Boomerang Kids

738px-Arthur_Rothstein_Family_in_a_wagon_Lee_County_August_1935The term “boomerang kids” refers to adult children who move back into their parents’ house after a period of living on their own. (This is a boomerang, which when you throw it, returns to you.)

Traditionally, Americans expect to finish their schooling (high school or college), get a job, and then move out of (leave) their parents’ home as soon as they become financially independent (able to pay for their own living expenses). Unlike in other countries where it is common for adult children to live with their parents until they marry, or even after they are married, in the U.S., adults living with their parents after graduating and getting a job is not the typical pattern (the most common way something is done).

However, things may be changing. The current generation (group born around the same time) of young adults are being called the “boomerang generation” because the lack of (not enough) jobs has driven (caused) many of them to move back in with their parents, after having lived on their own while in college or after getting a full-time job. Fewer parents are experiencing what we sometimes call an “empty nest,” a home where the adult children leave and only the parents remain. (A nest is a “home” for birds, like this.)

In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2011, about 30% of people ages 25 to 34 reported that they had moved back with their parents at one time or another. While many of these adult children say that this is a satisfactory (acceptable and good) situation, with over 75% of these young adults saying they liked their living arrangement, sometimes it’s not easy for the parents.

Some parents say that it is difficult adjusting to (becoming comfortable with) the return of their children, especially when deciding how much help to give them. In the Pew study, about 50% of the young adults said they pay rent and about 90% said that they help with household (home-related) expenses.

Still (even so), for some parents it is hard to work out (create) an arrangement that is best for everyone in the house. Should their children be required to help with household chores (work around the house)? Should parents be expected to do their children’s laundry (clothes washing)?

How does this living arrangement affect the relationships between parents and adult children? About a quarter (25%) of the young adults say that their relationship with their parents has improved, a quarter say it has worsened, and about 50% say it hasn’t had any affect either way.

Where you live, is it common for adult children to live with their parents? Has this changed in recent years? If you are an adult, would you want to move back in with your parents? If you are a parent, would you want your adult children living with you?

– Jeff

Photo Credit:  Arthur Rothstein Family in a wagon Lee County, August 1935 from Wikipedia

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  1. Dan says:

    Hello Jeff and everyone else.

    As you might know, my home country -Italy-, is one of those countries where you usually leave the nest when you get married.

    That due to social, economical, cultural reasons, I guess.

    I followed that route too. As I got married at the age of 27 I left home and moved to a new home.

    Now, I am half a boomerang since I share my condo with my mother in and off depending on where she stays.

    The thing that bothers me is that I am not able to keep the place like I would like it to be: empty at the extreme.

    I think that is called minimalism. On the other hand my mom is a gatherer/hoarder and I hate that.

    I am more for throwing almost everything out and keep only the walls, floors and ceiling. I know, I am little bit radical on that. What about you guys?


  2. Alireza says:

    The blog was good.Thank you

  3. emiliano says:

    Dear Jeff, you know something about my reality, don´t you? But here blog´s friends know very few
    so I am going to tell them.

    Cuca and me have three daughters, one in 1971, second 1972 and the third in 1974.

    Cuca has been the best mother a children could imagine, she has been the more patien woman of
    the world with our daughters, never cry, never shout them, never hit them a single snap with her hand
    she teach them every day, help with school problems, just the same like me but too much better as
    I was working out home.

    On the year 2000 Cuca was told by the doctors she has multiple sclerosis and every year she was
    going to be bad, as do has been, now she is on wheel chair most of the time.

    I have to seize all the things at home because the daughters had their own life.

    They never have taken anything on them about their mother who is so ill, even about their father
    doing everything at home. Yes, I have to do everything that was my task when I promised to take
    care of my wife on 1970 when we were married.

    Only the first who was born on 1971 is in touch with us, with her mother every day by mail, as she
    is living 3000 thousand kilometers from home, in Canarias Island.

    The young is in Copenhaguen doing her doctorate in Biological Science, from two or three months we
    know something about her, she is always too busy to call home or to come and see her mother.
    Last year we saw her one day in December.

    The second is living in Madrid, but we don´t know anything about her sice more than two years and
    a half.
    Never call, never come, and in fact we know nothing about her because after sending her several
    mails and calling her movil she said to me, just let me in peace, this was nearly a year ago.

