ESLPod Now Has an App! Download Learn English Magazine

PromotionMagAdFB.001I have some very exciting news to announce today: now has an app on the Apple and Android app stores. It’s called Learn English Magazine, and it’s free!

Learn English Magazine includes some of the best material from our website, plus several new ways to improve your English, including videos, cartoons, and articles that you can only find in the magazine.

Every regular issue is free.

Apple users can download the app and subscribe here.

Android users (4.1 or later operating system) can download and subscribe here.

There are already four cool issues for you to download and enjoy. We’ll be publishing the magazine every two weeks.

To my knowledge, Learn English Magazine is the only free magazine app for learning English on either the Apple or Android app stores, so be sure to share the news with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Also in the magazine is the opportunity to sign up for a new special report I’ve written with information on how to improve your English, called “5 Things You MUST Know to Improve Your English.” To get the special report and additional tips on improving your English speaking and listening, download the magazine app, subscribe, and look for the special report offer inside the magazine.

If you have ever wondered how you should go about improving your English quickly, then you should read this special report, which you can only get in the magazine.

Here are some of the item in our latest issue (Issue #4):

  • Videos: Fling, Cast, or Toss?
  • My Life in English: The Catcher in the Rye and the American Teenager
  • Vocabulary: Why Having Convictions is Not the Same as Being a Convict
  • Business English: Selling on the Internet
  • Warren Ediger’s America: California’s Beauty in the Work of John Muir
  • Life in the U.S.: Why Dumb People Call the Police
  • Last Laugh: No Strings Attached (Cartoon)

Oh, and if you have time after you download the app, I would really appreciate it if you could write a review in your country’s app store. The review does not need to be in English, and it would really help us get the word out (let other people know) about the new magazine.


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32 Responses to ESLPod Now Has an App! Download Learn English Magazine

  1. Dan says:

    Hey everyone,

    Done. Downloaded and installed.

    I like it that the first thing I read was teaching me how to hurt people flinging plates into their heads.

    Jokes apart, I am impressed by the app’s content. To tell the truth I have just looked around quickly, but saw tons of stuff to read with beautiful graphic and pictures.

    There is also Warren in it.

    Good! I like that, something new. Wish you guys the best.


  2. Dan says:


    Can I comment through the app? I wanna comment from everywhere on everything…hehehehe
    Sorry, I am just tired because of a energy sucking trolling session I just had.


  3. Tobias says:

    Hey Jeff and Team,

    I really enjoy listening to your podcasts every day! I started in December 2014 and had to delete some of the old podcasts from my iPhone yesterday. (not much space left) As I skipped through the podcasts, I noticed that I remember each of it the story you had created, and I think that is the most important point: To visualize these stories because then they keep stuck in your head. (by the way, I listen to the podcasts while doing the dishes 😉 )

    I wish you a lot of success with this app / magazine. It is well written and also an opportunity for people who subscribed to get in touch with the other products you have to offer.

    Greetings from Germany,


  4. peter says:

    Dear Jeff and Lucy
    I just scanned the publication
    Couldn’t get better
    Good thing it is periodical


  5. Dan says:

    As I am getting ready to go to sleep, I have just finished reading my first magazine, and I must say that I enjoyed it.
    Is the one with the cloud shaped like a O.

    Loved every single piece of it. Good idea to have jokes in it too.

    Night, thanks.

  6. peter says:

    Hi mate
    U beat me to it:))
    I downloaded just about now.
    It is quite sth , isn’t it?
    The cartoon character playing Jeff looks nothing like Jeff though:))
    The voice-over is Jeff though.
    It threw me off for a bit, there
    It is funny though


  7. emiliano says:

    BRAVO JEFF AND TEAM, that´s sound and looks really good.

    Congratulations and THANK YOU. emiliano

  8. Bolor says:

    well, I was so happy when I see the news this morning. But when I try to download it says ” This item is not available in your country”. what a disappointing thing.
    I am from Mongolia, by the way

  9. Arthur says:

    Hi Jeff !

