Rearrange the Letters and This is What You Get

An anagram is a word or phrase that is formed when you rearrange the letters of another word or phrase.  Here are a few words and phrases.  Can you figure out a good anagram?

1.  DORMITORY – This is a building at a school or university where students live and sleep.


3.  SLOT MACHINES – These are machines used for gambling.  You put in a coin and the wheels spin.  If you get a certain combination, you win money.

4.  ELECTION RESULTS – These are the number of votes that a candidate or a proposed law receive, showing whether people want that candidate to be elected (get the job) or the law to pass.




When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:
LIES – LET’S RECOUNT (when the results of an election are very close or people have some doubt about the result, the votes are counted again to be sure of the correct count)

When you rearrange the letters:

~ Lucy

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40 Responses to Rearrange the Letters and This is What You Get

  1. Asian Student says:

    Angle can be rearranged into Galen (herbal practitioner). Anagram is quite trippy.
    By the way, create advertisement banners on the episode and cafe websites to make more money.
    On the top of it, add a counter on the websites each to make them known how many visitors have listened to both of the doctors.
    It is the substantial evidence or statistics to attract the would-be commercials to paste their ads at
    Don’t rely on the donations that are too incredible and do not last long. It is the real thought of most consumers to take anything for free.
    We look forward to more innovations here. The suggestions in the past are practical. Have a second thought on them please.

  2. Fj Alqurain says:

    That’s so cool!!
    Thanks Lucy!

  3. Javad says:

    Hi , that’s great , and amazing . I think this is a good way for improve our English ability , you must know many words and also remember all of them in a few second

    thank you …

  4. emiliano says:

    Lucy, you are a GENIUS, I know it but we may confirm it again.

  5. Balj says:

    Just Brilliant. It’s more and more creative to remember the words.
    Thank you Lucy.

  6. soraia says:

    Hi dear Lucy
    Its really interesting.its like a game,and help the brain too:)

  7. elcomandant says:

    It is funny.

    I like letters games very much. It is a good way to kill time, above all when you have long layovers or stopovers at the airports. Among all kind of letters games, there are one of them that attract attention to me. It is the Palindrome.

    Like everybody knows, Palindromes are words or phrases that they can be read the same way, from left to right as well as from right to left.

    I will put two exemples:
    In English: A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.
    In Spanish: Dábale arroz a la zorra el abad.

    It isn’t funny?.

    I have enjoyed reading this post. I have tried to solve them, although, to be frank, I have to confess that I didn’t find out any of them.



  8. yangfan lee says:

    hi, are so Obama.I really like it.
    I know a word is “mother-in-law”,could you figure out a good anagram?

    The answer is “Woman Hitler”.It’s funny,isn’t it?
    Thank you a lot. lucy!

  9. Peter says:

    Thanks plenty Lucy,
    Believe me or not , I studied about the concept before.the thing is, The Metod/ approach lose it’s touch when things get more advanced or when u deal with English language in a more complicated level. It is fun though .
    Thanks for teaching us a new way of looking at words and expressions.

  10. Peter says:

    Emiliano ,
    In deed, she is gifted. She is born to be a prof. She is natural.she knows her way around English language.And, above all she is a golden girl
    Lucy and Jeff
    Wheather u leave us for good or not . You will always be in my heart.
    U will never know what it is like to have you as profs and more importantly as mentors

  11. kobe.Su says:

    haha, it makes me think of the game, scramble “` the most i do in that game is to rearrange the letter all the time…it’s an intersing and hard game for me who are really not good at spelling. but it’s a fun game i’d like to recommand~~~

  12. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    I like word games, too, and I wish I could claim credit for coming up with these anagrams, but I can’t. They were sent to me by my sister and someone had sent them to her.

    I’m not good at Scrabble or crossword puzzles, probably because I’m not very patient when it comes to games. When I was little, I really enjoyed word finds, where there are rows and rows of letters and you have to find words that are spelled out there–forward, backwards, down, upside down, or diagonally.