    By the way the only one who is married is the first, who write her mother every day from Canarias Islands, and
    come to se us twice a year.
    I think if Cuca has not this help from her daughter she will be very very sad. In fact Eva gives life to her mother
    every day despite she is so far.

    So, thinking about the boomerang kids?

    No, thank you, I don´t know what had we done so bad, but I don´t understand anything at all.
    The three girls are clever, were good aducated, the three have work, but it seems two of them
    are out of the family problems. My dear Cuca are really very sad about this subject and we can´t
    talk anything about the problem as she suffers a lot, after all she is a mother and mothers forgive
    everything, despite they suffer.

    Years ago I was very sad and angry, now I don´t feel anything it is difficult of understand for me
    or for my dear wife Cuca. Usually we don´t ever talk about this subject because it is very hard
    for her, also for me but she is very weak and suffers too much more than me.

    Just a pity, but life is so.



  4. elcomandant says:

    Of course the situation about leave the parent’s house has changed recently. At least here in Spain and I believe in mostly of the rest of the world.

    I have three children. The oldest one, who is a male, he remained in parent’s house until he finished his architect degree and few months later he got married when he was 32 years old.

    My daughter who is in the midle, was the first who leaves home. She got married when she was 21 years old.

    My youngest son leaves our home when he was 30 years old when he has to go to work to Madrid. Then he met an American girl friend and he decided to leave his job to go to start a new life with his girl friend to New Jersey.

    I don’t expect my children go back to our home because this will mean that they are happy enough. However, if they had to return home, and they had to become Boomerang Kids, they know that their parents always are here to help them. They don’t disturb at all to us


  5. emiliano says:

    Now talking about other Spanish families, yes, there is a big problem about
    the boomerang kidds. They have to return and live with their parents being
    married and with children because they have lost everything, their houses, their
    works, their social assistance and have nothing to live. Lot of couples have to
    live from the salary of retired people like me and it is not enough for all of
    Caritas the christian religious assistance has to feed in their charity dinning rooms
    lot of families every day that have not enough money to survive or to pay the bills of
    electricity or other vital subjects, so not spending money in food give these
    persons some money to pay other necessities.
    Hundred of thousand of young couples have return to their parent´s house
    because they have not money to pay the mortgages and have lost their flats
    where they were living.

    Fortunately it is not our problem, as I said above it is another diffirent question
    of fraternal feelings or love, not about money to survive, so yes they are thousand of
    people that have serious difficulties to go on day after day, being so family problems
    of coexistence are also very big.
    In fact nothing to do with my own living, thank you my God for that.
    The girls have their own living and some how it is what their mother Cuca and me
    want and ask for to God Father every night.
    Yesterday was not a good day for me and when I think on my girls get some how
    furious with their lack of feelings to their mother. Thank you Eva, you are doing
    all the task your sisters don´t do giving your mother, and me, lot of love.
    Of course not everthing have to be bad, there is always “the two edges of the question”
    one could be bad but other is good and we need to look always the good one to
    consolate our souls.

    My best dear Jeff, and sorry last night I was really angry after reading your good
    blog about these problems remembering my own feelings with the daughters.


  6. Tania says:

    Hi! Interesting and present topic.
    The world is made as everyone to be at his/her house.
    The most terrible thing is to live together with other family or even with your parents.
    Everyone with his/her taste. And the permanent “May I?”, “Thank you”…
    And if your parents can’t understand you when you are tired, busy, maybe unhappy, maybe very, very worried,
    but they say: It’s time for cleaning of the house. Just now!
    It sounds like an order and your nerves…

  7. Tania says:

    Hi! In my country before 90’s, almost every young family received a new apartment from the State.
    Now, who can afford to buy an apartment with about Euro 100 000?
    So, many young families live with parents.
    Or, their parents help them to buy a house.
    Or, they do not get married.
    Or, they do not have children.
    Or, the husband or wife leaves in other country for a better salary. After one year they divorce.
    Or, from jealousy, husband kills his wife when he comes back.

  8. Tania says:

    Hi! Thanks to many European funds, many adult children access these funds for agriculture/ farming
    development or rural tourism.
    They move back in with their parents in the country side.
    They work together, they win together. They need the parents’ help.
    We must see the full part of the glass.

  9. Tania says:

    Hi! But indeed, we must know to appreciate the parents’ help.
    You come late and tired from your job.
    Your room is clean, dinner is ready, the hot soup on the table, children watched , maybe already in their bed…
    Oh, then life is good, indeed.
    I love my parents. They are wonderful.

