Hello, 2014!

800px-Sparklers_moving_slow_shutter_speedOnce again, we are on the cusp of (on the edge of) a new year.

On behalf of the entire ESL Podcast team, we want to take this opportunity to wish everybody who listens to the podcast, reads the blog, receives our tweets, reads our Facebook page, and supports us as members and donors a very prosperous (with wealth and success), joyous (happy), and low-stress (with few worries) New Year. May (I hope that) all your New Year’s resolutions be easily achieved or your memory of them fade (disappear) quickly.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

– Jeff & Lucy

Photo Credit: Sparkler moving from Wikipedia

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47 Responses to Hello, 2014!

  1. mohammad says:

    Dear Jeff & Lucy

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too.

  2. Dan says:

    Thank you guys.

    I am not asking anything for the new year coming,and I ‘ll take whatever comes.

    I will just keep going on a straight line without ups and downs.

    My apologies for some stupid things I wrote during this year.

    One of my biggest achievements this year was when Emiliano was censured (not knowing a better word for it) because of me. 🙂 sorry Emiliano Lol.
    One of my failures; not being able to get Myo saying something more personal. Perhaps 2014……


  3. AMIN.Iran says:

    Feliz Navidad a todos miss amigos especialmente a nuestro querido profesores.
    writing from Iran,spectacular town of Safi Abad,and such an tremendous honor to be the first one who can congratulate warmly this happy year to all of my buds!I hope lots of hearty occasions for you and get married as soon as possible and form an independent family in the refuge of Allah!
    Dear Lucy and Jeff,you two are absolutely incredible and words cannot voice my heartfelt gratitude towards you cause’s of making me someone who all of my friends admire.Love you from the bottom of my heart,Amor y un Beso y Abrazo firmemente de Safi Abad

  4. Den says:

    Happy coming New Year folk!
    I live in the country where is nor xmas neither any of other feasts can be much joyful than this December’s holiday!
    I listen to you about four month..still haven’t premium subscription, but i certainly will do in the coming year 🙂

    Lucy, Jeff YOU ARE SMART COOKIE!, I am inordinately grateful for your efforts you put to make us a little bit smarter.

  5. reza says:

    Happy New Year to ESL team.
    I wish a year with full of energy and happiness to you.

  6. Yuriy says:

    Best wishes to all Eslpod team. Be wise and strong!

    Yuriy, from Russia (with love).

  7. Tania says:

    “My Fair Lady”… a wonderful movie.
    I can sing two songs, but in my language : Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? and The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
    In my opinion our translation is more poetical.

    For “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” we say “In the Spain mimosa blooms”.

    But most of all I like “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?”

    “All I want is a room somewhere
    Far away from the cold night air
    With one enormous chair
    Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?”

  8. Tania says:


    Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? We say:

    A little house if I had
    With a hot little stove in it
    And a husband loving me
    Oh, how happy I would be!

    Wouldn’t it be loverly?

  9. Tania says:

    Professor Higgins:
    “… when she shows up on my door in tears and rags. Miserable and lonely!
    Shall I take her in , or hurl her to the wolves?
    Give her kindness, or the treatment she deserves?
    Will I take her back , or THROW THE BAGGAGE OUT?”

  10. Tania says:

    Professor Higgins:
    But I’m so used to hear her say “Good morning” every day…
    Her joys, her woes, her highs, her lows, are second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in…
    I’m very grateful she’s a woman, and so easy to forget!

  11. Parviz says:

    Hi every body
    I wish all of you happy, healthy and wealth year of 2014.

    I admit I am confused with your poem.
    I didn’t get your point, unlike always.
    Thank you,

  12. emiliano says:

    I can´t belive you have not seeing the movie before Tania, it is one of my favoirte movies, may be we have seen it ten times….
    Yes, it is posible.

    I love the movie and I love Audrey Herpburn for ever and ever.


