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Happy Birthday, Jeff!


At this time each year, we at ESL Podcast, pause to say, “When is our next vacation?”

No, no, no! We stop every year on September 24th to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own Dr. Jeff McQuillan, a man who survived the icy (very cold) climates of Minnesota, many (many, many, many) years as a poor and lowly (insignificant) student, to become our fearless leader here at ESL Podcast.

So, let’s drink a toast together to Jeff and wish him a happy and healthy 29th birthday (again)!

To you, Jeff!

136 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jeff!”

  1. Luiz Carvalho Says:

    Jeff, you were an Autumn Baby!! :)
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes!!!!
    Luiz from Brazil

  2. Ellen Says:

    Jeff, Happy Birthday to you. You are so young, but you do a very meaningful thing for English learners around the world.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy 29th Birthday!

  4. emiliano Says:


    I think I have to translate….A HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE ALL WISH YOU, A HAPPY 29 YEARS OLD BIRTHDAY, WE ALL WISH YOU, and a lot of
    presents from all the ESL team to Dr. Jeff McQuillian who is the best englishteacherman I ever have, yes he is the one.

    We all want to give you Jeff the present of our gratitude for your constant effort in teaching English free round over the world.
    Have a nice and marvellous birthday. emiliano from Madrid.

  5. lutfu Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff,

    I wish you a happy, long life.

  6. kao Says:

    Happy 29th Birthday. Good health and good luck. Thanks for english learning!!!

  7. Jeyson Flores Says:

    Happy birthday Dr Jeff. I hope you have a really happy birthday. You are a virtuous man with a generous heart that deserve a lot of succes. Thaks and I wish the best for you. Jeyson from El Salvador.

  8. Eralio Rodriguez Says:

    Dr Jeff Happy birthday and good health and good look.
    I think same as Emiliano. You and your team are the best and you are one.
    Best wishes

  9. kaily Says:

    Happy birthday to you! jeff!
    You are the best teacher on proving our poor English.Thanks.

  10. Dirk Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Thanks for the last two years and hope some more are coming.

  11. Areej Says:

    I want to say Happy Birthday again Jef
    I’m now living in Minnesota BUT I’m original from Saudi Arabia ,,And I like All people here they are really really friendly!

  12. Sun Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Thanks for the last two years and hope some more are coming.

  13. Sara Says:

    Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthday!

  14. Stanislav Teroff Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jeff! Thank you for your job.
    Hmm very funny.. “….and wish him a happy and healthy 29th birthday (again)!” in Russia we says “…and wish him a happy and healthy 18th birthday :) !” especially if we speak about women :)

  15. Uwe Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Thank you for all those hundreds of ESL podcast episods :-)
    Take care
    Uwe from Germany

  16. kobe.Su Says:


  17. francesco Says:

    happy birthday Jeff..! thanks for the podcasts! a warmest hug from Italy.. keep going and don’t think you’re old to do your job!

  18. Reza Says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Jeff.
    Thank you for all fantastic podcasts.

  19. Julio Says:

    Have a happy birthday!, Dr. Jeff

  20. Vaclav Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Happy birthday to you! Thank you and all your team for your work.
    Vaclav from the Czech Republic.

  21. GB Says:

    Can I type in Chinese. Jeff, why not collect the different Birthday greeting from different country in different language character. ????,??,??????,? ??????, ?????????????????????,????????????,???ESL Podcast,????????????,???????ESL Podcast???????????????????????????Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jeff!!!

  22. Mohammad Says:

    Hi Jeff, my dear teacher,

    I improved, and am improving, my English listening to you. You helped me to be born in a completely new world: World of English. So Happy birthday to you and me!!!

    Mohammad from Iran

  23. Daniele Says:

    Excuse me, I also want to shake Jeff’s hand and say happy birthday!

    Daniele from Italy

  24. Jose Maria, San Sebastian Says:

    Very happy 29th Birthday, Jeff, and in our basque language ZORIONAK !!!
    All the best.
    José María from San Sebastian, Spain

  25. Guido Says:

    I’m very glad to wish you an happy 29th birthday for the third… fourth… mmmhhh… I don’t remember anymore how long you are becoming 29 year old.

  26. Ilda Reis Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff MacQuillian

    I would like to thank you your brilliant work. I appreciate it so much.

    I wish you a long and happy life.