  10. Tania says:

    Hi! Dear Emiliano, I am sure that your daughters suffer very much for their mother,
    especially being a female part and not male. The boys are more unfeeling.
    Just their wife, their family, nothing more.
    But we must know and recognise that nobody love the illness , the pain.
    We feel an estrangement for those we love, we want to forget of illness, we want to be free…
    More clemency for our children, if we can.
    Everyone with his problems.

    Please forgive me if I said something improper.

  11. Tania says:

    Hi! Funny phrase “boomerang kids”.
    We do not use this phrase, even if we use the word “bumerang”, today a toy for children.

  12. Dan says:

    It is interesting to witness how the world in changing/shifting morphing into different shapes.

    Looking back on how things were, are now and, who knows, how it will be tomorrow.

    Take the so called “traditional family” back in the 60s 70s where at least everything was clear. Crystal clear.

    The man is the bread winner, the woman stays home and the kids.

    Now, take in mind I do not mean to judge. I do not have a preferred model of family in mind. I am pro gay marriage for example.

    I am just saying that it seems that once in the past, everyone had its king of role.

    Today everyone want to be independent want to have a job -is there a job out there for everyone?-

    Now, let me see if I can make some lady of the blog mad.

    Taking in consideration what I just said, it is all women’s fault if the world is going head over heels.

    I also blame technology and machines. Yes! We should all go back and live like the Amish.

    Women back at the burners and technology in the trash bin.

    Just doing that we solve half the problem of the world

  13. emiliano says:

    No dear Tania, more or less it is what Cuca said when we have
    talked about her loneliness respect our daughters.
    I think a mother forgives everything, they are always subjective
    about their children.
    Cuca said they are weak to support her illness, so better not to
    see her that way.
    But to me this is not valid, I have seen my mother absolutely
    bad along ten years and always I have tried to give her all
    my love, till I was married she was the first or the one by all means.
    After meeting Cuca I always tried not to forget ever my dear mother
    and call her nearly five or six times by week.
    Even all the family were with my parents at the Madrid´s mountains
    lot of weekends, in winter, summer or wich ever kind of wether we
    had along years and years.
    I love my daughters, of course, but can´t excuse their behavior or
    can understand it. Usually I am ashamed of saying anything to
    the friends but they could see it, Isabel, Juan, Meli, Cesar or Camila
    and Alicia never touch the matter with us but they are silent witnesses
    of this behavior but say nothing as it is natural, they don´t want to
    add a log to the fire or hurt us with real true comments.
    The only one who could say anything, out home of course, it is me.
    I have eyes, heart and feelings, there is not any thing that could
    justify them, the two of them, may be in future when their mother or
    their father not will be here they could be remorse and nothing could
    be done to alleviate their pain.
    In fact I feel pain for them, that is my real feeling as being their father.
    When Cuca or emiliano were not here, without not remedy, they will
    be not happy with themselves, that is my sorrow or Cuca´s but
    what can we do?. Nothing in fact, only thinking the less possible.
    That´s all my dear Tania.

    You Tania have all the rights to say your opinion here if I tell all of you what happens
    with my family.
    You are like my dear family too, a very import part of my daily life, you know it.
    So, go ahead without any problem.

    Thank you. emiliano

  14. Dan says:

    I like that some parents are asking if they have to do their children’s laundry. Lol

    Of course you have to! today’s youngsters are all spineless jelly fish. The only thing they can do fast is texting.

    I am sure Jeff that has taught to those kids it’s like: so true! head nodding.

    I do not mean to judge of course. it just is what I see around.

    When I see new guys coming in at the workplace, I get depressed thinking that they are the ones working for paying my future retirement.

    The smartphone is to blame. See, that’s why we have opposable thumbs it’s for texting, right?

  15. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    That’s an interesting issue. In my opinion to go back to parent’s home when kids grow adults is kind of a situation in which sons and daughters don’t have options rather than this one. I left my parent’s house when I was fourteen and I never returned. It is not that my parent’s house was a bad place but I managed to get my own living. Now I am married and have children and they live far from me. I miss them a lot but that’s the life.
    Aecio from beeeeaaaaaautiful Brazil.

