Today is National (Something) Day!

Pecan_pie_slice_(cropped)Today is National Pecan Pie Day. Personally, I hate pecan pie (see photo), so I’m not going to celebrate it.

You may be wondering, as I am, why there is a National Pecan Pie Day and why it is on July 12th.

Apparently (It would seem), the companies that grow and sell pecans want to remind everyone to buy their product (what they sell), although I was unable to find the history of this “national day” or what is so special about July 12th that we have to celebrate it today.

Of course, most Americans have no idea today is National Pecan Pie Day, because it is not a “real” holiday.

Over the last several years, nearly every day of the year is called “National Something Day,” often as part of some marketing (attempts to sell something) scheme (plan) by companies to sell more of their products.

Did you know that July 9th was National Sugar Cookie Day? Neither did anyone else, but according to this website, which lists all of these bogus (false; not real) “national days,” it was.

Sometimes these silly (stupid; foolish) national days are supposed to be fun. For example, according to one website, August 11th is “National Presidential Joke Day,” when (I think?) the president is supposed to tell a joke. Or perhaps we’re all supposed to tell a joke about the president. No one really knows.

Not satisfied with a single day, some companies and causes (groups of people in favor of certain ideas or policies) have taken over entire months, so we get things like “National Heart Month” (February),  “National Novel Writing Month” (November), and (my favorite) “National Sarcastic* Awareness Month” (October).

Yes, there’s even a National Cat Day. It’s on October 29th.


*Sarcastic means to say one thing when meaning the exact opposite in order to be funny. An example (for me) would be: “I can’t wait for National Cat Day this year!”

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16 Responses to Today is National (Something) Day!

  1. Dan says:

    Hello everyone.

    I can’t say whether I like that cake or not because I have never heard about pecan or tasted it.

    I am learning it’s kind of a nut from Mexico.
    We have similar cakes over here made out of walnuts and let me day those are heavy both in weight and calories..I would say those are good especially during the winter.
    I would not say that I hate that cake like Jeff does but not one of my favorites either.
    Those are usually too dry and compacted and you choke on it.

    Well, if I do not like something, there is no problem. I have a flock of crows that would eat anything. It’s unbelievable how they clean up the place after I throw stuff at them.


  2. emiliano says:

    Jeff, if you would have a cat like Gatufo it is sure that on 29th October you´ll have
    a great feast.
    I am so sure about what I say that a proff very close.

    Cuca doesn´t like cats at all, it is possible that she likes cats much more less than you
    dear Jeff.
    Now that she is not at home when I tell her something about Gatufo tears fall from
    her eyes.

    So, what may you say me about that?

    Gatufo is more than forty days on the bed waiting for her return, the poor cat doesn´t
    understand why is not Cuca and he is waiting till the point that on the first thirty days
    didn´t come with me as he used to do before.
    Now little by little he is coming with me from time to time.

    That´s all for the moment, but I will have the 29th October in mind to give a present
    to my dear Gatufo.

    Thank you Jeff for all. emiliano

  3. emiliano says:

    Silly boy, the proof is the right word.
    What are you thinking about emiliano?


    May be Gatufo is the most popular cat in the world
    as his face appears in all my blogs.
    I could ensure you Jeff that the blog has been
    seeing in hundred of countries round the globe
    so everyone knows him, ja,ja. even you dear friend.


  4. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    The photo shows something like Brazilian “feijoada”, a dish made with pork snout, ears, legs, skin and other pieces, which is enjoyed by people who comes to Brazil to spend some time on vacation or holidays. I particularly love that dish especially with bean, rice, vegetables and flour. I invite you all to come to Brazil and experience a good moment with me. I’d appreciate it.
    From Brazil

  5. Peter says:


    I m late in this party

    Things get hectic sometimes ,I tell u
    It has been a bumpy road
    I m out of funk though
    Things are looking up

