Dating Just Got More Complicated

Couple_01A man or a woman asks you out on a date. You have coffee, lunch, or dinner together. You find out more about each other. You fall in love and you live happily ever after (forever), right?

Well, things aren’t quite that simple. According to a recent Glamour magazine article about a survey (piece of research; questionnaire) conducted by, a popular Internet dating website, people are using “pre-dating” to help them decide whether to give someone a chance or not. “Pre-dating” is the use of the Internet and social media websites to find out information about a potential (possible) date.

According to the survey, about 50% of women research a man on Facebook before a date. Others look at LinkedIn, a social media site for people making professional contacts, Twitter, or blogs. The survey included about 5,500 singles (unmarried or uncommitted men and women).

Among the things they search for are ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, what they do for a living (job or career), playlists (selection of favorite songs that can be played one after another), and any other information that would give singles an idea of who they may be dating.

According to the same survey, a surprising 49% of women had cancelled a first date because of something they found out (discovered; learned) about that person online. That’s actually not too surprising, since another study mentioned in the article found that when we find out one thing we object to (don’t like) about a person, we tend to judge them very harshly (strictly; believing something is worse than it really is), even if we’re compatible (have similar ideas or interests) in other areas and like and respect that person for other things.  The author of the study points out that disillusionment (finding out that something is not as good as we once believed) may take hours if we talk to the person, but can happen instantly (immediately; without delay) when we see that information online.

If you’re single, do you do “pre-dating”? Have you decided to date or not to date someone strictly (only) based on what you’ve found out?

Looking at it more generally, have you ever not associated with or not been friends with someone because of something you found out about them online? Has online information ever affected your decision to hire or work with someone?

~ Lucy

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30 Responses to Dating Just Got More Complicated

  1. Peter says:

    Tell me about it Lucy.
    Nowadays ,It is , in deed, is extremely hard to meet sb wether on line or non on line

    I m a single guy,and I m not afraid to tell you that I enjoy playing the field. Don’t get me wrong. I m not promiscuous or a two timers. But, I do have the fear of commitment.
    I normally follow a set of principles dating women. You know , generally speaking , there is a certain code to it. I follow the code not to the letter but to the spirit
    Well, I admit that i play fast and loose with the code. I mean I don’t painstakingly follow the rules. But , there is one thing that I always follow to the letter -that is-dating one woman at a time.
    Truth to be cold , It is not like i m taking the morale high ground here .There ulterior reason ,another words the underlying reason for it is that multi dating is costly and time consuming. As you well know , the fast pace of today’s life never leave you with the time required for pursuing two or three projects simultaneously. If you catch my drift.:)
    So, under the circumstances, I just date one women at a time. In fact, I m just off a messy break up.:))
    However , it is not the point I m trying to bring home . The point I m trying to make is :
    To me , On line dating is just the modern version of blind dating.
    I am aware of the fact that you are provided with some pictures and certain facts about people on their profile . But, as the majority of you probably know there is no telling if the information is one hundred person accurate or the pictures are most recent. I m not saying that people usually go under false pretenses, in other words, people misrepresent themselves . But , they mostly do fudge their profile. So , you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into before you meet up with the actual person face to face.
    You know what I mean.
    To me , fact checking is almost impossible when it comes to on line dating.
    Did I ever do it. Well, yes
    I did have a profile ,and I did try to meet up some one on line. But , it never worked for me. So , I quit the whole thing altogether.
    Up here , in Toronto , It is very hard to meet women in public places like coffee shops , bars ,clubs ,libraries ,and streets.
    I gotta tell ,generally speaking , it is a hell of a job to meet girls in Toronto to begin with.
    Most people here meet through connections or at work.

    And , I never heard at least from the people I know that on line dating ever worked for them.
    So, I m afraid my response to the question at the bottom of the post is
    ” a big fat no”
    I don’t have fait in on line dating.and I never pass judgment on people based on some on line information.
    I don’t build any image from people I meet on line until I meet them in person.
    And about the avatar , pictures if you will ,
    Some people simply photograph well ,and some pictures never do people justice

    But , it is just me


  2. Willy says:

    I think that is too easy write false credentials on internet.
    People have to be met and known in order to judge them.
    However I rarely believe what people declare about themselves I prefer always to meet them.
    And even I meet I don’t trust first sensation, I have to know her deeply.