    It’s really cool news, but is it possible to support iOS 5.1 ? 🙂

    Thank you.

  10. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Hello everybody. How are you doing? I hope you are in a lucky day. This subject is quite interesting. All kind of subject is good for me because I always learn something to use in my life. Even though I am 74 I believe there is always something new to learn. We are never too old to learn something new. That’s why life is stuning.
    By guys. Be happy,

  11. Dan says:

    Hey Pete.
    I didn’t get what you were writing about yesterday.
    Now that I am looking at the next magazine I saw in the video
    Jeff’s avatar I understand.
    Yeah..something different..but I can’t decide what it is though.
    Any suggestions?

  12. Marcos says:

    Hi everyone

    Congratulations for you Jeff, Lucy and all your staff.

    Nice day

  13. peter says:

    Jeff and Lucy ,
    goid show !!

    I m just done with this week’s issues of the magazine
    I must say, I liked it a lot


  14. Nermin Eminova says:

    Woow. Great news!!! I’m going to download it. Thanks for everything my best English teacher Jeff McQuillan and dear EslPod Team. Love you all so much. Keep it up. Best wishes form Baku, Azerbaijan 🙂 <3.

  15. Manijeh says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I love it .
    Thank you so much.

  16. lili:) says:

    Dear Jeff, Lucy, Warren, and everyone in your team which is growing bigger and bigger,

    First of all, many congratulations on your success in launching your app which is a success in itself.

    Secondly, this is a message for those people who have decided to join the band wagon but are struggling to make old technologies compatible with new technologies. Please do something about it, buy a new mobile device which will enable you to learn English or just to live a modern life.

    Jeff I got my iphone4S three and a half years ago which enables me to learn English more efficiently. But it’s too small that I bought the most expensive version of iPad mini2 18 months ago. The money I spent on this iPad was enough for me to get full access to the Learning Guides in ESLPOD.COM for nearly 7 years, but I gave the money to the shop in only half a minute. Since then, my life was much easier.

    I bought my second iPad mini2 last month because the price of the old version of iPad mini had come down a lot, and also because I got frustrated when my iPad ran out of battery. You see, I’m an iPad addict and I have withdraw symptoms whenever my iPad is down.

    Now, with your new app which I’ve been waiting for so long, I may have to buy one more iPad or something similar soon.

    BTW, I certainly am not one of those young children who are born with an iPad in hand. I struggled when I was downloading this new ‘learnenglishmag’ app. I got to the page where it say “Tap Here to Subscribe for Free”, I tapped there more than a dozen times and it just didn’t do anything. Finally I discovered a X on the right hand corner, click on it, and then I could start reading the magazine.

    Jeff you could have understood that there are many old people like me who need extra help with technologies. Add one extra instruction can go a long way.

    By and large, a very beautiful magazine which I’ll love to read again and again.

    Many congratulations and many thanks again.


  17. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Go Jeff.

  18. peter says:

    Dear Jeff,
    A quick question for u,
    What if we listen to books instead of reading them. Is it as effective as reading the actual book?
    U know ,some may be reclined to think that listening to a book narrating by one or two narrators is more beneficial than reading the book itself.
    The exposure is the same yet I get to listen to native speakers tell the stories. Some of them have very nice speaking voice which help the audience stay focused and not wonder off. Besides , it gives listeners more wiggle room to maneuver as they can get on with their daily routin while listening to the books as opposed to reading the actual book that limits the audience to sit around and read- that is – for one thing. very time consuming.
    The last but not least is that , the actual books take up space. It requires the readers to lug them around either in an annoying sort of container such as handbags or even worse: in hand. Well some people are hand bag enthusiast ,I can give you that , who likes to trail a handbag with them everywhere they go. However , still you need to allocate a compartment for books as we all know they are heavy and , They gonna bulge the handbag. I personally hate luging handbags all day along. But ,it is just me.
    Audio books ,on the other hands , gives listeners the luxury of extra space. Well , we all carry our phones on us anyway; even a electric book gadet doesn’t take up too much of a space. Moreover ,they can load up tons of book to it. The biggest advantage here of the gismo here is the electric device gives an on-the-spot -word-check luxury. U stumble upon a word u don’t know u just touch the word and a whole mess a crap of related definition , examples and thesaurus pops up.
    So , I take audio books over paper books any day.
    Am I wrong Jeff or it is a better way to go?