    OF COURSE ALL ESL STAFF, despite I was censured as Dan said because called something strong to my dear Italian fríend Dan, that it was with friendeship but
    there is allowed to say some words, ja, ja.

    Don´t worry Dan, good you remember it now.

    For every one of you friends all round the world a real hapy New Year, and let me say than specially to my friends of Iran VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Cuca and me are alone with dear Gatufo who sleeps happy. Eva, is in Canarias Islands, Fátima is in Madrid I think or may be other city, and Laura is in Island,
    Reikjavick, the capital of the North Island near the North Pole, what is she doing over there far away? That is a good question, as in Chistmas she was in
    Madfrid with us.
    I think Laura wants to see Aurora Borealis in the North, but too cold for me……ja,ja.

    My best dear, a good year for all of us.

    Cuca Gatufo and emiliano

  13. Tania says:

    It’s New Year Eve in my country.

    Happy New Year, dear Jeff!
    Happy New Year, dear Lucy!
    Happy New Year, dear Warren!
    Happy New Year, dear ESLpodcast team!



  14. Tania says:


    Happy New Year, our dear blog friends!



  15. AMIN.Iran says:

    wow!!!best place to make unforgettable friends!!!!!
    I may be somewhat new to all of you but it’ll be phenomenal to get to know you and share tons of valuable information as much as we can.
    I am dying of curiosity to hear from all of guys and get familiarized.
    Suyo Atentamente!

  16. Øyvor says:

    Thank you so much for your warm words, Lucy, jeff, Waren and members!

    Amin; when do you celebrate Nowruz this year? I have a very good friend from Theran, and love to know about your culture!

    Happy New Year my dear friends!
    We are celebrating this evening with our grandchildren(sound asleep), their parents and one of my four sisters..a lovely evening..
    In my valley we have a nice tradition.. at 5 pm people gather up in the mountains to lit a huge fire, which I can watch from my livingroom,
    as I can´t go up these steep hills any more.. it`s wonderful to see all the people go down to the valley carrying torches!
    Silence.. love it!! Much better than fireworks!!

  17. Betty says:

    Good Morning and Happy New Year Everyone!

    I am very Happy to see more of you here Tania. It’s a good sign that you are having a happy holiday!

    It is still 2013 in LA, where ESLPOD.com is. It is 2014 in HK and UK.

    People around the world are gathering to celebrate. In fact I would say, to wait for the ‘New Year’ to arrive.

    I sort of discovered why people need to do that. They are so anxious for the New Year to come that ‘time’ becomes too slow for them. In order to make the ‘time’ goes faster for them, they need to have fun. New Year Eve Countdown is one of the activities that helps people to quicken the waiting time.

    There are scientific experiments on “Time perception”.

    They say “Emotions may speed up or slow down our perception of time”.

    Sadly the studied also found that “the subjective perception of time often passes by at a faster rate with age”.

    No wonder I don’t need to go to events like “Countdown”, 2014 has arrived even before I noticed.

    Happy New Year Dear all in ESLPOD.com, teachers Jeff, Lucy, and Warren, supporting team, all friends visible and non visible in this blog!

    Time is precious for me, so are you.

    Betty 🙂

  18. Betty says:

    Sadly the studied also found that “the subjective perception of time often passes by at a faster rate with age”.

    Should read as:
    Sadly the studies also found that “the subjective perception of time often passes by at a faster rate with age”.

  19. Myo ko ko says:

    So, now we’re in 2014!
    I didn’t shout loud “Happy New Year!” this year.
    I must say it is a silly thing for me, yes, for me to welcome a New Year!
    Weird? Yeah, it is odd! But don’t get me wrong!
    Here is my defense.
    We Myanmar people use two calendars — our traditional calendar and the one we use here.
    So, according to globally-accepted calendar, I’ve got one day to welcome a New Year!
    By our traditional calendar, I’ve got another one day for that occasion.
    Humm, it seems I’ve got two New Years in a year!