  16. emiliano says:

    Be sure about that Dan, you are making all the blog´s girls and women mad.
    When I was a young teenager my two sisters were working, that was on the
    sixties, Cuca was also working, why not?, but on those years everything was quite
    different from now.
    I don´t think it is a matter of work, or women and men, or if the women work
    or not. I do think it is a matter of faith and respect. It is a matter of our desire to
    have it all as soon as possible.
    Young want to have sex with fourteen/fifteen years or less, drink alcohol with
    less that fifteen or sixteen, parents don´t say anything as the majority let
    the girls and boys do what they want to do. On the eighteen years when the heroine
    was here in Madrid lot of young lost their life about the drug, sida, etc., I was very
    worry with my daughters as we don´t know anything about the new time in this
    country. I wanted to control them some how, but in the moment they were seventeen
    it was nearly impossible, shouts, quarrels at home, every weekend, life was difficult
    with so many fights, and at the end the girls with eighteen did what they wanted
    as Cuca was afraid of the second, or the others, could go off from home if we don´t
    release the subject.
    Dan, you may ask me if I want to repeat it again?. NO, I was a silly man that thought
    that talking and giving respect and love everything could go O.K., that was a great
    mistake of our generation my friend.
    What is happening now? I prefer not to imagine, silly generation of us that thought
    we could do the things better than our parents.

    So, in fact I am happy with Gatufo my dear cat and without any grandchildren/daughter
    No, thank you.


  17. Fardowsa Dayib says:

    Where I came from, it is a common for adult to live with their parent until they get married. The norm of living together is still practice in my country. Some adults live with their parent even if they married meaning the couple may live with the wife parent’s home or the husband parent’s home; mostly with the guy parents. Now living in united stated it is completely different as you mentioned however, some parent like this idea of their children to be independent and encourage them to find a job and move out to live freely. Many people maintain their old culture even when they flow to U.S. I am a mom and I have 2 years old son. I would raise my child as American children and as he start high school I will look for him part time job so he don’t be too dependent on us and he can spend his own money to buy whatever he wishes if it’s only appropriate. I wouldn’t want my child to move out until he graduate university, find a job and become financially stable to live own. It is a typical pattern for these generations to live independently as they graduate high school or find a job but it would be stressful for me if my child wants move out as he graduate high school due to being so young to adjust life of living independently.

  18. Genji says:

    As a parent, I wouldn’t like to live with my adult chilrern.
    Because I’d like to keep better relationships with them in keeping proper distance.
    Because of generation gaps, it can be a very challenging task for me to try to adjust to many differences,
    such as ideas, senses, values, morals, practices, and preferences.
    Proper distance makes things safer, I think.

  19. Tania says:

    Hi! I agree the idea: proper distance makes things safer.

  20. Lassana says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Interesting topic. There is no case in my family.
    I moved out of my parent’s home when I was 21 years old, I’m 35 years old.

    Find a job at this period in 2000 was very difficult, I worked as interim (temporary work) it’s was sometimes difficult to buy some food in supermarkets or for pay the rent bills of my apartment or also electricity bills.

    But I have had to struggle sometimes in order to improve my situation until I had found a full-time job. I think find a job is very important for gain our independent.

    Despite this situation I wouldn’t return back to my parent’s home. This period of my life helped me so much by prepared me for the future.

    I think it’s important for young adults who move out of their parent’s house to keep in their mind that things sometimes go in a wrong way, but it’s necessary to struggle ! Because it’s the life school ! We are more strong after these life’s challenges.

    But if things don’t improves then we can move back in our parent’s home for a short period of time, without forget that the thing which is the more important is the independent for build our life !

    See you soon.


  21. Tania says:

    Hi! I think it is valid and
    “Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be”.

    I don’t know the song, but I can sing it listening Jeff’s performance.
    It is a very nice song.
    Thank you.

  22. Tania says:

    Hi! When I saw the topic “Que sera, sera” I was thinking about the Italian song “Che sara”
    translated by Ricchi e Povery band.

    “My country , which is on that hill
    spread out like a sleeping old man
    … I’m leaving you, I’m going away.

    What will it be? What will it be?
    What will it be of my life, who knows…
    I take my guitar with me, and if I cry at night
    I’ll play a lullaby from my country.

    My love , I kiss you on the lips
    which were the source of my first love
    but I know I will come back.”

  23. Tania says:

    Hi! To Emiliano:

    “… and if I cry at night
    I’ll play a lullaby from my country.”

  24. Tania says:

    Hi! On my recent holiday I could see “The Wolf of Wall Street” in English,
    a 2013 American black comedy film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    I have read that Leonardo DiCaprio could be Steve Jobs in a new biographic movie.