  3. emiliano says:

    Dear Lucy,
    nothing about these new subjects affect my personal life as am really old to the new time of dating by the web, Facebook, tweeter or similar sites.
    My friends doesn´t like anything about all these ways of meeting or talking with people, or even with the people they know for years.

    My story is simple, like the first you said, we met each other, we liked each other, we loved each other, we married and we have been together
    till today.
    A day as today, 43 years ago, I said “I do” to Cuca, and she said the same to me, for ever till died separete us. Till the momento this have not
    happened so here we are, Cuca at my right side looking a movie of Woody Allen “Scoop” on her pc., with Hugh Jagkman and Sacarlate Johansson
    and Woody Allen, of course. A nice movie we have seen twice already, but Cuca likes to repeat once and again.

    I am not sorry, but my experience about this subject it is “0” and it will be till the end.

    My best wishes to you dear professor.


    Today there is not any poem, I don´t want to tired all of you with so many writing.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi everyone.

    What can I say?…

    I am laughing at myself ’cause my sentimental/sexual (can I say sexual here?) life is a complete disaster. hahahaha.
    I have no problem admitting/revealing that.

    Who cares! In contrast with what I did believe when I was younger, getting older I am finding out that I can do without many things, and you know, there are many other things that one can do alone…

    I have been single for the last three years now, after 13 years of marriage ,and I must say it’s not that bad.

    Under the aspect of dating I must admit of being a little bit lazy. I am awaiting for Mrs. Fate to bring something.
    Who knows! maybe I am gonna find something in here….hehehehe.

    So far nothing good…I only met Emiliano hehehehe.. It’s not my type…
    Betty sounds interesting but she’s taken already. heheheheh….just kidding …..

    Thanks Lucy.

  5. Peter says:

    Dear Dan,
    You said it !!
    I ,like you ,don’t mind saying that my date life and sex life are both disastrous. No sex life ,what so ever.
    The only difference between you and me is that I have never been In a long term relationship.
    It is not easy to find miss right ! :)))
    You know , regardless the gender every body is looking for his/her significant other,another words ,his /her better half.
    The way i see it , The problem is not us lad . The problem is all
    with women. They are all looking for nothing less of a Prince Charming. :)))
    Nothing short of a dreamy guy.
    And,most girls I met were very high makntanence. One of them was the quintessential gold digger:)
    I m not joking.


  6. Betty says:

    Dear Lucy

    Thank you for this interesting article.

    I really like this article because reading it is like listening to you talking to us.

    I would like to answer the first question but I do not have an answer for it because I am married for many years.

    I am glad I am not young and single. It must be very annoying having to answer the questions of your parents or simply the society: “why are you not married?”

    Before I was married, my mother kept hinting that I had to get married. Even all my friends, old classmates, colleagues and boss at work had to put pressure on me.

    I did not have time to think about dating. Life was so busy and I was always occupied with study, work and sports.

    I am lucky I have so much to occupy my mind and I do not have to think about that.

    Hehehehe Dan you are so funny.

    In fact I have a cousin she was so gentle and beautiful that I did wanted to help a friend’s friend to get to know her. But then my friend did not want to help because my cousin was in China and this friend’s friend was in England.

    Two different culture and too high risk?

    My cousin did not want to go too far away neither.

    She is going to be too old to be married soon.

    We are worried, but there was nothing we can do, we have to pretend we don’t poke our nose into other people’s business.

    That’s all from me today.

    Thanks again Lucy for this chance for me to reflect on my life.

    Betty 🙂

  7. parviz says:

    Dear Lucy,
    Today’s topic relates a reality to the complexity of present society. In far past, people usually communicated face to face, and always with people they might know very well. People trust each other very well, because they know each other very well.
    But, with changes in technology, communication has undergone a big change. It is not just that who I am going to meet, also what I am going to see from he/she may cause concern. More or less, every body has experienced ONLINE dating, whether they say it’s good or bad, but it is.
    For me, it happens usually, and I receive lots of emails and invitations from people I don’t know. I was once a member of Facebook and LinkedIn, but Then I decided NOT to be.