    That drives me crazy and makes me come up with silly ideas like this notes I’m writing now! 😉
    Hope you guys don’t have crazy ideas like mine!?

    Therefore, I’ve decided not to welcome a New Year any more and not to shout loud this silly phrase (for me!) “Happy New Year.”

    Instead, I’ll happily shout loud “Happy New Friends” here as my greetings to all new friends writing here on this blog, to Amin from Iran, to Den from McQuillan land 😉 , to all the newcomers from different walks of life. You all are warmly welcome!

    Once more, “Happy New Friends!”

    Correct me if I’m wrong! 😉
    Myo ko ko

  20. hanmi says:

    Happy new year and I hope you will be great year in 2014
    I love ESLPOD especially esl blog. Sometimes I don’t care any stuff around me since I’m falling to read wonderful stories on eslpods.
    From that time I learned English to this time I learn English, I’m just a beginner. (sadly) ha ha.
    O.K. Welcome very young a half hundred to me and wish you warm happiness.
    from Seoul.

  21. Alan A. Santos says:

    Hey, happy new year for all mainly to Lucy and Jeff for help us all days that’s why I respect you so much,
    A big thanks for u,
    And a prosperous new years for us and all success of the world…

    *2014* year of world cup in my country. lol 🙂

  22. Denis says:

    Alan A. Santos, *2014* year of Winter Olympic Games in my country! 😀

  23. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    I couldn’t forget to send my best wishes for 2014 for everybody at podcast, especially for Jeff and Lucy. I hope this year we can achieve our goals, we can get everything we want, we can live in peace and in health. For my friends and enemies I wish the blesses from God. I don’t have especial wishes for me, but I would like to be in good mood every day this year.
    Brazil is waiting you all for the World Cup. Come and enjoy a nice nature, blue sky, green forests, exuberant fauna, plenty flora, smiles, just like a family.
    Aecio from this beautiful country, a place for all.

  24. Rysiu says:

    I read this site from 10 months and I’m just the beginner in English but I need to say great thanks for good job.

  25. emiliano says:

    To all the beginners, think every one of us have been beginners years before and now here we are translating our
    thoughts in words what is really like a dream.
    Writing in general it is difficult but if we want to write in other language it is even too much difficult but imposible
    if we don´t start from the easy way of saying little phrases and so on.

    Go ahead all of you that are thinking about writing something, it doesn´t matter if it is short or long, do it as it has
    been done by Rysiu or Hanmi just because this is the right day to start.

    Welcome friends, you are necessary here to have more stories and more people every week.

    Amin, your Spanish are also very good, go ahead also.
    Where have you learn Spanish? tell us…..if you like.

    Again, happy 2014 to all of us. emiliano

  26. AMIN.Iran says:

    Hi dear oyvor.
    really?I am from khuzestan and many miles far from Great Tehran.to be perfectly honest,Nowruz is considered the most important national holiday in Iran.It marks the beginning of a new solar year and the arrival of spring.It starts on a unique moment each time and people excitedly and breathlessly wait for the announcement of what is known transition point of the year.Like christmas,Nowruz is a pleasurable,elaborate and delicate festival which brings millions of people together and it is one of the more prominent traditions of the Iranian culture and Iranian civilization as it represents the glory and magnificence of ancient Iran and manifests a sense of national pride and dignity for Iranians around the world.
    How was it?enough?Bye the way,DE DONDE ERES?!

  27. Ziba says:

    Hi everyone,

    Happy New Year, I wish all of you healthy, wealthy and happiness!


  28. Tania says:

    Hi! Today I have seen the most famous classic concert from the world for the New Year from Viena.

    Without worries at the beginning of the year,
    “Let’s laugh at bad forebodings!”

    I have seen Julie Andrews in the concert hall.

  29. Tania says:

    Is this year the year of the roses?
    The concert hall was decorated with nice, nice roses.