    Ilda Reis from Portugal

  27. ivan Says:

    hey Lucy, which kind of gift do we offer to jeff? 😉 .Just an “happy birthday”? ok. HAPPY BITHDAY JEFF!!!

  28. Claudia and Sara Says:

    Ciao Jeff,

    ti scriviamo dall’Italia, siamo tue grandi fans e seguiamo i tuoi podcasts. TANTI AUGURI DI BUON COMPLEANNO!!
    Grazie per il magnifico servizio che fai con Lucy!!

    (we write you from Italy, we are big fans of yours and we enjoy your podcasts a lot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Thank you for the awesome service you provide with Lucy!!)

  29. Mashid Says:

    Dr Jeff,

    ????? ????? (Happy Birthday).

  30. austin Says:

    long live Jeff !

  31. Anna Says:

    Happy birthday, dear Jeff and best wishes from Russia with love=)


  32. Pietrodn Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  33. Francy Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!! :)
    And congratulations for this website, which is always interesting and very useful for those people who want to learn English!
    Happy Birthday and enjoy your Birthday cake.

    From Italy

  34. shuhei Says:

    happy birthday jeff!thanks for teaching.i enjoy your pod cast.please keep give us good lesson.

  35. selinna Says:

    Happy birthday!! jeff
    in china, we say” sheng ri kuai le”. you can light some candles and then make a vow to god!

  36. Fabio Dantas Says:

    Feliz aniversário Jeff! (happy birthday Jeff)

    Best wishes.

    From Brazil

  37. Felipe Duccini Says:

    Hey Jeff!! In a good ol’ Portuguese language, feliz aniversário!!!

    All the best, from Felipe in beautiful (nah… right) São Paulo, Brazil

  38. Sean Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff…
    I’m glad your age just older than me 2 years.^^

    From Taiwan

  39. Shakka Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff. the reason you’re so successful is being Libra. I’m glad this question mark has removed from my brain 😉
    I wish you all the best.

    From Australia

  40. elcomandant Says:

    From beautiful Valencia, España, I want to send a wish of happy 29th birthday to beautiful Los Angeles, California, to Jeff.
    Please, keep teaching us English.

  41. YVONNE Says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Jeff!!
    Although my english is not good enough to post any responce here.
    But this time I know I got to post my best wish for you, since I’ve been listening to the podcast for over 1 year,
    and you just like my big brother^^

    from taiwan

  42. gregorex Says:

    Yes, let’s drink a toast together to Jeff and wish him a happy and healthy 29th birthday!!!
    Na Zdrowie!!!
    PS. But not too much, otherwise tomorrow hangover and hair of the dog (colloquial English expression predominantly used to refer to ingestion of alcohol as treatment for a hangover) required 😉

  43. juan antonio lara Says:

    Happy Birthday,Jeff.
    The Lord bless and keep you
    The lord make his face to shine
    upon you and give you peace

  44. Roland Says:

    Happy Birthday and keep teaching us!

  45. Lotus Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Dr. Jeff, all your dreams come true! La mul?i ani cu s?n?tate ?i bucurii! (in Romanian) :)

    Good wishes to the whole team! :)

  46. Dimitrius Says:

    Congratulations, folks!! Love you very much, from Brazil.

  47. Gilles Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff !!

    Still 29 huh! You must also have that deal with God. Yeah, He promised me to let the others grow old, not me… and you apparently.

    He told me I would never be a grownup though. I knew it anyway.

    Keep on the good work.

  48. isla bonita Says:

    From the little island of La Palma, happy birthday and thank you so so much!!!

  49. Azur Says:

    In Bosnian:
    Želim Vam sretan ro?endan, mnogo sre?e i uspjeha

    Molim Vas nastavite sa radmom, mnogo mi pomažete

    In English:

    I wish you a happy birthday, lot of happiness and success

    Please continue with the work, you are helping me a lot

    Azur from Bosnia and Herzegovina :))))))))

  50. Fredérique Says:

    In France we say: Bon anniversaire Jeff!
    HB2U Jeff!

  51. Michele Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    Auguri di Buon Compleanno Jeff! (Italian Language)
    Thank you for this website, thank you for your podcasts!

  52. Claudia Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jeff. have a good time!!!

    Greetings from Venezuela!

