Goat Yoga Is a Thing

There are a lot of crazy, hilariously bad (so terrible they are funny) ideas that have their origin (begin) in California.

I’m not sure if goat yoga (see photo) actually began here (this article says it started in Michigan), but I know it is popular in the neighborhood where I live here in LA.

Yes, I said GOAT yoga. You read that right.

How do you do yoga with an animal? Very carefully, I would think.

Actually, you just do yoga in the same place where there are goats, such as in a barn (a building for animals).

People say that goats make people relax, forgot about their troubles, and be less stressed.

Now, I have not spent a lot of time around goats. Maybe they really do relax you. I don’t know. Perhaps this is the greatest idea of the 21st century, right up there with (close to in importance with) selfie sticks (a pole you put your phone on so you can take a better picture of yourself).

Whatever you think, goat yoga is definitely now a thing.

When I say it is “a thing,” I mean it is real, it is actually something people are doing even though you may not think it is true.

We use this pattern in informal English now to describe something that is perhaps a little strange but that is popular now, like, well, goat yoga.

For example, “Keeping a rabbit instead of a dog or cat is now a thing” or “The boys used to wear long hair, but that is not a thing anymore.”

You can also ask, “Is that a thing?” meaning “Is that something people actually do?” or “Is that something that is now popular?”

I’m thinking of starting a new kind of exercise called “Throw the Cat.” Basically, you work on your arm muscles by picking up cats and throwing them as far are you can.

You wait: Soon cat throwing will be a thing.


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