Pizza for Breakfast

icon_3818One out of every eight Americans will eat pizza today, according to a nutritionist (someone who studies the science of food) from the federal (national) government agency that tracks (follows; analyzes) such things, the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Among teenage boys, that number is twice as high – 25% will eat pizza today!

Most people eat pizza for dinner. Since people buy big pizzas, there are usually leftovers (extra food from a meal that you keep to eat at another meal).

And when do people eat their leftovers?

Surprisingly, at breakfast. This is especially true for children: four percent of all American children eat pizza for breakfast. Amazing, but true.

Pizza has an important part of popular culture in the U.S. When I was in high school, I used to eat pizza all the time (like most teenage boys, we now know). On Friday and Saturday nights, my friends and I would often go to a pizza joint (informal term for a restaurant or bar) to eat pizza and spend the night talking.

In fact, in the late 1970s when I was in high school, pizza places (restaurants) were popular with teenage boys for another reason – video games. Many pizza restaurants had videos game machines, providing the owners of the restaurant with another way to make money, and teenage boys with another way to pass the time.

Did you eat pizza today?


Image credit: Pizza by Marcus Michaels from the Noun Project

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36 Responses to Pizza for Breakfast

  1. Dan says:

    I did not. I haven’t for a long time.

    I make my own little pizzas with bread that become too hard to eat.

    First I toast the bread on a pan, after that I spread a tea spun of tomato puree on all the “little pizzas”

    And finally olive oil and oregano. That is all. Simple and tasty.

    Actually the name of that would be -bruschetta- but I prefer to call those little pizzas.

    That way I trick the brain that that is actually pizza or something close or better.

    Better because it’s cheaper and without the cheese is lighter and a good use for old bread.

    Thank you Jeff

  2. WangLuu says:

    Hi Dan,

    in the last topic as I asked for help. You advised throwing away my Iphone and buying a new Android one.

    So I just want to ask you why? is it gonna let me access Eslpod easily? not like Iphone, have to use Itune app in order to listen a podcast?!

    I’m used to listen to Jeff’s brand new podcast on my laptop and by that way, I have been getting along with it quite well so far. But occasionally, I find it inconvenient as not being portable and a bit of bulky

    So now with that little smartphone I hope I can get advantage out of it as much as possible. I have been thinking over and over about buying a smartphone for my own sake but eventually

    I all gave it up because I found it requires many redundant steps as using smartphone to listen to the podcast in comparison with using a PC or laptop. You know, fire on your PC, get access to the site and all

    the podcast is already for you to put on use with just one click… Well, Dan hope you will give this geek some tips in order to make it less complicated. BTW, I appreciate Emillano’s contribution for me in last

    topic. It was nice of you in helping out, giving the very in-details instruction 🙂

    Best regard!


  3. WangLuu says:

    Hi Jeff!

    Back to your topic, I think it is great to eat pizza…personally I love the taste of it…every single bite of it you can imagine that you are flying up in the air, entwining tightly into the savory smoke hovering above

    you head 😉 …But in fact, I can count the times I had been to a pizza joint just with my fingers. I mean, it’s countable, not as much as it becomes countless even though the industry has been springing up recently

    in my generation. The reason why? Yeap, I’m quite wary of eating fast food all the times despite the fact that I’m hopelessly in love with it. You know, it’s hard not to cautious as the whole world are trying to rise

    the awareness of fast and processed food by every means. And as being an English learners, the frequency of skimming thru articles that mentioned about the sticks of eating non-home-made food is even more 🙂

    So as you can picture out, it get rubbed on me somehow 🙂

    However, not much people in my country pay attention to those warning. It seems like they are eating it as if just to satisfy their guts…consume it as much as they can. Well, I bet they haven’t been studying

    English long times ago, otherwise, this is a type of topics that is relative to obesity and heart-attacks that they should have been watching.

    Sorry Jeff, I know this is a taken of American as eating pizza. As I mentioned above, I love it but my key point is to eat it in moderation…taste it, not to eat it only 🙂

    Best regard!