  53. Romko Says:

    Hey, Jeff
    Wish you keep going on what you are doing for perfectly!
    ? ???? ?????????? (on ukrainian)
    Romko, Ukraine

  54. Liv Says:

    Wow, Happy Birthday to You! This is my second visit and I ‘m glad to celebrate your birthday. :-)
    -from South Korea

  55. Rodrigo Says:

    You’re the best!!!

  56. Ederson Freitas Says:

    Happy birthday and thank you for your successful project! I’m sure you have no idea about how important changings you have caused in our lives (English lovers)! 100 more years in your life! Go ahead!

  57. Susan CAI Says:

    Happy birthday!?????You are the hero in our English lover’s heart!

  58. Joachim - Jan Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jeff. Alles Gute from Germany. :-)

  59. Mirek Says:

    Happy birthday !
    But where are the frightfully clever comments of our Peter ?????

  60. Afshin Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Very happy birthday and I wish the best for you

  61. Claudio Higashi Says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Jeff!

    And thank you for everything you are doing for the English learners around the world!

  62. rafael Says:

    happy birthday Jeff………. you are a hero !!!!

  63. Tou Says:

    happy birthday for good teaching Jeff…i hope you have a good healthy for all the time.

  64. nyamdeleg Says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Jeff!

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing for the English learners around the world!
    and wish the best for you

  65. Cristiana Says:

    Feliz cumpleanos! Muchas gracias! Thank you and thank ESL team for your hard work!

  66. fatima Says:

    (little late)
    Happy happy birthday!!
    I wish you many many years of health, peace and happiness.

    muchas, muchísimas gracias!!

  67. Mario Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff and I wish the best things for you !!!
    We listeners of ESL Podcast are all happy to meet you!!!


  68. Rachel Says:

    Today is the day that I decided to join the membership and it’s your birthday! Happy birthday, Jeff. Thank you for your committment to developing English study materials. Forever, English Podcast!

  69. Marco Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! …Just one day after my favourite singer, The Boss! (I’m always waitin’ an english cafè about him :-)

  70. Anna Says:

    Happy birthday,Jeff!
    Have a wonderful day!

  71. Behnam Says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Jeff.
    You are the one

  72. Oscar Stepanek Says:

    Hi Jeff
    Great work you did for us!
    God bless you.

    Oscar student of ESl at the Czech Republic

  73. Jenny Says:

    Oh my God! You are just 29 years old? I though you are really 45 as you said in the podcast 511_Getting Plastic Surgery.
    Hahaa! Happy Birthday Jeff!

  74. Jenny Says:

    And of course Im just joking because I’ve never seen you. I’ll search through the ­­­­­­­website.
    Happy Birthday again!!

  75. rodrigo Says:

    Simply HAPPY BIRTHDAY ¡¡¡¡ dear friend; FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS querido amigo

    from Venezuela

  76. Fred Says:

    Happy Birthday !
    t h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  77. Balj Says:

    Dr. Jeff, You’re world’s English best teacher. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  78. Jenny Says:

    Oh come on Jeff, I’ve just listened again to your episode 21….!!! ^.^

  79. Joachim - Jan Says:

    Lucky stars above you,
    Sunshine on your way,
    Many friends to love you,
    Joy in work and play-
    Laughter to outweigh each care,
    In your heart a song-
    And gladness waiting everywhere
    All your whole life long!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Jeff!

  80. Iván Says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff, and thank you for these 4 years of sharing your knowledge

  81. Leehg Says:

    Happy birthday, I wish you’ll live forever so we can enjoy more and more podcasts from you.

  82. Fayçal Says:

    happy birthday dear Jeff……….

    Well the more candles, the bigger the wish…… I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day

    I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true, Not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s too another year of experience. A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

    You’re one in a million

  83. Wanderson Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!!
    I wish you everything good… I hope you get everything you want in this life.

    Every morning when I drive to work… I listen to your podcast… It’s wonderful!

    “I’m your host Jeff MacQuillan, from beautiful Los Angeles.” :)

    Wanderson from Brazil

  84. Jose sanchez Says:

    Bueno, yo estoy muy agradecido contigo
    ya que gracias a Ti me vida en este pais
    esta cambiando.Me Han sido muy utiles
    tus lecciones asi que bueno en el dia
    de tu cumpleaños te deseo lo mejor
    sobre todo mucha salud


    Jose sanchez

  85. soraia Says:

    Dear Dr jeff,wishing you all the best ,..Happy Birthday To Youuuuuu :)

  86. mahan Says:

    Happy birthday
    with best wishes
    Mahan from Iran

  87. Isan Says:

    Happy birthday to you. Dear Dr Jeff.