    I have first hand experience about online dating about 3 years ago. I used Log in a website devoted to learning Foreign languages, where I became friend with a girl. One day we decide to date.I don’t intend to say she was a bad girl, but she was very different from her picture I saw on her homepage. What bothered me was that I traveled almost 200 miles to meet her.
    Certainly she was not a bad person, she was just different. she didn’t invite me to meet her. It was ALL my curiosity that made me make the voyage.
    Ever since of that experience I don’t trust Online dating any more.
    I like my single, quiet life more than anything else.

    good topic, by the way.

  8. emiliano says:

    First of May, work´s day here, but there are so few workers that there is few to celebrate.
    I could understand you Dan, perfectly well, in fact if I have not Cuca I would like to live alone with a cat, two or three like you
    are you living now and of course some dogs also.

    To me it is easier to live with some cats or dogs than with persons.

    It was like a miracle that I could find a person like my Cuca that support me for 43 years, and I know perfectly well that not
    any woman could have lived with me apart of her.
    We have a saying here that says…….better alone that bad accompanied….and I think that´s right.

    Before I met Cuca I though I was going to be a single person for long, or for ever, I didn´t care if I didn´t meet the right
    person for me and I could be the right man for her.
    Yes, I was very lucky and hold her with my two hands and arms strongly to be always close together.

    Not being her I could have been living alone so well, yes that´s right, never boring about myself and always prefer animals
    to live with than people.
    Yes, “Silence is Golden” as the title of Tremoloes song, here it is the lyric:

    Oh, don’t it hurt deep inside
    To see someone do something’ to her?
    Oh, don’t it pain to see someone cry?
    Oh especially when someone is her

    Silence is golden
    But my eyes’ still see
    Silence is golden, golden
    But my eyes still see

    A talkin’ is cheap, people follow like sheep
    Even though there is nowhere to go
    How could she tell he deceived her so well
    Pity she’ll be the last one to know

    Silence is golden
    But my eyes’ still see
    Silence is golden, golden
    But my eyes still see

    How many times did she fall for his line?
    Should I tell her or should I keep cool?
    And if I tried I know she’ll say I lied
    Mind your business, don’t hurt her, you fool

    Silence is golden
    But my eyes’ still see
    Silence is golden, golden
    But my eyes still see

    But my eyes’ still see
    But my eyes’ still see
    Lyrics from

    So this web actions of looking for a pal or a woman it sounds so odd to me.
    No, please, I prefer to live alone if there is not a nice girl like Cuca with me.
    Yes, a lucky, very lucky man has been emilliano.

    Bye friends.


  9. Peter says:

    Well,I m totally against the institute of marriage. I simply don’t believe in it.
    I m better off alone.
    Yet,I appreciate the companionship of the opposit sex from time to time; all the tenderness ,sentiment ,delicacy they bring to the table.
    I miss all the emotional sentiment attached to it . But,it doesn’t mean I want to share my life with them like 24/7.
    No shacking up for me. My place is my sanctuary. I like to have a female guess from time to time. But, I don’t believe in the concept of living together that it cause nothing just chaos and upheaval.
    To me marriage is just a life-time social contract upon which you as one side of the deal are obliged to follow a set of hard and fast rules ,and restrictions. Violating the terms and clauses has a sever consequences. In simpler world ,if you don’t hold your end you are screwed!!
    It is so frigging hard to have yourself follow all the rules.
    the thing is , I value highly my freedom ,and the last thing I want is to compromise it for some empty ,bogus vows.

    It is just not me. I like my piece and quite. Why on earth do I have to rock the boat then?

    another thing that keeps me from getting hitched is the spiraling rate of divorce.
    In face ,i think there is a universality to it. We are all enjoying the global dizzying rate of over 75 percent. In some country is a bit lower in some others is abit higher. Anyway ,I don’t want to associate myself to it. Why bother?
    Guys ,if you are with on that,let’s circle the wagons.


  10. Dan says:

    Hello classmates

    I like thinking we are in a virtual school, but we actually are, aren’t we?