  25. WangLuu says:

    Hi Jeff! Hi everybody!

    There are always two sides of one coin for things. So do the boomerang kids. In my culture, usually kids will stay at their parents’ home til the time they get married. Some even receive the back-up from

    parents after getting married. Therefore, from my viewpoint, generally I would say that it isn’t wacky at all for me to get to know that someone are living at their parents’ house.

    First of all, I think living with parents is one of the best ways to help you set aside some money from your earnings. Therefore, you can save up much more than living outside by your own self. I mean, instead of

    paying for all of housing, utilities, daily meals by yourself, living at home, you can pool in the money with your parents, sharing it with them so you can keep those money for other in-need expenses.

    Second, living at home, you can have your whole quietness in order to concentrate on your studies. On contrary, living among college friends, at a dorm, many times I find it easy to be distracted by things

    that are going on around me, including dorm-mates’ activities. For ordinary people, we usually get the gun-shy after encountering sth bad. But look back over our shoulders at the period of lifespan where we are

    growing up, reaching puberty and the time where we are in our teenage, I think it costs no sweat in order to realize that the times where we conducted things impulsively are uncountable. So living under

    the same roof with parents, we not only get aforementioned benefits but also get another positive one is to take on customs of acting properly, put ourselves into an atmosphere where we have to learn

    how to behave ourselves calmly, thoughtfully and responsibly. The final and needless-to-say benefit of a boomerang kid is to have a chance to tighten his bond with other family members. During some activities

    together, family members obviously have chances to get to know each other more, build up a more closed relationship, one with another, or to find an occasion where we can heal some rifts between family individuals.

    On the other hand, there are some inconveniences while living in your parents’ house. On top of the list is the case in which some adults feel uncomfortable as being looked down by their peers. Peer pressure,

    the sense of being belittled as letting your friends, your classmates surpass oneself is one of the toughest barriers to overcome. No one wants to be told that he or she is chickening out on certain subjects,

    especially when there is a challenge between buddies. So living with parents, you can’t do things randomly, as one wishes. You are overruled by them. Here are some instances like they may have

    a particular amount of principles that we are ordered to obey compliantly, out of the question such as having a 10 o’clock curfew or doing housework every single days. In addition, if you lived with parents

    for a long time, then some folks would turn out to be dependent too much on their parents, wouldn’t have the chance to encounter tough things by themselves or to solve a problem out cause they are used to

    receiving tips from closed family members and so on…

    So by the way of conclusion, again, there are always two sides of one coin. We can’t prejudge a book by its cover, judging which one is the much better one. We need to work things out to see how it is.

    And personally, I think living with parents isn’t a really bad or evil thing in order to not to do. Things would turn out really bad as long as one doesn’t know how to manage through the matters.

    Best regard


  26. Dan says:

    I was thinking that this issue of having do deal with boomerang kids is something I will not be experiencing, since I have no kids.

    I share my home with three cats though, and I can say they are boomerang cats.

    They keep coming back indoors every day asking for food. And they eat a lot.

    No matter how often you send them out they always come back. That is certain.

    Cats are better than children, you know. Children are only cute when young, cats are always cute.


  27. Betty says:

    Hello to everyone!

    Thanks Dear Jeff,

    I love this topic. I did some reading about Empty Nest Syndrome last time, and I understand the that parents go through the pain of being affected by the loneliness after the kids flew the nest. Now parents have to accept their boomerang kids home, so another complication in their life, or a happy reunion?

    I was kind of a failed boomerang kid. After secondary school, I went to UK to study for a number of years. When I finished my studies, naturally I went back home in Hong Kong to stay with my parents while looking for a job.

    Unfortunately I was not used to be living in a big family any more. I had to escape from that. I don’t know why I went back to UK to look for work. I found a job I enjoyed, bought my own house, and I never returned to live in my parents’ home again. A boomerang that returned and bounced out again.

    Emiliano I can understand your feelings because my father once complained to my sister that I didn’t go back to Hong Kong to see him and my mother.
    I wished I could. I wished I didn’t care about my job and money, and went back to Hong Kong to see them regularly.

    When the unfortunate news of my mother suffering from terminal illness reached me, I didn’t care about job and money any more. I flew back to Hong Kong to be with her. But it was too little time together. It was too late.