    Best wishes to all your family.

  88. Yuko Says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time.
    Your birthday is as same as my mother’s!

    Take care!

    Tokyo Japan

  89. nicole Says:

    Belated happy birthday to dear Dr Jeff,and wish you happy as always,also thanks very much for your patiently wishes to all of the ESL podcast’s staff.

  90. Candy Says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Happy birthday!…Wish you all the best!

    Thanks for your effort.

    (From Hong Kong)

  91. Ali Says:

    Happy Birth day to you, dear Jeff, my great teacher. I wish you live hundreds of years and teach more people thirsty for learning. Be in health and prosper.

    By the way. I forgot to ask. Is this the 29th birthday? Hope so!

    Ali, (from Iran)

  92. Roman Malanke Says:


    You’re the best! Let me wish you Happy Birthday in Ukrainian:

    ????? ????!

    ??? ????? ??????????? ???????????? ESLPod ????????? ????????? ??? ? ????? ???? ?????????? ? ???????? ??? ???????? ??????? ?? ?????????? ???????????? ???? ?????????? ??????!

    ?? ?????!

  93. Leslie Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff
    Even though it is late to say that, I hope you had a wonderful birthday this year, and wish you have a happy birthday every year!
    And happy everyday!!

  94. Pedro Reyes Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Dr. Jeff because never is too late when it is from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You and more succes for the years to come.

  95. Bakhtyar Says:

    Hi to all my friends at this blog, happy birth day agian to Dr.Jeff, god save you for as, be far away of every badness and devil. take care of your self due to there is still climate chage.

  96. Keivan Says:

    happy birthday to my teacher. you are the best. God bless u.
    Keivan from Iran

  97. Shukrullah Says:

    Hi jeff

    Happy birth day Dr, jeff McQuilien from the central asia Afghanistan hope to reach a lot of such day, I am very happy to declair that I learnt more by you.

  98. Janice Liu Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    Janice from Taiwan

    : )

  99. Vagner Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    God bless you!!!!

  100. Thanh Lam Says:


    Thanh from Boston

  101. peter Says:

    A new leaf my friend, may it be full of abundance and bliss

    Still in Paris

    happy birth day Jeff, and God bless you for what you are doing. I know, it is an effort to put up with us some times,particularly with me.

    A big flamboyant village ; the best description I can come up for Paris. But , it is pretty much it ,isn`t it.

  102. peter Says:

    come up with for;;;;;;

  103. pierre corso Says:

    Happy Birthday ,Dr Jeff !
    Thank you so much for being here for us all . I wish you all the bes and happiness .You’ re the best English teacher !

  104. Nathalie Says:

    My cat and I wish you Happy Birthday Jeff !!
    And thank you for your hard work.

  105. Oscar Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Dr. Jeff! Thanks for doing a great job!

  106. Nom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff. Wish you all the best. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us.
    I admire your work a great deal. I absolutely appreciate your level of dedication to the podcasts.
    Please continue doing this. I promise I’ll be a good learner.
    You’re a teacher of great acclaim !!!

    Nom from Thailand

  107. malika Says:

    hi Dr Jeff, I really wish you a happy birthday, i’ve never thought that you are so young, your voice is really mature ! you’re a wonderful teacher that many learners wish to hear from you. thanks a lot and to all the team.

  108. Roman Says:

    Happy birthday to you Dr. Jeff and thx for doing this great job!

    Best wishes to all your family.

    RoMaN from Austria

  109. xuefeixyg Says:

    Sorry for late.Happy birthday,Dr. Jeff.Your English lessons are very useful to me.
    many thanks,another my birthday is also in Sep.
    xuefeixyg from China

  110. Magda Says:

    Sorry, I am late, but I wish you good luck in everything you do in your life. I want you know, You are the best here in the Net. Thanks for all. Magda From Brazil.

  111. Zhiyong Sun Says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff!!
    p.s. It took me a while (after looking through the comments) to get the joke in this announcement. When I read it I am like “what? Dr. Jeff is only 29? ” (not that I expect you to be much older but 29 is a very young age to achieve a Ph.D degree). Well, whatever your age is, wish you happy as always and best wishes to our ESLPod.

  112. Tatiana Says:

    Happy birthday, Dr Jeff!

