachers in the ESL team,Thank you guys to keep this fantastic podcast for 5 years. This is really my most favourite programe in the iTunes(not one of). And it’s this podcast make me love to use the podcast to study,relax and keep myself healthy. You guys changed my life.
    By the way, Jeff, this is the first time i see you , you are really cute and funny. but i really want to see our beautifu Lucy, i just saw a interesting hand waving. I really want to see you, can you send me a picture? if not, that’s ok too. You ara always the most beautiful and smart women in my mind.
    The last, thank all the members in the ESL team, you guys are my best teachers in english for ever.

  10. magda says:

    Congratulations for all ESL team. I want to say, I heart your podcasts and I am learning a little bit every day. I just have to say – Thank very much .

  11. Quyen Nguyen says:

    This video is awesome !! I finally see Dr. Jeff and I did laugh so hard ..
    Again, thanks for you great work and useful lessons !!

  12. Javad says:

    salam (Hi)

    Dear ESL team , congratulation and thank you for your great job. The video is so cute and funny , and Jeff, I know only you can direct such a great movie !!!

    thank you and be success !

  13. Silvia says:


  14. Hermann Lanter, SWITZERLAND says:

    Absolutely great !!!
    Thanks a lot and all the best for the next 5 years.

  15. Alex V says:

    hehe… I had a desire – to see you, Jeff… And here you are) Thanks a lot) So nice) Such as your with the team podcast!

  16. theben says:

    I’ve been trying to imagine how you look like just by hearing your voice for couple last months… Thank you!

  17. carlos says:

    Hi everyone,we all want to see Lucy too.

  18. mokhetiale says:


  19. Michele says:

    Thank your for ESL and Congratulations!

  20. Rezaul Karim says:

    Congratulaton to Jeff and Dr. Lucy for the great job you’ve been doing for us to get our English better. On the fifth aniversary of ESL Podcast I can’t but praise ESL Podcast team very highly for their untiring effort to produce wonderful Podcast for us.

  21. Fatma says:

    thanks a million! and happy anniversary Jeff and Lucy!!!

  22. Annie says:

    Thank you Jeff, Lucy and Podcast team! and congratulations for the 5th anniversary.

    But Jeff, do you take off your glasses when you go to bed? Or you are afreid of being blind in your dream??

    Annie from China

  23. Ali says:

    Thanks Jeff and the entire ESL Podcast Team. You are truly one in a milion. Keep up the good work. May be some day, we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ESL Podcast posting.

    Live long,


  24. fatima says:

    of course!!! No wonder President Obama makes so great speeches!!

    Congratulations Jeff and Lucy, you are the best of the best

  25. Taoufik says:

    Congratulations. You are my best and favorite Techears. I trut you. But why you sllep with your Glasses!!!

  26. Eduardo says:

    Dr Jeff,

    I’m a huge fan of you.

    Thanks for the fifth-year run.

  27. Jian says:

    Hi Jeff and Lucy,

    Thank you so much! I have been your fans for five years. Great job!

  28. Kuong Do says:

    Thank you Dr. Jeff for your funny Video Podcast. You have a very good sense of humor. You are very good at acting, too. I have learned that you acted in the famous movie “Star War” which I like much.
    Happy Fifth Anniversary of ESL Podcasts.
    P/S: I really want to see Dr. Lucy Tse. I guess that she is your wife. She is very beautiful so you don’t want people see her, do you?

  29. Øyvor says:

    Hi Jeff!

    Ha ha ha ha, You always make my day happy!
    I`ll join the other members : Congratulations!!! Let me add: You are my favorite teatcher too,
    and I really love your humor!!!
    Please let us have another video=)))
    I`m looking forward to every new lesson!
    Greetings to Lucy and of course your wife=)
    Nice T-shirt..hahaha

  30. Farahnaz says:

    Dear Jeff, Lucy, and the entire ESL Podcast Team
    Congratulations, I appreciate your work. I hope you will be healthy, wealthy, and happy for ever. You are my best teachers in English and sometimes I wish I can rub elbows with you.
    Thanks’ for everything

  31. Pedro Real says:

    Now I know who owns that voice that I hear every day! hahahaha

    Congragulations Dr. Jeff and Lucy.

  32. Luong says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff,

    Everyday I listen to your voice and now some sentences, like “Welcome to English as a Second Language Podcast”, “I’m your host, Dr Jeff Mc Quillan”,… and many other sentences, are always sounded in my mind, all the time. I’m really addicted to your ESL Podcasts. Thank you all for working so hard.
    Go Dr. Jeff! Go Dr. Lucy!
    Congratulations to your fifth anniversary

    With warmest regards,

    P/S: could you please correct my faults in this comment. 😀

  33. Manabu says:

    Dear Jeff & Lucy,

    It was so nice to see you this time, frankly speaking, I was a bit dissappointed cos Lucy was not there.
    Hopefully I wanna see you next annversary.
    I’m really a fun of her skits cos they’re always so attractive and full of useful expressions for listeners abroad.

    Anyway, I appreciate you & all of ESL staffs from my heart in Japan.
    I alwasy use for free, but I will support you with personal donation sometime A.S.A.P., when I get some money
    with investing japan equity & some stocks. Japan’s growing, maybe.

    Here some small questions for you.
    First. Do you have a breakfast? You had better have it for your more health.
    Second. Have you seen Nomo of dogers? I’m a huge fun, he’s an alive legend here. He was so cool.

    finally, I wish you all the best with everything!
    Take care.

    Manabu tak

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