Guest Blogger Warren Ediger

Today we have a guest blogger, Warren Ediger. You can read his explanation of 2009 buzzwords in the next post.  (What’s a buzzword, you ask?  Read Warren’s post to find out!) Warren will be writing posts every now and then (sometimes) about American culture and English, and we are very happy to have him writing for us.  He is an experienced ESL teacher here in Southern California, as well as one of the top (best) online English tutors I know.

Be sure to take a look at Warren’s website,, which has some excellent resources and tips for improving your English.  Those interested in online tutoring can contact Warren via (using, by means of) email by going to his website.

Let’s give Warren a warm (friendly) welcome to the blog!


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24 Responses to Guest Blogger Warren Ediger

  1. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I took a glance at Warren’s web.seems interesting!

    Thanks Warren for the help.

  2. Peter says:


    I like prof like you who knows a lot of different things,the kind of prof whom you can talk to very easily.

    You are the best Jeff ,and I am positive dear Warren is so.

    Yours affectionatly,


  3. Peter says:

    definitly,you heart of the earthquick that leveled almost the whole capital city of hiti.Let’s take a moment of silence for grief-stricken fellas.

  4. Bakhtyar basher says:

    Well come to our distinguished gest, with out any further ado, i would like to confess that i checked our gest website it is unique and it is like university college or any institutions for learning English language, i encourage my friends to do visit his enlighened website, it is very encourageous for E learners

  5. Tania says:

    Hi ! Good idea with the guest blogger . Maybe an interview with Mr. Warren at an English Cafe … we would like to hear his voice to know him better .

  6. Tania says:

    Hi ! I cannot stop to laugh . I imagine you walking on the beach with a helmet on your head … All lesson is cool . Thank you .

    All the best for you all ,


  7. dongsung says:

    I took the glance at the Warrence’s website and that has lot’s of useful things for English Learner.
    I realized that reading stuffs such as essey, magazine sand books are so important as well.
    thank you for information, Jeff.

  8. emiliano says:

    Thank you Jeff, I have been looking at Warren´s website and to me it is really a very interesting site to everyone who likes English and wants to improve it.
    Searching his books recomendation it has been nice to see some of the authors I like to read and what is very useful is the possibility of seeing the numbers in order to know which of the books written by these authors are more easy or just difficult of reading.

    It should be very nice to have Warren in the Blog that´s for sure, thank you Warren.
    Persons like you Warren, Lucy or Jeff are doing and incredible work teaching thousands of listeners who really love the English language.
    The best for you all.

  9. Tania says:

    Hi ! Thank you for the information regarding the NYSE – Stock Market – Share Market – NYSE Composite Index . We see them at the news every day .
    It is very difficult for us as we have had the Stock Exchange only since 1990 .


  10. Peter says:

    It is a hard fact that learning a new language is a graduale process.well,as you know,Rome wasn’t built in a day. But ,fellas we got lucky cause Eslpod has expadited the process for us.So,if we step on it we can make the best of it,and master the language.however,if the gradual process is trying your patience,
    you have “The Learning Guid as a “catalyst” to give this speedy process a faster spin.

    I am telling you guys, The Leaning guide is a whole another is like you have the greatest English text book ever. If I come out and encourage you to

    Join is not for publicity,but it is merely because I care for you.

    Join today and get a up-to-now- 2000 page English text book.I uploaded the whole thing on the file application I installed in my iPhone,so I can study a part
    whenever I get a moment.
    In fact,I was studying the laest one along with having my breakfast at a local Timhorton’s( thanks to Lucy for answering my very question about the” ‘s ” at the end of store’s name)

    join today ,tomorrow is too late. Join today,and get yourself the most perfect English text book ever!
    Believe you me, I am putting it lightly!

    Yours affectionatly,

  11. Peter says:

    Having the recording( what Jeff and Lucy say,particularly on English Cafe) on a paper help you acquire a perfect punctuating technique and improve yourself
    on using proper English structure

    need less to say, I am still learning and practising. So ,please do as I say not as I do!

    As you well know, practise makes perfect. The Learning Guide is a perfect tool for practise, as you review it over and over.

  12. Peter says:

    Guys ,at the end I wanna add that I am not suposed to have a fatty breakfast due to high blood sugar and colostrol.My physical care has put me on a diet ,but I can’t stay with the diet.I can’t get my hand off food.

    As you know, there is a good adage that goes:

    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

    Sorry that sometimes have you ,my dear blogmates, as my agony aunts

    yours truly,

  13. emiliano says:

    “I uploaded the whole thing on the file application I installed in my iPhone,so I can study a part” (your words)


    Hi Peter, how did you do it?, I would like but I can´t or I don´t know how to put them in the Ipodtouch that is more or less the same.
    I would like to see the guides which ever place I go with the ipodtouch, I know it´s possible to import the pdf files, but how?

    Take care bro.

  14. Peter says:

    Dear Emiliano,

    There is an application called files it is the image of a blue rectangular notebook in a brownish background i got this for 499 us dollars . I recomend you to get files lite with the capecity of 200 Mb( mega bite) to see if it works for you. You need internet access to use it.when you open the application read the guide. when you open the application,a file number pops up ( comes on the spring board(an ipod touch page is called a spring board). on your computer go to “Map network drive.”

    While there type in the file number in the rectangulat box then press ok. Then ,you can drag the file you want into the file . There is one thing to it must have wireless conection to the must get router to get wireless conection

  15. Peter says:

    When you drag the document into the file .You have it stored there. So,you dont need internet conection to open and read the document. you need wireless interent conection just for transfering the documents to the file application.

  16. Peter says:

    Hope it can help bro,

  17. Peter says:

    Guys we must thank Jeff and Lucy

    We are from different part of the words but we communicate and exchange info to one another through one common langage. it is amazing

    way to teach Jeff and Lucy

  18. Peter says:

    Jeff ,

    I didn’t get what the deal is here. We gonna have warren as your colleags.I mean we gonna have his recordings ,materials,and arrivals here in your progaram.

    Or , it was just a simple introduction to a potentially educational website.

  19. dongsung says:

    I always thank Jeff and Lucy to teach American culture as well as English. It is true that I’ve improve my English skill.

  20. emiliano says:

    Thank you Peter, I´ll try as you said.
    It should be nice to have them in the ipod.

    Regards, and thank you again.

  21. Peter says:

    No problem bro,

    Glad to be any of help.

    After all, a friend who shares is a friend who cares.

  22. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I am a kinda cofee break. I can’t wait to get home to see what you have in your bag about a self-rightous ,obnoxious boss who is trying to mask his inefficiency by pushing people around and micromanaging them in a way that it implies that we are a bunch of good-for nothing junior managers.

    Empowerment is under rated in some workplaces.

    I was under a wrong impression that the worst would be over by the end of holiday season. But, sadly, I couldn’t be more wrong. The worst just started

    I have two huge projects on my plate ,and the dead line is in two weaks; talk about crunching time!
    I believe I must move here if I am gonna get them done!

    Jeff ,
    can’t wait to show me the way out
    but he is a very clever person man
    and ,I know one thing-that is , never con a con man my friend.

    Hope you can help me outsmart him.

  23. emiliano says:


    It cost me a lot, but at the end IT IS.

    Take care bro. emiliano

  24. Peter says:

    Dear Emiliano,you are the man!

    you did it !

    Way to go!

    Oxford has published a an English book called “Oxford Collocations.”

    very interesting book
    it gives you very many interesting pherasal combinations that goes with one vord. The book is very current

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