  4. Tania says:

    Hi! At last I am at home.
    Incredible! Can you believe me?
    Yes, I ate pizza yesterday on April 22nd, listening to “Summer Time”.
    “Summer time, and the livin is easy… ”
    I was in a Mall.

  5. Tania says:

    Hi! I know a good joke , in my opinion.
    May I share it with you?

    If the optimism doesn’t knock at your door…make a door!

  6. rocky says:

    I don’t like pizza bcoz my mom says it’s harmful for body but sometimes I take.

  7. Dan says:

    Hey WangLuu,

    Thank you for writing.

    I was not serious earlier when I told you that, so just keep that Iphone and make good use of it.

    I am not sure how to handle an Apple because I have been using Android ever since, and to listen to the podcast I just click download. That’s all.

    You must be a good worker if your boss gifted you with a smartphone.


  8. emiliano says:

    I did not Jeff, in fact scarcely I have bought two or three pizzas in all my life
    when I have house´s chores as my own responsability.
    As long as I could remember Cuca never bought a pizza to eat at home, either
    my mother never bought a pizza for my sisters, father or me.
    We use to eat for supper a big salad, (tomato, lettuce peper, olive´s oil, vinegar, salt)
    and hake, Spanish omelette, anchovies, sardines or fried eggs.
    Fish was the usual food to consume at night always with an incredible good salad.

    No, even I have not any notice what pizza was till I was a grown up adult so I have
    not any tradition to eat pizzas, but sometimes when I have eaten them I could say
    that yes, some have good taste being hot and I like alway a good one.

    But sorry Jeff, I have not custom to eat pizzas at all.

    My best dear Jeff and good appetite.


  9. Dent says:

    Hi Jeff
    I ate pizza about 7 months ago so much although I know it’s harms and it is harmful for body and blood vessels.
    But after accepted in university I decided to improve my eating habits , so I abandoned it and now I feel more healthy.
    Now , I use vegetables and herbaceous foods most of the time and reduced using meat ,and increased chicken!
    Apologize because of my weak english , I’ll hope improve it by ESL.
    I your opinion my english is so weak?!!!

  10. Betty says:

    Hello Everyone in McQuillanland!

    Thank you Dear Jeff, I adore good quality pizzas.

    No, Jeff, I didn’t eat pizza today. Did you? I guess you had too many pizzas when you were growing up that you prefer to eat something different now.

    The first time I had a whole tasty freshly made pizza to myself was when my two bosses and I went to a Pizza-hut Restaurant after work. Since then, I ate pizzas many times but none of them tasted as good.

    The last time I had pizza was in England with my next door neighbours in a local Pizza Express Restaurant six weeks ago. We ordered one pizza each, and we all were so happy eating and chatting.

    Sometimes just a few hours of good quality time together with my neighbours reassures me that I am living in a good harmonious neighbourhood.

    I am surprised to hear that Dan and Emiliano don’t eat much pizzas. I thought since Italian and Spanish pizzas are world famous, their citizens must eat a lot of them. So I was wrong.

    Pizzas are very expensive in Hong Kong in comparison to some simple local food like rice and noodles. However, I think if they make people happy eating them, they are worth the money.

    Thank you, and Bon Appetit

    Betty 🙂

  11. emiliano says:

    NO, Dent your English is not so weak, as a task you may write just a little every day without looking the
    dictionary. After doing it for two or three months you´ll see you have improve a lot.
    Beside if you help your mind reading single easy English books or the ESL guides you´ll see as fast your
    English level could be up.
    Be sure about that Dent, I could say to you that after seven years of reading and writing here in the Blog
    my English now it is too much better that at the begining.
    When I read my first posts here in ESL Blog I start to laugh aloud, yes that´s the truth.