    I am not really into social network, I have opened an account recently on Facebook, but as Emiliano(my only friend on Facebook)can confirm, I haven’t that much to share.
    Right now I am leading a so simple alife that I can only share pics. of my Cats. I am conscious of the fact that I get boring after a wile.
    I do not consider myself to be an interesting guy, and I do not even care about that.

    Said that, I would consider cheking out someone online, why not? since we have at our disposal such tools why not using them.
    I already do many things online, such as: spouting gibberish at ESLPodcast’s blog hahahaha.

    By the way, today I have nothing really to do ’cause it’s -La Festa dei Lavoratori in here- wich is Labor Day. I am not aware in how many Countries falls the 1th of May.
    In the US, I think, it falls the 1th monday of September.


    I was going through your post, wich is as interesting as all of yours.

    I can understand your Mom pushing you to get married, but YOUR BOSS??? really?
    I was also wondering wich Sports did you practice, and there was one in particular you loved and still practice?

    You know what my weakness is? You women have this little angel’s faces, and other things……, I get trapped like a stupid by that(and not just me I guess),you know like Ulysses and the Sirens.
    You have that power..yes you have. Then maybe you find out that under that angel face there is a demon.

    Thank you all guys, and write more! otherwise we are not gonna learn the language, and Jeff/Lucy have worked so hard for nothing.

  11. Dan says:

    Me again,

    I told you today I have nothing to do.

    I just wanna push everyone on writing more and more. Don’t be shy!
    Even at the risk of sounding stupid like I do.
    I am conscious that sometimes I sound like an 8 year old kid or like an Idiot, who cares!
    The most important thing is WRITING and using what we pick up in here and other sources.
    I am sure most of you would agree with me.


    You are doing great! thanks for your interesting posts and I appreciate your contribution from Canada
    I do not expirience on online dating, but I take your word for it. I am sure it is exacly how you describe it.
    I do not what you thing, but for me a good indicator for, say giving points to a woman is looking at her shopping cart.
    Now, I know I am not supposed to look at others people shopping cart, but sometimes it’s inevitable, you know waiting in line at the chekout….
    When I see some wemen’s shopping cart, I would like to scream in horror.. Yougurt that are supposed to make you ….go ….you know what I mean,… really!
    Bags and bags of Frozen food….really! better stop here or I’ll start cursing..


  12. Dan says:

    Look out Emiliano…some day I am gonna beat you in number of posts in a single day…

    I wanna became the Postetor hehehe Does actually exist that world?


  13. Betty says:

    Yes, today is Labour Day in Hong Kong and in Mainland China as well.

    Although I do not get a day off from work because I do not work, I seem to have a day off today as well. I have not been cooking today. My husband bought home some takeaway.

    Long Life to “Labour Day”! Except, I do not get to play table tennis this evening because my coach gets a day off today.

    I have given my answer to you Dan, table tennis was one of the sports I played when I was little.

    I started playing it again from two weeks ago because I started worrying about my “middle-aged spread” (or more accurately old-aged spread for me).


    Since I have more spare time today than normal, I am going to do a survey for today’s post about “online dating”:

    Peter – A clear, big fat “NO”
    Willy – Do not trust sensation and doubt online credential
    Emiliano – No need
    Dan – Maybe
    Betty – Never tried, No way!
    praviz – Bad Experience. No more.
    Emiliano – Prefer to keep a cat and dog to an online date.
    Dan – Would consider. I hope he does not find a demon under that angel face!

    Yes, Dan, sometimes I sound like an 8 year old kid or like an Idiot, who cares!

    The most important thing is WRITING.

    I do admire all of you who write here.

    Hi Peter,

    You deserve a BIG “KUDOS” from us (I pretend to represent everyone reading your great posts).

    You are not afraid to share your experience with us and I found your posts fill with utmost sincerity. Millions Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, no, Labour Day finishes now.

    Goodbye everyone. Good Night.

    Betty 🙂

  14. emiliano says:

    Dan, that´s imposisible….think I am retired and havo a lot of time to write here.

    Months ago when we use to write each other I told you that being simple, having simple tastes and doing an easy way of living, enjoying with Nature, not needing of other
    people round you, being happy with your cats were a great vitue. A virtue to feel proud of.

