Seattle’s Bike Batman

nobrakesatlSuperheroes have been around for many years. Superman is 78 years old. Spider-Man is 56. Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America are somewhere in between.

Most heroes, though, are not super. They don’t appear in comic books, on television, or in movies. Many times we don’t even hear about them. They just do what they believe needs to be done to make their world a better place. We could call them everyday heroes.

Bike Batman – he doesn’t want anyone to know his name – is the second kind of hero.

Bike Batman is a 30-year-old married engineer who lives in Seattle, Washington. He’s a cyclist (someone who rides a bicycle) and enjoys working on them. When he has time, he buys them, fixes them up, and sells them on Craigslist or other websites where people list things they want to sell.

About two years ago, he was looking for a bike for his wife. He found one on Craigslist that he considered (thought about) buying. As he often does, he also looked at Bike Index, a website where bicycle owners can register (put on an official list) their bikes and, if necessary, report them when they’re stolen.

There, on the Bike Index website was the bike he was thinking about buying. What should he do?

Once Bike Batman was sure the Cragslist bike matched (was the same as) the Bike Index bike, he called the person who claimed to be the bike’s owner and arranged to meet him – supposedly (that’s what the seller thought) to complete the sale.

When the two men met, Bike Batman told the Guardian that he told the thief, “You’ve got two options (choices). You can wait until a cop (police officer) gets here, or you can just beat it (run away as fast as you can).” You can imagine what the thief did.

When Bike Batman’s story came out (became known) in the news, people in Seattle learned that he had recovered (found and returned) 22 stolen bicycles. He looks at bikes for sale on Craigslist and similar websites, and if something seems suspicious (not right), he looks at the Bike Index to see if that bike had been reported stolen.

When he finds a bike that he believes has been stolen, he calls the owner to make sure it’s the same bike. If it is, he arranges to meet the seller, just as he did the first time. One thing has changed, though. Today he also calls the police so they can back him up (help and protect him).

Why does Bike Batman do it? He admits (says it’s true) that he enjoys the excitement. But most of all, he’s doing it to help the city of Seattle – he simply wants it to be known as a friendly city.

Do you know any everyday heroes like Bike Batman?

~ Warren Ediger – ESL coach/tutor and creator of the Successful English website.

Photo from nobrakesatl.

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8 Responses to Seattle’s Bike Batman

  1. Tania says:

    I’ve never heard about Bike Batman that hunts the thieves of bikes for a friendly city.
    Instead, reading the Mary Roberts Rinehart’s biography (English Cafe 564), I have learned that
    she created a costumed super-criminal called “the Bat”, which is one of the inspirations
    for our “Batman”. Batman, the superhero of any child.
    Thank you.

    Best wishes,


  2. Tania says:

    Writing many mystery novels, Mary Roberts Rinehart is often called the American Agatha Christie.

  3. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    I love the story. Good one.
    From Brazil

  4. ksu says:

    Thank you for the fascinating story.

  5. emiliano says:

    No, absolutely not any, I would like to know one but usually people does n´t like problems at all, may be
    even me I don´t like that kind of trouble but it´s sure I like other trouble more easy or simple and doing
    them had report me having called as a silly person or a gullible one but I don´t care.

    At my age am I going to change my mind?, no I don´t that´s for sure and if I am gullible or silly for
    helping some who could cheat me, again I don´t care.
    Among these cheating people there are lot that really need help, we are living through hard time
    and I know there are lot of people going through bad living, that´s enough for me so if I mad do something
    good for them it is just the less I can do.

    Always I think I could do more but I have not the guts to do something similar to the actions of this
    bike batman who makes his city more friendly.

    Nice story Warren, thak´s a lot.

  6. Emin says:

    Nice story but I think this is the obligation of law enforcement officers

  7. Peter says:

    Hey warren
    How gave u been?
    I know ,I know
    It has been a while
    Well , it was not like I was taking a hiatus or anything.
    Well , I think , it is suffice to say sometimes what u dread dealing with and keep procrastinating catches up to u. No matter ,how hard you r trying to dodge the hardship.
    Well ,I have been on a rough patch lately. I m telling u man ,It is a bumpy road I m on . To make matters worse ,I m forced to work pass the Conondrum on my own time. Well , by that I mean , out of my work hours. I m telling man ,it is hell.
    U know , I keep long hours at work.sometimes I put 10/12 hours a day. Do u think when I m finally off work, I go straight home ,pop up an beer and kick back. No my friend. U know what they say no break for the wicket.
    Well ,in my defence , I was trying to do it in my own that I mean , when i m good and ready. Well ,admittedly , it was kind of excuse to procrastinate the damn thing.
    I know ,I know ,u r saying : ”
    Pete ,quite being a baby and get the problem out of the way. ”
    Well , Fair enough. I m being whinny.
    Just venting my good man.
    U got a very nice article going on up there.i enjoyed reading it.
    I must say , I like ur posts better than Lucy and Jeff.

    It is not like that I m insinuating that they are not my book , you guys are equally good.
    The thing is the topics you pick out are generally more appealing to me and grab my attention. U know ur students, warren
    You know
    Don’t u think superheroes are glorified Samaritan.
    Take the Good Samaritan on ur post. See, he might as well turn a blind eye and just pass. I mean just doesn’t buy the stolen bikes.however ,he goes out of his way to make sure the stolen bicycles return to their Rightful owner. And ,according to the article , he never stops there. He ,out of his good heart , let the guilty party slip. He could easily arrange with cops and deliver said thieves to the authority. However ,he decides not to it.

    U know ,being a Good Samaritan always has a good karma.
    U know what the say: what goes around comes around.

    You know , I like superhero movies.
    Well , I m not really into the graphic novels. Well , they are good literature , no argue there.however,arguabley I prefer to watching marvel movies.tge movies give me the adrenalin rush I pretty much expect from the genra. But it is just me. U may see it differently. I do to comic conventions. I suit up.last time I was Thor.

    Oh ,speaking of which , Halloween is coming up. Any specific plan warren ?
    Well ,I bought a truck load of chocklet,candies and what a nut shell , all sorts of Halloween treats ,that are.
    U know ,one of my dearest friends throwing a huge party ,and ,as usual ,in charge of food and condiment.
    U know ,I m foodie. So , no complain there. But , yesterday I was chained to oven the entire night.

    I didn’t pick my suit yet
    I m Doc strange this time.
    Talk about fitting in
    U know the movie is coming out soon
    I love marvel movies
    I never miss them
    I m always first in line
    Marvel movies give me the edge I needed : the courage to deal with problems in life. Well ,after all , everybody is a hero in his /her own narrative. Don’t u agree warren?

    Thanks for the delightful post

    An ESLpod premium member


    U know ,Lucy ,Jeff ,and warren u r superheroes in my own little story.

    How about that


  8. Elham says:

    Hi Warren,
    the story is interesting and I enjoyed it.
    thank you

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