    Be happy!

    Thank you for your help to learn English.

  113. Jeferson Vinand Says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff!!

    Best wishes to all your family. I thank you for the best work you have done for the students around the world.

    May God bless you!

    Jeferson from Brazil.

  114. JY KIM Says:

    Happy birthday to you~?
    Happy birthday to you~~~?
    Happy birthday Dear Jeff!!

    Thanks for providing us to learn English here in ESL pop cast!

    Jin Young from Korea

  115. chris Says:

    Jeff, you suprised me a lot. I thought you are in your forties, it seems you told us like that at english cafe.

    I like your beautiful voice.

    chris from china

  116. Ting Says:

    Hi Dr. Jeff, Happy birthday!
    thank you all of that you have done for us

    Ting from China

  117. Silvia Says:

    Happy birthday to you Dr. Jeff!

    Best wishes for you!

    “Muchos besos”,
    Silvia from Spain

  118. nao Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff!!

    nao from Japan

  119. zhouhai Says:

    It’s maybe too late to say Happy birthday Dr. Jeff!!! but I’ll still say “Happy birthday Dr. Jeff”!!
    wishing you always be happy! and always be had a good voice of tone!
    Thanks for your dedication and Eslpod!
    zhouhai from VietNam.

  120. peter Says:

    I m back baby,

    And, suffice to say, living for one week out of a suitcase is no picknick

    Dear Jeff ,
    Once again, this time from Canada ( home, sweet home) allow me to wish you the best of everything
    May you lead a sustain life, a happy family, and ofcourse a fat bank acount( LOL )


  121. MARY Says:

    Happy birth day Dr. Jeff!
    I wish the BEST for you and I would like to say thank you for all your effort to teach us English.

  122. Minjeong Kang Says:

    guess i’m too late to say happy birthday……… well, but i have to!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! my precious teacher!
    hope that u could always be healthy and happy
    and wanna talk with u facetoface someday =)

    mj from south korea

  123. Checo Says:

    I only wish that you have the ability (intelligence) to resolve any situation (good or bad) in your everyday life.
    And thank you for everything you do.
    Checo (Mexico)

  124. Ricardo Says:

    Doctor Feliz cumpleaños, te deseo lo mejor para ti, por haber dado a nosotros su maravillosa enseñanza que llevo en la mayor profundidad de mi heart.Thanks Jeff por hacernos felices.

  125. Anh Tran Says:

    Happy birthday to you! Wish you happy, meaningful and successful life!
    I wanna take this chance to say thank you, thank you and thank you for your wonderful pod casts. They’ve helped me a lot in learning English.

    Anh Tran (Viet Nam)

  126. Hayoung Choi Says:

    Congrats!! I always appreciate your podcast with my heart.
    Please keep going and always be a good friend and an ESL teacher for us.

    Hayoung Choi (South Korea)

  127. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff. I listen your podcasts everyday on my I-pod and I love them. Thank you very much!
    Laura (Italy)

  128. Andrey Says:

    My congratulations! I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST in your life, dear Dr.Jeff!
    and, of course, thanks a lot to you.
    Cordially from Ukraine

  129. jarka Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr.Jeff.Keep going on what you are doing you are absolutely great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jarka.Italy

  130. Tania Says:

    Happy Birthday to you , Dr. Jeff !


  131. Meli Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff.
    Better late than never.
    Meli from Madrid

  132. Li Says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Jeff! I have listened to your podcasts eveyday. I think i will be addicted to your voice soon :D. Thank you for your wonderful work, Jeff.

  133. amity Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!
    Amity Wang from China

  134. ALIMZHAN Says:

    Happy birhday to you Jeff. I wish all the happiness and joy. I listen your podcasts every day. You are doing a great job. With your help I’ve improved my english so much better. Thank you very much. Please never leave ESLPOD I beg you .

  135. Andres Says:

    Well it is never too late to say THANK YOU!!!! It hasn´t been so long ago since I dicovered ESLPod, but enough time to realize that teaching is in your blood Jeff!
    Thank you for your altruistic work, for sharing your knowledge, and for making the english a more accesible language to all Us.

    I feel that just saying thank you and wishing you a happy birthday is not enough to reward your lessons, but it´s all I can do unless you need something from Argentina in wich case I´ll help you gladly.

    Thank again!

    Andres from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  136. Clover Says:

    Happy birthday to you.late wishes