  30. Messiah says:

    I wish you guys all the same!! Thank you sooooooo much. God bless you!

  31. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    New people coming to ESLPOD. Great! Cool! Welcome!

  32. hanmi says:

    Thanks emiliano. You cheer me up
    Today is so bright day and the first step of 2014’s job on.
    We(staffs and me) had a meeting and cheered each other.
    Have a nice day packmates!

  33. Parviz says:

    Hi everybody,
    To complement emiliano’s advice to the newcomers I should quote a Chinese proverb “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time to plant a tree IS TODAY’.
    May be you have been hesitating to write something here, like I did some years ago, but if you keep at (continue doing) it, before long you will be writing fast, very fast.
    This ESL proves the best for people who aspire to improve writing skills as well as three others (listening, speaking and reading).
    Well, I you have to do is to make a bulldog commitment to stay here for a while.
    then emiliano does all of the work 🙂 .
    Am I write emiliano?

  34. rahul bhargava says:

    Happy New year TEAM .

  35. Parviz says:

    ”emiliano does the rest of the work”

    There are also two people you have to avoid, Dan and Myo ko ko, for example.
    You are not safe around then.
    They are mysterious, and dodge the question most often.
    Thank you

  36. AMIN.Iran says:

    With sudden appearance of your little bro Amin everything would be so much fun.looking forward to madly familiarizing new guys here and enjoy being long-standing friends.
    unluckily,cause’s of having no enough time and teaching my students it seems a bit difficult to get myself shared as satisfying as I’m aspiring but give you a solemn promise to be a all-the-time bud.
    sacrifice you

  37. Myo ko ko says:

    Yeah, Parviz
    You should have said sooner!
    Dan is elusive and evasive!!! 😛

    Myo ko ko

  38. emiliano says:

    A happy new year also to you Rahul, nice to see you here
    Rahul, you see it is easy to write something.


  39. Lassana says:

    Happy New Year !

    I would like to take this opportunity in order to say Thanks to all ESL Podcast Team.

    Great thanks to Jeff, Lucy, Warren and all Team.

    Thanks for all moments that you make live us. I wish you the happiness, the love and good health for this new year.

    See you soon.


  40. Angel says:

    Happy New Year…..
    Yeni Y?l?n?z Kutlu Olsun Turkish
    ? ????? ????? Russian
    Feliz Año Nuevo Spanish
    ??? ??? ?????? ?? Hindi
    Gelukkig nuwe jaar Afrikaans
    ?? ? ?? ???? Korean
    Glückliches neues Jahr German
    Bonne année French

  41. Angel says:

    Hi dear Jeff & Lucy and my blog friends , Happy new year….
    I’m sorry for my previous comment because some words in my comment were illegible!!!
    But I didn’t know that this happen.
    I wish all of you happiness and best year with best events…


  42. Nermin Eminova says:

    HaPPy New Year to ESL Podcast Team 🙂

  43. Betty says:

    Hi Angel

    Thank you for your New Year Wishes message.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

    Myo Ko Ko prefers to say Happy New Friends. I am sure he doesn’t mind us saying more Happy New Year to our Happy New Friends here.

    I sort of guessed your message was ‘Happy New Year’ in Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Afrikaans, Korean, German and French.

    So many languages in one greeting!

    Happy New Year again and see you again soon.

    Betty 😉

  44. Nguyen The Huynh says:

    happy new year and thank you very much for all you’ve done

  45. Emrah says:

    Dear Jeff and Lucy, I wish you a wonderful and productive year and hope to learn more English.

    Greetings from ?stanbul!


  46. Angel says:

    Hi dear Betty,

    Thank you for your comment,
    Nice to meet you and other friends in ESL blog,
    Happy new year again with best wishes.

    Angel 🙂

  47. lilian says:

    Hi Emrah
    welcome to Esl .My favorite city is Stanbul.happy to see you are here

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