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Archive for September, 2007

Friday - September 28, 2007

Would You Eat Here?

Funny Sign-Gas

If you are driving through the city of Tipton in the state of Indiana, you may want to avoid (to keep away from) this restaurant and gas station. The other people in your car may thank you.

To get gas” means to put gasoline in your car or vehicle. It also means to have too much air in your intestines, the tubes that move food around in your body. I think you know what happens when you have too much gas. If you have too much air in your stomach, you may burp. If you don’t know about burping, listen to English Cafe 58. Jeff demonstrates and shows you very clearly what can happen.

~ Lucy

Thursday - September 27, 2007

Meet Our Webmaster – Adriano Galeno

Meet our wonderful web designer and webmaster: Adriano Galeno!

AdrianoAdriano is a native of Brazil, but he and his family now live in Canada. He has a degree in computer science (the study of computers) and has been working with Internet-related projects for the past 10 years. Even though he is very busy in his important day job (main occupation), he still finds time to help us with our website. Adriano and his wife, Maria, have two beautiful daughters–Marina and Victoria.

Adriano’s latest podcasting project is the Brazilian Pod Class, a podcast for anyone interested in learning Portuguese. He works with a veteran (very experienced) teacher of Portuguese to create beginning lessons for listeners. Check out (go see) his website at

Brazilian Pod Class

Wednesday - September 26, 2007

Accessing the Website from Iran

Comment from Ali from Iran:

PS: I’d like to also express my discontent (unhappiness) about your site. I am a Persian native and live in Iran, but your site seems likely to be closed to our country. We have to use proxies (substitutes) to browse your site. I hope political atmosphere and canard (false information) about our public nation will not affect your trust.


We want everyone to have access to ESL Podcast, no matter what country they live in. We at are not blocking Iran or any other country. We have had other Iranian listeners tell us about this problem, and we investigated (researched) by contacting our hosting company (the company that owns the computer servers we use). After looking at the information provided by these listeners, our hosting company tells us that our website is being blocked in Iran, not the U.S. We are not sure what the real situation is, however. We only have the information that our hosting company gave us.

If you are in a country where you are having difficulty accessing our website and you have a workaround or another way to gain access, please post a comment here so other listeners can use that information.

Thanks to Ali and our other listeners who are listening to ESL Podcast despite these hurdles (difficulties).

Tuesday - September 25, 2007

Thank you for the well wishes!

Just a quick note to thank all of those who sent me emails and posted comments about the 15th29th Birthday Cake anniversary of my 29th birthday. I really do appreciate it. When someone wishes you a happy birthday or congratulates you on some happy event, you can respond by saying, “Thank you for the well wishes!”

I was reminded yesterday of a funny version of the traditional Happy Birthday song that we used to sing as children. It goes:

Happy birthday to you!

You belong in a zoo.*

You look like a monkey

And smell like one too!

*zoo = a place where animals are kept for people to look at

Thankfully, no one sang that to me yesterday.


Monday - September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff McQuillan!

Join us in wishing Dr. Jeff McQuillan a very happy 29th (??) birthday–again!

“Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear Jeff,

Happy birthday to you!”

Birthday 2

Sunday - September 23, 2007

Welcome to the ESL Podcast Blog!

welcome1.jpgWelcome to the ESL Podcast blog! This blog is to keep you up-to-date with all of the latest news from ESL Podcast. This blog will also allow us to talk about things we don’t have time to go over (discuss) in the regular podcasts.

If you have a question or comment, you can submit them to us by posting (putting on the website) a comment. To avoid spam (unwanted messages sent to many people), we will need to approve the comments before they are posted, so please be patient. That may take a few days.

There are a lot of things that we want to talk about on the blog, and we hope you’ll come back to the website frequently (often) to read the newest posts (messages). The blog will also have information about things that are happening here at the Center, with the podcast, and with us–Jeff and Lucy.

Thanks for visiting our blog!