    I told you also that you remind me Cuca, more or less she is like you, she only needs the essential of life to be happy. She didn´tl needs material things to live in her good
    happy way.Always she has been so and I admire her for that and other quilities I haven´t.

    Always she said to me that she ask for the most important thing in life, peace, love, food, a place to live and nothing more….., instead I am just a bit, or a lot, different. so there
    is a compesation with her husband that has always the last gadget or toy and feels curiosity about nearly everything.

    Dan be proud of being like you are, simplicity it is a virtue and it is anything less boring.
    Be sure about that, you are quite peculiar and interesting person who has enough with himself, that is increíble good and very odd of finding in this world so complicated needed of everything to have the not real sensation of being happy. Every momento more superficial things to feel satisfied, more and more, the last TV., the last phohe, the last Tablet, the last car, and better three or four houses instead of only one.

    The simple the best, that´s the rule I would like to have always in mind…..but use to be difficult.

    Bye Dan.


  15. emiliano says:

    Talking about web sites and after reading all the friends, also Parviz experience, what can I say?.
    Just because I like to have more publicity for my blog, be readed as much as possible and so forth, now I have accounts on:

    E bloger of google
    Blog +

    even some other more it the point you can´t imagine how many mails I could received every day. There are circles of nearly
    everything, thinkers, animal lovers, nice pictures of cats, dogs, animals, art, books, writers, thoughts, wisdom, marvellous lands,
    marvellous cities, nice sites to travel, and dozen more sites.
    There are also people that make their life by the web, frequently in the right way but frequently also trying to cheat as much
    as possible.
    Having time, as I have now, that is a world by the air.
    You may see all the good but also all the bad.

    Some times appears somebody from a country I have no idea, and said HE….we start to chat and after a while I ask ..where are
    you from.
    India, Egypt, Hungary, Russia, Maroc, EE.UU. Indonesya, Vietnam, Syria, Arabia….and so forth, more tan seventy countries.
    Now I use to have nearly nine thousands visits by month to the blog, and its going increasing week after week.

    So yes, social net sites are some how fascinating, but you need to be very careful where you go, with who you are conecting
    and wich kind of information you could give. Sometimes it seems you are playing with fire and you may burn if you are not

    After being so bad last year, without will to do anything, now I have a lot of tasks every day.
    Also I do that, just not to think about the bad situation some of my loves one have, my dear friends, my dear Cuca and
    why not the old emilliano who was close to die not a long time ago.

    Yest, every day I learn a bit more, and also I could see how few I know after all.
    English is the door that open all sites surfing by the web, so thanks a lot dear profesor Lucy, Jeff, Warren and ESL podcast.

    Bye, emiliano

  16. Dan says:


    “middle-aged spread” (or more accurately old-aged spread for me). Lol.

    Thanks Betty, I had never heard before about that term -middle aged spread-
    I had to look out for it in images to get what it was.
    At 43 I am not affected by it yet. I often have my belly and guts stretched because of my diet that is mostly vegetables, that is a different spread.

    One of my cats has it. He weighs 7kg. and his belly is quite spread out. I love him ’cause when I pick him up it’s like a Panda’s baby.

    Thank you all guys

  17. Dan says:


    I did wanted to let you know that today something fascinating happened.
    With the rain came down sands from the Sahara desert. Keep in mind that I am located north of Italy.
    Measuring with Google Earth I am 1.300 Miles away from it. Not the first time.


  18. Ahmed says:

    Hi every body I am really to happy to share my thoughts with you when I do not do this on my facebook account with my friends and relatives but I know that it would generate lots of enthusiasm and happiness to be in touch with people talk the same language that I aspire to talk fluently one day.
    I donot know why I did not form that community once in my life or enjoyed to one even if it was just for communicating with other different cultures , I remember do this one day when I was teenage and I donot how I lost that confidence to do it again when I am adult but the day has come.
    I love you guys.

  19. Peter says:

    Dear Betty ,
    You are too kind.
    What can I say , I m an aboveboard kind of guy.
    I tell it like it is.
    But let me tell you, it is not always the best policy.
    The truth is , my guards are down here because I know I m among friends.