  19. peter says:

    I m glad to announce that I m at the five yard line with a new compony. i received some good feedbacks at first interview. They signed me for the second interview which is more of a formality. I m this close to land a job. The position is higher that the job I got the boot from less than one month ago.
    It is a progress. Last time I got laid off it took me one year to land another one. Well , the truth is at the time , I held out for a job that Could be a stepping stone
    For some later opportunities. Turns out , it truly was :))

    Well , it is a relief
    Well , I could still survive as I got a fat severance from my last job. But the position is too tempting to reject!!
    Well , seems like I m getting back on the saddle.

    P.S. In case you are wondering what my line of work is. I do marketing. Typically every company has a marketing department

  20. Jeff says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments!
    Bolor – I’m sorry but we have no control over which countries allow app downloads in the app stores for Apple and Google Play.
    lili:) – Thank you for the suggestion and sorry this was so confusing for you. I’ve just added a note to our “Welcome” page that comes up as soon as you download the app that tells people how to close the page.
    Peter – Both audiobooks and traditional books have their advantages. The app developer we use does not allow for “pop-up” definitions at this time, however.


  21. Dan says:

    Hey Pete,

    I personally cannot and do not use audio books.
    As long as it is something short like the podcast it’s fine whit me, but not longer. That’s because I get distracted and it does not stick to my mind.
    I still prefer laying down and do the reading myself.
    Unfortunately both systems after a while push me into the arms of Hypnos.
    Because of that I have to be really fresh when I wanna read something.
    At the moment I wanna read:Common Sense on Mutual Funds by John C. Bogle.
    That’s because I would like to make something with my savings.
    Maybe Jeff has read the book, since I have just discovered in one of the magazines that he likes reading books about the economy.
    He could be our financial adviser.

    Bye bye.

  22. Dan says:

    Hi Pete.

    I happy to read that. Wish you the best, and who knows? you might even find love at a new workplace.


  23. peter says:

    Hey Dan,
    My friend ,people are different.
    Audio books doing it for me swimmingly. I put in hours of audio books with no difficulties. in fact , alternating between Eslpod and audio books has become an inherent part of my daily routine. A day doesn’t go by without me tuning in either Eslpod or some audio books I m following.
    I don’t know about ur part of the world ,but up here , the pace of life is so fast that u barely get some free time to yourself. I think , audio books is the next best thing when u r pressed for time.
    Don’t get me wrong , I m not againt reading traditional books as Jeff beautifully put it, but who has the time.
    Under circumstances , audio books are more convenient.
    U know , Toronto is an sprawlingly vast city with the subway covering just a small area of the city comparing. Subsequently ,most people spend a significant amount of time on commenting. Sure, I can read while on the subway and the bus. However ,
    physiologically speaking , it may hurt your eyes if I read while moving.


  24. Dan says:

    Hey Pete,

    I understand. Living in a small town I don’t have to endure all of that, and having no family I have free time in abundance on my hands.
    Reading while on a vehicle makes me sick too. I can’t do that.
    Usually when I am in public, I enjoy observing other people or what is happening around.