    When groups us little kids got together, we would do “Mad Libs.” This is a game that requires at least two people to play. Each Mad Lib is a short story with missing words and a description of what that word should be, such as “noun,” “adjective,” “verb,” “sound,” etc. Without you looking at the story, your friends asks you to give him/her a word according to the description; he/she does not tell you anything about the story. After all of the blanks have been filled in, he/she reveals (shows) the completed story and you read it together. Of course the story will be very strange and often funny because you words were chosen at random, without knowing anything about the context (the surrounding words). It was a fun and silly game to play with a small group of friends.

  13. Alireza says:

    It was very interesting! Thank you for teaching us sth new and amazing Dr Lucy, I specially liked the one ELECTION RESULTS!, which it’s anagram was: LIES! LET’S RECOUNT! I’m living in Iran, and I have no idea whether you are aware of the recent after presidential election crisis here or not! I just sent this anagram as a comment on my facebook page, And received so many interests and appreciation in comments for it, It was a chance either to introduce your helpful website to some of my friends, and I’m sure they’re going to become consistent fans sooner or later.
    Thank you!

  14. emiliano says:

    Cuca my wife was always playing with our daughters to all kind of word games. It was a way of teaching them our lenguage and how to spell and write the words. They use to play a game that have to write down a long word but only the first letter and the last one were in it, and afterward you have to say the others, each time you fail one letter that isn´t in the word the person who writes the word drawn a figure (a man hanging from a stick) if the drawn is finish and the figure is hunging without knowing the whole word you lost.

    There is also a play that one say: I see, I see…..what do you see?…..a little thing that begins with the letter…. and finish with the letter……., and all the childs have to figure up what a little thing you have seen around. This is funny and I use to play it with them too. The one who wins have to think in another little thing, and the play begins once more.

    The last play we did along several years was “The Scrabble” because Cuca loves it, me too, and for us it was very funny playing it with other friends when we were in the house´s terrace in summer, near the sea. It was very competitive and I love to play it. My wife use to play it alone too, along hours, and she loves to make long long words.

    Word finds, as Lucy said, here we call it “letter soup” and again my wife was the specialist doing this play. We two like all kind of word games may be because we taught the daughters our spanish lenguage and playing is the best way of doing it.
    The Scrabble is a very very nice play, and it is so nice to us to see people playing it in the movies. I can remember “Friends” the tv. serie that some
    times they have the box on the table or some of them is playing with it.

    Lucy, you may claim credits for everything you do for us that is always marvellous, and give us (me) the chance of writing this long long story
    about my family and our way of teaching our dauhters the spanish, our own lenguage.

  15. Peter says:

    u r killing me Lucy
    I luv ur writing style
    I wish I could do it like u , I know it is just a pipe dream ( Thanks to Lucy)
    There are lots of different word games befeore
    I am familiar with this one and some more
    But , they don’t specificly learn you anything.preferenly, I stick to the regiment u set for us.
    It works like a charm , I don’t believe any other methods. Believe you me , I have tried like thousands different methods here and back home
    None of them were as effective as what u and jeff have come up
    Before joining you guys in 2007 , I was deeply involved in a losing battle with English language . But, you guys turned the tables And ,that fortunate turn of events( comming across you) made me a totally fluent English speaker I am right know
    It was my dream to understand American movies like 100 percent. Now, not only get a full grip of the terms, but also I can explain their origin

  16. Peter says:

    Dear lucy
    When it comes to me, your canon worked miracle for me . And Jeff ur lucid explanation about every single details is examplary
    You guys didnot make my day, you made my life
    What u did for me is pricless
    Sorry , If I got too emotional

  17. Peter says:

    Ur canon workes miracle

  18. Peter says:

    Have come up with

  19. Peter says:

    your program gave me the chance to start with a clean slate

  20. emiliano says:

    Alireza, we all know about you said and have seen the news on the tv.screen along days and weeks, and yes I think it is a wonderful anagram not only for your country but for nearly a lot of ours.
    It should be nice to have more friends from your country that for us, spaniards, is Persia and the people “los persas”. one of the oldest and wise civilizations of the history.

