Los Angeles is #1, Baby!

So this happened:*

Los Angeles has recently been found to have the MOST “aggressive” drivers in the United States.

I always knew my city was #1 in something. We’re number one in idiot drivers!

To be aggressive means to act in a hostile (being someone’s enemy) and often rude (unkind) or selfish (thinking only of yourself) way.

An aggressive person is one who is more likely to attack or confront another person (tell someone he or she is wrong).

A driving app company looked at drivers in 30 U.S. cities and examined driver habits (what people do usually or repeatedly).

They found that drivers in my fair (nice; beautiful) city are more likely to drive fast, brake hard (suddenly slow or stop your car to avoid an accident), and accelerate (go from slow to fast) often.

I’m not surprised. Anyone who has driven in my car knows that I, like most Angelenos (people living in LA), drive aggressively.

I really shouldn’t drive that way, of course. It is more dangerous and stressful.

But we drive like we see other people driving. That’s my excuse, anyway.

So if Los Angeles has the most aggressive drivers, which city has the least aggressive, the “nicest” drivers?

The answer of course is my home city of Saint Paul, Minnesota (actually, the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis). The Twin Cities was ranked (placed in order) 30th out of 30 cities in aggressive drivers.

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet, relaxing driving experience, you should go to Minnesota.

If you want the opposite, welcome to LA, baby**!


*This expression is now informally used, especially on social media, to introduce a topic that is surprising or strange in some way.

**Baby can refer to a young child, but it is sometimes used informally to brag about (be proud of) something, usually in a joking way. It could be replaced by “my friend.”

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