  25. peter says:

    Thanks Dan for the words of support.
    Sure , I landed a promising ,rewarding job and I patted myself on shoulder for it. But ,with my poor social decorums , God knows how long I can keep the job. If anything , i m a loose cannon. I always get into trouble with people upstairs. U know my problem is I say it like it is. The truth is I have authorities issues. I have problems following them. I can not take it laying down once I m confronted.
    The reason I was let go on my last job was I said wrong things ,to wrong people at a wrong time. I was lucky that I was treated as I was laid off.
    Well , my indiscretion cost me the job. I was lucky to land a new job within one month After I got the pink slip. But, this time around ,I plan on doing things differently. I wanna hold my tongue and mind my own business.
    You know , I have bills to pay. My job helps me keep wolves from the door :)))
    Over the past few years I just went from one job to another. U know , I can’t hold down a job, Not for long ,anyways

  26. peter says:

    One of the extra-curriculum courses stacked on the right margin ,on Eslpod homepage is ” Interview Question answered .”
    It is a great course ,coming handy at the time of job interview.
    I always review the course before I attend any job interview. It helped me a lot in terms of winning the interviewer over.
    I 100 percent suggest it if u wanna feel and look more confident at job interviews.
    U know , the stature ,and conduct are key elements in getting the approval of even the most critical eyes ,out there in job market.


  27. Dan says:

    Hey people,

    As I was listening to one of the presidential candidates for 2016 giving out his view on current events, I have noticed they do not talk.
    They just spew out slogans. I have noticed one of the most valued is:

    As I travel across the country, Americans ask me: How do we get Ammerica back on track.

    That is not a mistake they actually pronounce America with two or more Ms Ammmerica.
    It probably sounds more patriotic that way the more the Ms the more you LOVE your country


  28. lili:) says:

    Thank you Dear Jeff for adding extra instruction to teach us how to close the “Welcome” page.

    I think you taken things very serious and you try your best to help everyone.

    I read my comment again and I didn’t like it. The tone was somehow quite rude. What happened to me? I think I’m getting too old and impatient. I apologise and I’ll try to slow down and make requests more politely in future.

    Many thanks again.

    Best Regards


  29. peter says:

    I like people watching too Dan
    Sometimes specially on weekends I hangout approximately one or two hours at Starbucks located in the vicinity of my place. It is nice place to wind down, unwind if you will.
    I order a gronde coffe and simply people watch. I don’t stare or gaze at people. I don’t wanna make them feel uncomfortable. U know , they are in there to chill too.
    I m not married either Dan. I m flying solo at the moment.
    In fact ,it has been the case for quite while.
    I have no kids either.well ,for one thing , I m not a kid person.i have no patience nor stamina for it.
    Kids are too much work and I m a lazy pants.
    I m not a loan wolf by all accounts. If anything, I m an extrovert.i like to schmooze:)
    I m big on small talks. They are cheerful!



  30. Gregory says:

    Evening Jeff,

    I’ve started listen ESL podcast 4 months and that’s a pleasure.
    I enjoy listening each time a new podcast.
    Both of the script and your explanations are amazing.
    I’m going to download this new apps immediately.

    Thank you so much for your help for learning this marvelous language.
    Greg, French but living in Vietnam.

  31. emiliano says:

    Lili, reading again your post, I don´t think you was rude, never have you been rude here and I think never You Have Been rude
    out here.
    If there is a polite person along all these years in this Blog, that person IS YOU.

    Of course that WE are not so fast as young people with the new gadgets, but we do our best and work every single day
    trying to learn new technologies.

    So it is clear for me dear Lily, it has been always a pleasure to read your nice polite post, every one of them are so, even
    the last one and the former.

    My best Llly. emiliano

  32. Suman Das (SuperHero) says:

    My Respected Sir,
    I am overwhelmed for what you have bought to us!!!

    It’s not only helpful, this is what I was looking for an app that I can use for English reading (Short & Interesting) & nonetheless your podcast is also just awesome!!!

    Thank you,
    Your old listener & new subscriber.

    ( & Fellow guys for English group practice on WhatsApp +919583936626)

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