    So what we got here
    Another scintillating post from chief Jeff

    Pecon is one of the most nutritious nuts out there
    Canada is a big importer of pecon , we call them “American walnuts ”
    There is this tasty Danish serving in TimHortons – a very popular chain coffee shop in Canada -called “pecan Danish. ”
    Incidentally ,I m at Tomhorton writing u guys
    Ur post made me want to it
    In fact, I just got in the back of the line to get one “pecan Danish ”
    My apologies
    I just saw the labs as I m waiting in line for my turn to grab one
    It is called ” maple pecon ” it is a king of Danish serving in a chain coffe shops called TimHorton

    Anyway, there are this rediculously named days in Canada too
    Most people don’t know about it
    We just go about our daily routin not knowing what occasions the days are dubbed.

    What is the point of all thses occasions throughout the year ?
    It beats me too

    One question comes to mind though

    Who gets to name thses occasions ?
    The government ?
    An assigned committee ?

    So much I don’t know

    Thanks Jeff
    It is always a delight reading ur line


    A learning guide member

  6. Tania says:

    I have never seen a pecan tree or a pecan fruit. It seems to be a dates pie (date tree).
    I don’t like dates as they are too sweet.
    I think that there is a new trend to have more silly national days.

    Yes, you are sarcastic many times.
    A recognized sin is half forgiven.

    All the best for you,


  7. Tania says:

    We have a very hot summer.
    Maybe this is the reason for that many of our blog friends prefer to listen to than to write.

    I am terrified by the new terrorist attack from France.

  8. Tania says:

    I have had the opportunity to talk in English at my job.
    I have talked with no fear, not very very well but I could manage. Someone asked me where I learned English.
    At ESLPodcast, of course.

    Thank you , our dear teachers.

  9. Tania says:

    Thank you for that you remind us of the uncountable nouns plural (fish, milk).
    To me it is useful.

    The same with the similar words “distinct” and “distinctive”. We use the same words “distinct” and “distinctiv”.
    It is easier with “distinct”. Two distinct colours.

  10. Tania says:

    I like all topics on classic TV movies, old TV shows…
    I’d like to see Star Trek, your passion, but I don’t know…I do not have enough time to see all films mentioned .
    A new word to me “treker”.

  11. Tania says:

    Thank you for the story of the Apollo 11 and the quote
    “One small step for men, one giant leap for mankind.”

    A Romanian woman is very famous at NASA. It is about Doctor Ioana Cozmuta.
    According to Wikipedia, she started her career at NASA Ames Research Center as part of the Center for Nanotechnology where she did large scale simulations
    on the NASA Ames Advanced Supercomputers.
    In 2005 she was unofficially the largest single user on the Columbia supercomputers.
    She researches and believes in the landing and life on the Moon, industrialization of space.
    For her work she received many NASA awards.

  12. Tania says:

    Again about a famous Romanian woman…
    Scientist, doctor Viviana Gradinaru awarded by president Obama with 2016 “Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers”.
    She received the award for developing a technique that can make a mouse ‘s body transparent.
    This technique will be used in biology and medicine to study the structure of the nervous system and to facilitate examinations
    of the way cancer spreads in the body.

  13. Tania says:

    Thank you for having this opportunity writing about famous Romanian women.
    All our blog friends can do it.

    Best wishes to all our blog friends,


  14. Tania says:

    As I told you I have had the opportunity to drink a Starbucks coffee on jazz music but not “At Last” by Etta James.
    I like the lyrics of the song and the music.
    Thank you.

  15. Tania says:

    I like very much Learn English Magazine.
    I am wondering why I can’t access the new issue. Or there is no new issue?
    I am fan of the Learn English Magazine.
    Dear Jeff, please tell us about this matter.
    Can you believe me that I bought a Samsung tablet powered by Android just to access Learn English Magazine?
    Thank you.

  16. Tania says:

    Dear Emiliano, I know from magazines that the TV serial House of Cards is very good.
    It was transmited by one of our TV channels but at midnight. Who can watch it at midnight? I want to watch it but for the moment I have some problems with the time.
    Thank you for your desire to share with us your thoughts and opinions.

    Best wishes,


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