    Best wishes and regards.

  21. Peter says:

    What about post-presidential election crises Alireza/ I mean what about it ? Hope the occurrence does not end up to a big unrest. It sounds like an unfortunate event . Whatever it is ,let’s hope it brings about positive proceeds.Let’s hope the end justifies the means. By that I mean ,it is all well that ends well.

  22. Peter says:

    Dear Lucy,

    You did a great job on familiarizing us with the term “anagram.” Do us a favour and discuss the world analogy and paradox ( very practical terms)
    as well please.

    Thanks for the phenomenal programme

    You guys must be perfectionists ,because Eslpod is meticulous to a fault

  23. peter says:

    Hi my blog mates
    Here is the lame duck with another muck
    It is early in the morning, and I m totally sleepless. The best thing to do for me while sleepless is share some thoughts with you guys
    I just listened to the latest English cofe. Jeff ur latest English cofe is the definitive one. I mean, it totally did it for me. I give it two thumbs up
    Again, you outdid yourself.As always, I picked up a lot
    Out of it.
    My guess is Jeff already discussed both terms “Analogy and Paradox.” sorry my bad
    My short memory sucks. So let’s appeal to Lucy to break down the term travesty and how it is different with parody
    Sorry, that I showed poor judgment. Please don’t get judge mental on me. I m not always that lame
    Hope all of you are having a blast do whatever u r doing.Down here, I m stuck in a rut, but no complain I don’t want to tempt fait( thanks to lucy)

  24. emiliano says:

    Well Peter, what I understand about “the reason and human rights” is that never the end justifies the means, and that´s (the end justify …what? ) the way of doing of all kind of things, bad, very bad things along history.
    My end is not your end, or the end of other people so different from us. But the means are always the same everywhere, they are good or bad in terms of human rights,
    justice and so on.
    Nothing is more important than “life” and a human life is the first of all. Every man o woman is the best thing God did in this our world. I understand that not a single dead justify any mean.
    Now I am reading in a newspaper of Madrid, that at least four hundred persons has been killed or disappeared after the ellections by their protesting acts.
    Only one, Amir Javadifar, is more than enough.
    Sorry by my speach but is my way of thinking and seing the human life, and it is also my way of doing I can´t have my big mouth closed seing what is happening
    now in Alireza´s country.
    One more of so many.
    We here have too many persons killed by others who thinks just the same, the end justify all means, even a fire in the nape.

  25. peter says:

    Speaking of which, there is a good expression that goes like “It is a judgement call” which means it is ur desicion, you should work sth or figure it out
    For example: can I wash a mixed load of pink garment with white ? I don’t know ,it is a judgement call. For further say on it let’s have a collective voice.
    Defenetly jeff could fix my unreliable ,shaky so called explanation

  26. peter says:

    It is A judgement call means, reffer to ur brain for it or sth to that effect

  27. Fayçal says:

    hello all and sundry
    So impressive, really second to none. U are invarialbly coming up with new things, we never feel in rut with ur podcasts as well as ur blogs. we are really indebted to u for being handy to us, and truly we are at loss how to repay back for everything.
    in a netshull, we are at your back and call.

    ?????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????

    well i will write both of ur names lucy and jeff in arabic….hope u will like the idea.

    let’s start with lucy

    lucy ; ????????

    Jeff ; ??????????

  28. Fayçal says:

    sorry it doesn’t work, i guess u lack the characters.


  29. Ali says:

    Dear Emiliano,

    Many thanks to you for your great emotion toward my country and my people (Iran). I always read your comments and enjoy from them. Keep it on. You always write respectfully, which shows your great culture. We also respect your beautiful country and your culture and customs.