    Dear Betty, my incredible good Hong Kong´s friend, it is logical you are surprised with Dan and Emiliano
    reply, but have in mind I have not seen a pizza til I was fourty or even more years old.
    I didn´t know what a pizza was till some Tele-Pizzas were opened here in Madrid/Spain, in fact my dear
    daughter Laura was working in a Tele-Pizza when she was studying, like did Jeff I supposed, but till then
    I didn´t eat or knew anything about Pizzas.
    They taste nice but I have not the habit or eating then, I always prefer to eat at home, mother´s
    cook, Cuca´s cook, Camila´s cook, emiliano´s cook, or now Isabel´s cook.
    Eating outside it is very very expensive and what can say to you that since my trip to London, last year
    I never eat outside in a restaurant, always prefer home meals that restaurant´s.
    For instance my friend Camila is a wonderful cook and frequently we have eating in her house, or at home
    when she was o.k., now she is ill and we can´t have her nice wonderful meals.

    It is a pleasure having you here again Betty, you know every one likes always your comments and your
    personality my sweet and nice dear friend.

  12. Dent says:

    Thank you dear Emiliano for your kindly comment about me.
    Yes , you’re right! I feel my english advanced(or progressed!) in about 2 weeks that I’m listening to ESL podcast!
    And all of these are because of dear Lucy & Jeff’s devotion.
    I should try to write and read simple passages every day ,but unfortunately I can’t read learning guids of ESL because I don’t have paypal or credit card.
    However I agree with you that pizza is an expensive food ,in addition it is harmful and fatty food.
    Are you Spanish? I heard Spain is a nice and beautiful country.

  13. emiliano says:

    Yes dear Dent, I am Spaniard, born in Madrid the Spain´s capital.
    What can I say about my country?

    Of course, it is beautiful land and it is the third country with more visitors of the world
    so there are lots of people that think Spain is a country to visit and spend their
    holidays here.

    Where are you from Dent?, would you like to inform us?

    Good, good for your, write as much as possible, and if you want to read and listen
    an easy texts in English just go to VOA Learning English Highlights, it is The Voice of America
    where there is lessons to learn English, also you may suscribe the text and audios
    going to the web site and giving your mail addres and your wish of receiving the

    In fact I am receiving them for a long time and they are easy to follow reading previously
    the texts.
    Of course ESL guides are too much better, but if you have not credit card or pay pal account
    it is sure that Jeff could understand you perfectly well.
    The same for all of you with similar problem, or even if you like to add another option to
    your learning.

    My best Dent. emiliano

  14. Dent says:

    Dear Emiliano ,I followed VOA Learning English about two weeks ago but when I found ESL podcast I couldn’t study VOA , of course important reason is my studying for university. My educational field is dentistry and it is very hard and I can’t spend much time to other purposes. But about two months later my classes will finish and I’ll could improve my english faster.
    I’m from Iran. I think you heard my country’s name before. I know there isn’t good imagination about Iran in the world but it isn’t true.
    Iran’s people is very kind and hospitable and peaceable.
    Iran’s nature is prosperous and virgin. My country is the four seasons , it’s mean that there are all four season in my country in a same time!
    Thanks a lot for your time that allocate to me!

  15. emiliano says:

    Iran, the old Persia, that´s right Dent. I know your country quite well despite never I have been there.
    Even I have known Persian peoble when I was working in the Bank situated in Gran Via street, here
    in Madrid.

    Nice educated people that were very kind with me in business bank treatments. let me say also the
    Persian women are really very beautiful too, at least all I could see when I was working.

    Also I could say to you that I have seen some movies from your country like

    “Ta’m e guilass”
    Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
    1997 Cannes Film Festival: Palme d’Or Winner (ex-aequo).

    Also “Ten” and another films I couldn´t remember now the name, but all
    of them very interesting.

    Yes, dear Dent, I have been always very interested in your country, even
    doing my work of Import/Exportation Commercial Documentary Credits
    I have treatmens with Iranies Banks as they like to treat with Spain instead
    other countries like EE.UU. or another European Banks.

    Sure you are very young, but there was a time Iran didn´t have commercial
    treatment with EE.UU., England and other countries, only with Spain and
    other few countries, but that was in other time.

    My best to you and your people. emiliano

  16. Dan says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share something cute with you guys.

    During this period of the year I get to become like a TSA agent.

    Heres’s why; My cats going outside, are under the risk of getting ticks, so every time they come home for food, I have to pat them down very well to see if they are carrying the parasite.

    They seem to understand and stay relaxed and let me do that. They even start purring.

