How to Curse in English in a Nice Way

To curse means to swear, to use a “bad’ word or expression, especially when you’re angry.

At, we don’t think it is a good idea for you to curse in English.

But you CAN express your strong emotions and feelings by using “nicer” words.

In this video, learn how and when to use these expressions *instead* of swear words:
-frack/frick/flip (for the “F word”)

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What Will I Learn in My Free Lesson?

Here is just a small part of what you’re going to learn in this free lesson:

  • What “take a rain check” means and how to use it in a conversation . . .
  • The difference between a “recluse” and a “busybody” . . .
  • Why “to fend OFF” means something from “to fend FOR” . . .
  • What it means to “take a rain check,” “keep to yourself,” and “to appoint (someone)” . . .
  • What a social secretary is . . .
  • The best way to use “to sort out” and “to turn down” . . .
  • How to use phrasal verbs like “to settle in” and “to settle down” (they’re not the same!) . . .


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