    In the past seven years, I tried to be with my father at all time. I was determined not to have to blame myself for not spending enough time with him. He told me a lot of history stories, what happened when he was little. I was very lucky that God gave me the chance to spend so much quality time with my father. Now he’s gone, and I didn’t have to blame myself for not spending time with him. Because I did.

    May I wish every parent and boomerang kid harmony living together. There’s nothing wrong with moving back home if needed. But children should understand they should be home to look after the parents, not to be looked after by the parents.

    Best Regards
    Betty 🙂

  28. emiliano says:

    Feelings between parents and their sons/daughters are very complicated. It could be not understand if you are not a mother or a father.
    Frequently it is mixture of love, pain, hurt, fun, good time, bad time,good memories, bad memories, heat, coldness and when the parents
    are old loneliness.
    Frequently a person may be happy by the fact of being a mother or a father, but frequently too this person may think that it is good not
    to live twice because having another chance it is possible that humans race could have dissapeared.
    There is not one in life that could make suffer a woman or a man more than their children. Living the experience of losing one has to be
    the worst in life.
    So, why are we so willing to have children and complicate our life for ever? That could be the mystery on Nature as all the living things
    want to procreate.
    Mothers in Nature gives her life for its children, some father too but not all.

    So yes, that´s the point dear Betty. You now are a mother and could know perfectly well your mother/father´s feelings when you were far
    away without seeing them.
    It is necessary to repeat the circle to understand better our parents, and in my case the circle has not been repeated.

    Thank you Betty for telling us your experience and at least you have the opportunity of being with your father and as you said not having
    to blain yourself for his lack of affection by your side.
    You were a mother already and could be aware of your mother´s feelings absolutely, also your father´s.

    Frequently I am furious inside with the situation knowing Cuca suffers a lot and says nothing because it hurts her so much, just the same
    with me but at least some time I explode and the the pressure comes out.

    Nice to talk with you dear friend.
    Different language, customs, country, race but the same feelings after all.
    Yes, we are same humans with different faces or languages but just equal in the basic terms of life, what really it is important.

    I am glad for you dear that have the opportunity of being with your father before he died, inside you have to be peaceful
    and rest better at night.

    My best dear Betty.


  29. Betty says:

    Thank you Dear Emiliano. You are absolutely right. What you say above is so true.

    In Chinese we have a saying which I translate with my own English words as “You will only understand, appreciate and be grateful for what your parents do for you the moment you become a parent yourself”.

    We can’t control what happens, we can only try to cope with whatever happens. I hope all your children are doing well, especially your youngest daughter who is too busy with life at the moment.

    One day she will be able to see more of you and Cuca, I am sure.

    Just a thought, since you have enough money to spend, why don’t you buy two iPhones so that you and Cuca can “FaceTime” each other whenever you are out doing shopping. You can even show her the picture of the products in the shop before you buy them.

    Please take good care of yourself and Cuca and Gatufo.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  30. emiliano says:


    but I have a cat

    I am what here in my country call “the third age”, but I don´t know exactly when
    a person is in that age.
    What is the second age?, and the first?

    Silly expresions not to call a person “old” or “elderly” as it is the real adjective when we are going to seventy years or more.

    I have three daughters but not grandsons or granddaughters as they are not
    in good disposition to be mothers.

    Nearly every friend of mine have grandsons/daughters and they feel themselves
    very happy.
    As soon the theme is talked, and it is talked always, my friends look at me with great sorrow as thinking “poor man, he hasn´t any grandsons” what a pity.
    Yes I feel that my friends are very sorry by the fact I am old, in age of being grandfather and there is not a children to care, but what can I do?.

    Some time I would like to say, “yes, it is a pity not to have any children to care but I have a cat that gives me great pleasure, love, and lot of fun. Always we are playing and he never is tirerd of playing the same game with me. He jumps on me as soon I am sitting on the armchair and rolling on me he gives me worm in winter. My legs and belly are always worm with great pleasure and my dear Gatufo dreams at the same time than me.

    Every night he jumps on the bed and he situated his body between Cuca and me. All night he is dreaming, without moving, the three together in very good harmony and as soon I get up he is at my side and gives me little bites at the same time Gatufo emit little sounds or miauss as saying “good morning” in his language.
    Once I am walking to the bathroom he is at my side walking going everyplace I could go. Always at my side going from a room to another.

    Once I am sitting on my chair in front of the computer to revise the mails, or the blogs, Gatufo jumps on my lad and close his big eyes to sleep a little more.