    That’s all. Thanks

  17. Dent says:

    I really surprised when read you know our movies ,it’s a great honor for us that Spain people know our people, movies and culture.
    Ta’m e guilass’s mean is “taste of cherry” in english!
    You’re right but I’ll hope Iran’s commercial treatment and dealing and trading by world will better as soon as possible.
    We really like people in other countries and like to have good relationship with world.
    Yes ,I’m about twenty years old .how about you?
    Of course there is a custom in Iran that anybody couldn’t ask women’s age! Because for persian women age is as a great secret! Of course it is like a fun today for people!
    What about in your country?!

  18. Parviz says:

    Hello every body,
    Dent; Welcome to the ESL world of knowledge and friendship.
    There is no limit to the amount of enjoyment and Learning capability you can get here, with our senior Emiliano and other friends and our great teachers.
    I, for one, am very happy to see a fellow-citizen here.
    And your English is great, in fact I am surprised how quickly you have improved only using VOA.
    Just keep keeping up with ESL podcast, here you find everything you need.

    Thank you,

  19. Parviz says:

    Hi emiliano,
    You are the man of wisdom.
    It’s been a while when I ate pitzza.
    I was planning to treat myself with a pitzza, But now that you restricted it, I will get over it.
    How have you been man?
    How is Cuca?
    I have been missing you lately, Sorry I was busy at work.

  20. Zanelli says:

    I love pizza but I eat only weekends 🙂

  21. emiliano says:

    Dear Dent, when I was a boy I studied something about Persian civilization, the Great Ciro and the wars of Dario I and Jerjes against the Greeks
    in what it was called “The Medicas´s Wars” about 490 before J.C., the first War.

    As you know “The Marathon Atletic Run” came from a site were Milciades, the Greek general defeated the soldiers of Dario I (sorry for you about
    that), and a soldier called Philipides run run till Athens (about 40 Km.) to say “We have won” and the legend said he died after saying that.
    So The Persians have to go back to his large country.

    Afterward Jerjes, the son of Dario I, wanted to defeat the Greeks and he invaded once again the land of the Greeks, but some how was stoped for
    some time in the narrow pass of Thermopylae by “The 300 Spartans with his king Leonidas”, now the Greeks were defeated by Jerjes and all the
    300 together with Leonidad were died.

    So as you could see when I was a young boy History was a nice subject to study, also my dear wife Cuca studied all this History even more than
    She likes History a lot, me too, and that was the first news we have about The Persian Empire.

    Afterward we study also the life of Alexander who also fought agains the Persian, your old ancestor, and he has a short fighting life of conqueror.


    Sorry, I am a heavy person when the subject of Civilization´s History is touched, and your country is an old large Civilization by all means.

    The language of films is dubbed into Spanish here in my country, so the title of the movie was “El Sabor de las Cerezas” like in English
    and all the other movies are dubbed too.
    Twenty years old?
    Yes, really very very young, I could be nearly your grandfather dear Dent, so more than sixty years old.

    See you soon here, it is great to have this talk in the Blog.


  22. Dent says:

    Hello Dear Parviz. it is prideful for me to see you here.
    Yes you’re right. I found here very very good friends(like my dear grandfather ,Emiliano, and now you) and experienced professors like Dr Jeff and Lucy.
    I hope we have a nice time here ,together.
    Dear Emiliano I wish safety and glad life for you and your dear wife.
    Your knowledge about history is amazing!
    This is great fortune for me to use your knowledge and experiment.