    I appreciate the time you take out if your life to read my comments here.

    It means a lot to me


  20. Jesus P says:

    Hello Lucy,

    I haven´t scheduled any date with a girl by using an online website, but I do think that these kinds
    of websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., have changed the way we interact with
    our friends and family. We are more “exposed “now than before in the sense that anything
    we do can be easily uploaded to the web as pictures, videos or comments.
    I have seen relationships come to an end due to pictures found in facebook, so the thing we
    have to learn is that now we have to be more careful in what we do or say.


    Jesus P.

  21. Betty says:

    Hi Ahmed

    I am very happy to hear that you have found confidence in talking in English again. Welcome to join us.

    After reading your message above, I have the following thinking and wanted to write it down.

    It is dangerous to talk to strangers online.

    However, whatever we say here is censored because nothing arrives this place without passing the “moderation” test.

    We are like little children saying whatever we want to say in a foreign language. We may say something really inappropriate without realizing it.

    After we pressed the “Submit Comment” button, our message shows: “Your comment is awaiting moderation” which is like Jeff, Lucy or Warren saying to us: “I will look at your message in a minute to see if it is alright to let everyone see it, please wait”.

    This way, we are protected from meeting bad people online here.

    That’s why I am confident that people with bad-minds will find this website very boring.

    Alternatively, right-minded people like Emiliano and Tania and many others who decide to learn from this website find this place matches their taste.

    Look forward to reading more messages from you soon.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  22. parviz says:

    Hi everyone,
    Dear Betty,
    You drew a nice conclusion out of my post. of course I had a bad experience with dating online. Contrary to that I have had very nice experiences with girls some of them almost ended up in getting married.
    My online experience made me aware, Although I know it was my fault.
    Online dating is not a good Idea to getting to know someone. I am sure the girl I met didn’t like me either, because we didn’t have anything in common. You could say that from our appearance (the way we dressed). I just wanted to be with her for a Hang-out. In contrast, she wanted a long relationship that might one day lead to marriage. she was worried about her “middle-aged spread. She believed in remaining virgin until she gets married to her husband.
    Unlike you guys (Peter and Dan, from what I read in you posts) I’d like to make close relationship with women, even I don’t afraid sucking up with girls, I did this several times in the past, and The OUTCOME were great. Really you should try it, too. But first you have to change your perspective of women. The more I got closer to them, the more I learned about them.
    Whether you like it or not we have to learn how to get along with women, because, let’s face it, we need them more than they do. All a woman might need in the word is the convenience of having someone beside to talk to.
    Take the woman out of our lives, and great wealth would be useless to most of us.
    I am not surprised of your opinion of women. We (men) are inherently polygamous, while the society forces us to follow monogamy.
    If you guys dislike your situations, might it be because you failed to find your true soul-mates, and instead started to develop disbelief about women. No one has strong influence on a man, except his true love. A man who loves his wife, enjoys his life.

    They sacrifice every thing for that, I mean they give up every thing for some one who cares about them. They stay loyal to someone as long as they meet their need (sexually and emotionally).
    Peter and Dad, I am afraid you are among people who believe the world to have Just to things: Veracious Sex and Boring Death.
    Tell me about it, if I am wrong.

  23. parviz says:

    Welcome Ahmed,
    That makes two of us.
    I also have a tiny tiny tiny (extremely tiny) bad experience about those social sites. please don’t get me wrong I am not paranoid, but rather aware. There is no use chatting (writing) to people who spy in your life.
    Here we are a group of people try to learn a second language (an important international language).
    I am grateful forever for having access to this website (eslpodcast) where we learn from our teachers (Jeff, Lucy and warren) and practice with our seniors Peter, Dan, Emiliano, and lovely Betty.
    Like you Ahmed I am new here and I have to read more than I can write. Although I wish to say it is different.

  24. Davo allah says:

    dear friends
    it’s not being long since i’ve found this site, but for the sake of honesty the issue of dating is so complicated, rather i wouldn’t really manage to say anything i got involved, i don’t mean that i’d be shy to tell about things i’ve done is mischievous, but coz it’s hard for everyone to express all about his feelings, emotions, principles, according to our cultural backgrounds, for honesty; i’ve never being on a date(officially) eventhough i’m in the 27th, i’ve set certain aspects for me about that, right now i wouldn’t really think about dating unless i’d thought about marriage.

