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You know these are the vowels in the English language, but you may not know that they are under assault (being attacked).

OK, it’s not quite that dramatic (serious), but if you look at popular culture today, vowels are M.I.A. (missing in action; not there).

You will find vowels missing in the names of popular websites, such as Tumblr (pronounced “tumbler,” a type of glass with straight sides and no handle) and Flickr (pronounced “flicker,” which is what a light does when it goes on and off unexpectedly, like during a storm).

Vowels are missing in rock band names, too, such as the Canadian singer The Weeknd (pronounced “weekend”).

And vowels are missing in fashion brands, such as Srsly (pronounced “seriously” — seriously!?!).

This isn’t surprising considering how people communicate these days, especially the youngest generations (groups of people around the same age).

In texts and online, we use more and more abbreviations (shortened forms of a word), emoticons (pictures with a facial expression, like a smile), and acronyms (using first letters of words to represent a name or phrase).

If the current trend continues, my future posts will just look like this: THSBLGPSTSBTRLLYCLTPCBCNTTLLYWHTTS.


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