    Thank you every body

  23. Peter says:

    Hi folks
    It is me a friend from
    Eslpod and I go way back
    Hi Jeff and Lucy
    How have you been
    I see the program
    Of yours still up and running
    U know , every time I put my back into getting on with eslpod and resuming my past daily involvement something gets in the way.
    I have this problem with my car insurance
    Well, Here is the thing
    Got in to an accident. In all honesty I was at fault. By that I meant I was the guilty person.
    U know , I was waiting for the red traffic light in a back road to turn green. There is this old , crumbling ,rusty ,gun ( silver) Honda sedan in front of me . I was texting sth on my iPhone that all of sudden, I feel like the traffic is moving but in fact ,it was not.
    So I jump the engine ,as it is my wont:) ,and there you go ,I rear-end the poor guy with my Truck , an Accura MDS. Yup!!! your guess is right . the poor guy’s car crashed into pieces.
    And , the driver of the honda made a huge scene out of it. A tow-truck take the car which has been turned into a heap of twisted rusty metals away to , I m guessing ,a local car junk yard
    The car was totally ride-off
    I wanna fess up sth here
    I m a reckless driver at best
    U know , erratic kind
    I had 5 traffic violations prior to the accident ,decorating my driving recode.
    Well, needless to say , my driver license got suspended as a result
    But , I have to drive around the life depends on it
    I earn a living out of it
    However , that is the way it is. I could not get out of it.
    I was fighting it in the court this entire time
    And as my luck would have it , the presiding judge wasn’t much of a lenient.
    My driving license suspended for one year
    That is a kicker, all right !!!

  24. Jao says:

    I’m really sick of life and I don’t know what to do. I am now studying petroleum engineering at university but honestly I have no interest in it and as a matter of fact I hate mathematics and all this stuff and well you might ask how I got here, it’s a long story but to make it short I picked up this major for money and Now I really regret my decision. What I really like to do now is become fluent in English and finally an English teacher. In fact this is what I think about everyday. But there are some problems which I don’t know how to figure them out: the first thing is my parents and by that I mean that I can’t really tell them my plan and I’m afraid of it and I’m kind of thinking that I’m only wasting time going to university(I’m a senior). So I’m really confused and I don’t know how to confront it.
    I’m sorry because this has nothing to do with this post but I only wanted to share this to kind of feel a little less stressed and more calm. I do like to hear your advice for my situation.

  25. Peter says:

    Hi Chief
    How have u been
    Interesting topic u got there.
    Well , Canadians do the same.
    I’m fact , in this subarctic country , pizza is the most popular tv food in particularly in winter. U know , the cold brutal winter here forced most people to shelter their home out of cold as they leave their job places which means in winter time they spend most of their evening hours at home and in front of the TV. Well, a hot greasy large TV snack would be a good company to all this.
    The trend changes In summer time ,Though
    Canadians tend to spend time outdoor to get as much as sun they can
    So, pizza places experiences slower time in summer.
    Please don’t drop by here in winter time and call me a lier 🙂
    , let me add that
    In winter time , as u drive pass by pitza places you see they are deserted , no customer what so ever.
    Well , the make Money out of delivery. People order in instead of venturing out and going into the actual pizza joints

  26. Peter says:

    See Jeff
    I m still using a lot of words and expressions u guys taught me.
    Do u remember the fist time you use the saying , idiom rather , ” put my back into it.”
    Man , it feels like it was yesterday
    Somehow , back then, you saying it laser etched it into my brain and I have been using it since. In fact , it is one of my favorits terms I learned from you.
    Man, good old days
    I got all nostalgic!!
    If y take a hard look at my writing u see eslpod written all over it

    Thanks boss

  27. Ziba says:

    no I didn’t.
    although I like pizza, I refuse to eat it. because my stomachache gets bad and painful when I it pizza. I don’t know why!!!!
    maybe American pizza is better. How knows???

    Thank you Jeff, your text reminded me the first time I ate pizza. I was very young girl.


  28. Ziba says:


    Who knows???

    sorry for the mistake.

  29. emiliano says:

    Dear Jao, your story it is also my story and youl will see why?

    With 20 years old I was studying Industrial Engineer and I didn´t like this career.
    I wasn´t working only have to study very much, several hours every day, I didn´t know
    what to do, so after thinking a way to follow I though first it was necessary to work. Just
    to find a job.
    So, started to learn enough, simultaneously to the engineer studies, to get a job in a Bank,
    once I passed the exam, it wasn´t easy, and I got the job in the Bank, without saying
    anything to my parents I leave engineering studies and started to learn English, by that
    time I was 21 years old already.
    After half a year of leaving the engineering studies my mother took me and she asked
    me if I was following my studies of enginer, having in mind I have a job already I said
    No to her, I told her I didn´t like to study this career any more.
    Then she wanted to know what I was doing with the money she gave me to pay the career
    and I said to her I was paying English classes instead.
    Your father will be very angry she said, O.K., I am working, I have 21 years old and I could
    study or do which ever thing I like to do.
    That´s was all, my father never said anything to me despite he disliked what I did.