    As you may remember, we had some useful and polite debates about the Bush administration behavior around the world in last year. At that time, I was living in the United States.

    What happened following presidential election here in Iran was a shame. They resist against the want of the majority of people, who wanted to change the existing situation, and suppressed them. But we are not disappointed and continue to show our protest. Hope we can change it soon.

    Peter, thanks to you too for you excellent, but sometimes hard to understand for beginners like me, comments.


    Ali (from Iran or Persia)

  30. emiliano says:

    Ali, what a long time without seeing you here. Yes, I remember you perfectly well and sometimes I have asked myself where is Ali?
    Now you are in your country, but also here in the blog. It´s a pleasure to can say you go ahead, and go on as long as possible. I have been well informed about what happened in your great country Iran and hope the best for all of you.

    Our debates were really useful to me and I could understand you perfectly well, also agree with your point of view.

    Dear Ali, thank you very much for your words, they give me air to write here every day and also to thanks Lucy an Jeff the opportunity of doing it.

    Peter, I hope you understand my feelings well, we are old friends already, and you know well what I meant.

  31. Peter says:

    Hi folks,

    I know ,I know You are thinking that Peter does not know when to quit

    But you thanks me later for the following:

    I just remembered a totally relevent terms which is a must-know( just made up(must-have is hyphoned word ,though)).

    The term that we are better off knowing it is : wait for it……….. PALINDROME which means a word or a ohrase that read the same backward like Madam or nurses run(famons example for PALINDROME).

  32. Peter says:

    Ditto ,Emiliano

    Hope one day ,there will be an ESlpod convention run by Jeff and Lucy where we all can meet up at first hand. Can’t wait for the time to come.

  33. gregorex says:

    There is another difficult word: “synonym”.
    Synonym is if the same thing can be described by many different words.
    The best way to explain it, will be if I give you an example:
    Lets say the word “persistent”, it means the same as “Peter”.
    Different words, the same meaning 😉
    I’m sorry. I’m just kidding. Don’t take it personally Peter. I just couldn’t help myself 🙂

    PS. Both of those words are also some sort of anagram 😉

  34. Peter says:

    Well-put jeff,
    in deed , you are au fait with English language.I have listened to the latest cafe a number of times , and each time I pick up on some new stuff.Of all of the
    Mentioned terms I favoure double back the best. I admired that I wasn’t familiar with the term
    Thanks plenty
    No doth that I m gonna use it everytime the situation manifest itself

    A big fan of ur work,


  35. emiliano says:

    SLOT MACHINES….CASH LOST IN ME, and it´s so real here that you can imagine how many problems this kind of gambling machine makes among people. How many couples han been separated or divorced by this kind of gambling machines.
    About 1980 these machines were authorized to be every bar, cafeteria, or public rest place where they may be. That was new for the majority of people and lot of them got used to introduced the coin in the machine. But not only one, two, three…..and at the end of the month their salary or even more.
    I know some close friends that have problems about this matter, and every time I went out to a bar or cafeteria to have my breakfast I saw always the same people gambling and gambling, once and again with the machine in the cafeteria.

    I have never could understand why these Slot Machines were authorized to stay in so many places, where people hear its sound and they can never stop gambling.
    I have promised to myself that never I´ll put a single coin in that evil machines, and yes till now I have never introduced one.

  36. Peter says:

    Well-put dear Says,
    No worries buddy, ur testimoney about me is funny.thanks for mentioning me on ur comment
    I did not take fact, it is so true , I am totally relentless.(LOL)

  37. Ali says:

    Thank you again Emiliano. Eventhough I didn’t post any comments over the past months, I read all the points of ESLpod bloggers. I am happy joining you again.



  38. JNAGY says:

    if you rearrange the letters in What’s on your mind it spells Show random Unity

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