    Gatufo is always in good disposition to play, he doesn´t shout, he doesn´t cry, he doesn´t speaks, he doesn´t ask for anything, he is alway in the same mood, he is always at my side giving his love.

    So, what can I say to the people who looks at me and are very sorry because
    I am not a grandfather.

    No children to talk about them, not any photo of the nice little girl or boy, nothing
    new about their first steps, or their first words, so yes it is sad for every one who
    could think I am and elderly man without any grandson/daughter and I don´t want
    to say anything about my Gatufo because a cat is not a nice little children.

    Regards. emiliano

  31. Betty says:

    Thank you Emiliano, well said. We are living in a modern world and it doesn’t matter any more whether we have grandchildren. Jeff will be able to tell you why not every human being need to have a offspring.

    “He jumps on me as soon I am sitting on the armchair and rolling on me he gives me worm in winter. My legs and belly are always worm with great pleasure and my dear Gatufo dreams at the same time than me.”

    “Worm” was just a typo, I hope. Gatufo gives you “warm”, not “worm”, although it is possible.

    How many more miles have you rode on your exercise bike today?

    Nice reading your post, and talking to you.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  32. emiliano says:

    Ja,Ja, Betty that´s very good…..indeed

    WARM, of course, what a big difference between a worm and warm, thank you so much it is necessary
    to rectify ……poor Gatufo.

    Usually 20 km. by day, ten in the morning and plus other ten or even more at night.

    Nearly 1.300 km., without moving home, enough to go to Paris from Madrid.

    I think a mile it is 1.600 km. more or less.

    Thank you so much Betty.

    Today after luch Gatufo has been on my lap and the two emiliano and Gatufo naps peacefully
    on the armchair, as every day.


  33. Betty says:

    Ja, Ja, Emiliano, that’s good. Gatufo is happier now. He can read our English while typing on the computer.

    Still remember he is Lucy’s typist in this website’s Eighth Anniversary Video?

    Gatufo is typing the ESL Podcast Script 10,000 in the video. That means he has to live another 86 years or more!

    20 km of riding a day is very good. Exercise is a luxury for many people. Mostly people are too lazy to exercise and they never build up a healthy body. You are one of the clever people in the world who understand how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Have a Great Day!
    Betty 🙂

  34. Narges says:

    Hi !
    Traditionally, in my country, children live with their parents until they married. Even they may stay with their parents after their marriage specially boys might stay in their parents’s house.
    However, situation is changing. Nowadays some children leave their parents’ house when they got a job. Few years ago it was very bad for a daughter to live alone but as i said it is changing.
    I have 7 years old daughter and i know it’s better for her to leave our home when she will be graduated. Honestly, I’m afraid of that.

  35. Alan AS says:

    Hey guys,
    I thought this area was just to comment and not to write a book.
    It’s kind of weird.
    Cut it out! Kk

  36. emiliano says:

    My be it is weird dear Alan AS., as life use to be, even so you are free to
    read or not what which ever thing it is writing here or every other place, this is a free
    option for every one of us.
    Write, read, or pass if we don´t like what is said.

    By the way I would like to write a book but is very difficult.


  37. emiliano says:

    Cut it out¡ a new expression, thank you so much Alan S.
    but I don´t get the meaning of kk
    may you explain us, please

    Here in my country, Spain, there is saying that says:
    “there is a first time for everything”
    now you have gave me the oportunity of testing the
    saying is true as it is the first time a person said that
    to me or to a friend of mine, every one who writes or
    read here are friends to me, even you dear Alan AS.

    So, again thank you, some spice in the blog it is very good.


  38. Alan AS says:

    Dear Emiliano,

    I was just joking, being sarcastic ’cause I don’t have this patience to write such a huge text or a note
    I’m a sort of lazy.
    By the way ‘cut it out’ is like ‘stop’ that’s what I’ve learned, I just know this meaning.

    My best and have a nice day. 🙂

  39. emiliano says:

    Dear Alan AS,
    I think you are right, too much and too long.
    We´ll have in mind.

    Thank you.


  40. Prahant says:

    Dear Jeff,

    In India, It is very uncommon to leave your parents after you get married or after graduation. Majority of youngsters prefer to stay with their parents all the time after marriage and graduation.
    I personally like to stay with my parents along with my brother’s family as single family, even though I am staying away from home town for Job.. My parents live at my home town. Sometime we will have to adjustment
    when we stay together.

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