    That´s all my dear.
    I don´t know what is your age, even if you can get a job, but if you could have one it is
    easy to do your will and no body could say to you anything.

    Don´t be sick of life, there is a lot of good thing ahead waiting for you Jao, you only
    need to have your own living and afterward go and choose your way in life.
    Just do which ever good thing you like to do, study English, be a teacher, working

    My best and good luck.


  30. Dent says:

    Hello my dear friend “Jao”
    I completely understand you because I was nearly in same situation about eight months ego. If I say my story it could be a drama book! But I summarize it.
    I’m dentistry student right now but about eight months later there was very very difficult and stressful situation for me that I couldn’t even think about my future and university field. But by means of God’s kindness and my family’s support I could choice my favorite educational field and now I like it so much and follow it by attachment and interst. So my talk with you is : don’t mind to other person’s comments.
    Refer to yourself, to your interestings ,to your nature and then ,judge. If you see you don’t like your current studying , leave it.
    I believe studying in disinteresting field has very bad effects in the whole of your life.
    I hope you find your favorite way In your life and follow it powerfully.

    Your friend and companion

  31. emiliano says:

    He dear Tania, it goes for you.


    When I go or come accompanied by my own stay.
    Never alone I am, no, always he is inside me.
    I was not introduced to this soul that ever not let me alone.

    Would not I have chosen me? who knows.
    Suddenly I found what I am, do I like me?
    Which I have become after years living, is him?

    Who am I?. Who is this person I feel inside?
    I would like to know who is he, as with or without my will.
    He ever living with me will be.

    Wherever I go without choosing me as a friend there is he.
    Again, who is him? why me and not other? I repeat, do I like me?
    I am myself and I do not know me, not even if I am happy or not.

    Do I enjoy my company or I don´t ?.
    Ever constantly I am changing once and again.
    But when the balance with him I find,

    Oh yes, then finally I rest.



    Sadness for years lived on lies, without forgiveness old offenses.
    Sorrow by hours spent uselessly with banal chatter about forgotten issues.

    Certainly brings to memory the cruel memories who not know how to lives in the present.
    Forget I´ll try uncertain future and hopefully not repeat wasteland friendship.

    In these gray days of guilt and disappointment, that every word said.
    led to our future lost of our relationship.



    Tell me I’m not alone because I have fear.
    Tell me I never will be because you not leave me.
    Tell me you will sleep beside me and I could rest.
    Tell me that you love me and I will be happy.


    and for you all Blog´s friends


  32. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    It seems to me that everyone here have a lot of news about pizza. As to me, I order pizza almost every week on Wednesday. My wife and me share pizzas half of one style and another half of a different style, like a half with cheese and chicken for her and the other half with sausage for me. She doesn’t like to eat much because pizza make she grows fat, she says. And I reply that I don’t have this worry. One day I will die and I ask God that I die pretty fat, and happy. That’s all I ask.
    Aecio from the beautiful country called Brazil.

  33. Narges says:

    The first time I ate Pizza was about 20 years ago. My family bought a pizza from the only restaurant which began to cook pizza and then we ate that. We didn’t find it tasty but my mother wanted to cook pizza herself. So she bought a bread dough from bakery, and put some stuff on it as well as some cheese (I think it was an ordinary cheese which we eat at breakfasts because we couldn’t find Pizza cheese).
    Believe me or not, It was very delicious.
    Narges from beautiful country of Iran

  34. Dent says:

    Hi Narges , my dear compatriot
    In which city you are?
    I’m agree with you that pizza exactly homemade pizza is very delicious but we should consider it’s damages and bad effects on personal health.
    In my opinion if people don’t eat pizza at all it doesn’t have very important influence in their life ,maybe it could be better for their health.

  35. Narges says:

    Hi Dent,
    I’m in Hamedan.

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