    Kind regards

  25. emiliano says:

    Today is another feast here in Madrid, it is called “day of the comunity” ¿What?….every one of the differents comunities of this country that once was called
    Spain, have their “own day of the comunity” that before didn´t exist. There were, like other countries, National Feast and that was enough.
    First task in the morning is reading the friend´s post here what to me it is really a pleasure.
    Good work Betty, a good nice resume of the different opinions, as Dan said in other post we all love you, always your sight gives something original to this
    our site. Thanks dear.

    I could see Jesús P opinión and I agree with him absolutely, yes I do think the same like you. Welcome here Jesús.
    The same for you Ahmed, welcome to our house of English, the best site to learn English and other interestings subjects about life. Betty said something
    wise to you dear, this is a friendly Blog where we feel ourselves right doing what we like to do: Learning English and Writing, but also having good
    frienship with persons we knew for long. Very good persons that some how we love since a long time.

    Ja, ja, first post of the day, sure it could be more.
    As always, Gatufo is on my lap dreaming and Cuca is still in the bed listening to the radio, I am listening to good music instead (Roxett) just a Sweden Duo that
    I like very much, but even know I could understand the Lyrics….thanks Jeff and ESL staff.


  26. emiliano says:

    He Lucy, so nice photo, who have choosen it? You?
    That´s good taste to illustrated what a couple of boy/girl means, but it could be valid for another
    kind of couple that feels love for eache other.
    They are looking to the sea, sunset or dawn?. So beautiful sight, yes I like to sea sunset (changing colours
    of wáter and the sky) either dawn far away on the sea it is spectacular. What are we in contrast with
    such a beauty?, only soul and mind are what can make us big if humans make a good use of
    Being concious about such a beauty and and taking responsibility and awareness can make us
    deserving of God’s creation.

    Nice photo, reminds me something about my own life together with my girl.


  27. Tania says:

    I have someone in my family: they met on line dating, love at the first view, married after few months.
    They are compatible, now with a big child… Sometimes it happens.

    I am influenced by the movies where using the line dating you can meet the “hell” instead of “love” and friendship.
    We are warned by the Police : don’t trust in on line dating, don’t trust in anyone!
    I always imagine I can meet a persons traffic band or to be included in a medical organs base.
    Very, very dangerous for the young girls and for boys , too.

  28. Tania says:

    Hi! Recently I saw a joke on TV, on using on line dating.
    He comes to see her, but a great surprise: she was much older than she said.
    So, what ? Let’s drink a glass with wine, she says
    Oh, such a good wine! We are so compatible…he says.

  29. Lassana says:

    Hi Everybody,

    This topic regard to the current functioning of our societies.

    For example, there are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other. These are involved in these change.

    These social network are tools which allows to all people be in contact with other people, on order to share things, to discuss about any topic or still organize trip.

    People who looking for a girl friend or boyfriend also used these social network.

    I think that these social network brings us hugely of things such as meet many people across the worldwide et makes easier our daily life. It’s the positive side of these tools.

    For the negative side of these tools, I think it create an intrusion into people’s house.
    Besides, it must be carefull regarding all what we send on all of these social network.

    Because we can miss the love of our life or a very good job. People are very influenced about informations we can find on these social network.

    Besides you are judged about all informations that you lift to the websites !

    Thanks Lucy


  30. Cauat says:

    I like this topic, I’m an immigrants in Macau, but I get marry with my girlfriend in my poor hometown last week.
    In a city life, people could get lots of information in the Internet. In fact, it could only make things more complicated, make people having more different ideas?that’s so tiresome…
    However, things are completely different in countryside. People more likely choose their boyfriend/girlfriend in the same areas (maybe it too hard for them to meet a friend comes from another areas without Internet), they grew up together, they know each other well. In another word, they have the same faith about the life they live, the love they want. It sounds so dreamy and fairytale, but people found they partner easier than they do in the city.

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