Annotated English: Gun Parties for Women

Here’s another news article with comments and vocabulary using the SharedCopy website. It’s an article from Voice of America about a strange new type of party for women, where they get together to buy guns! Take a look here.

The article has difficult words highlighted in yellow and a list of definitions on the left side. On the right side are some comments to help you understand the article better. You can also listen to the article by clicking on the MP3 link (below the article’s title).

If you want to read the article first without seeing the vocabulary list, just click on the first box on the top, right of the yellow vocabulary list box. That will close the box for you. To open it again, click that same box again.

To annotate means to give additional information about something, to give more detail. Here I am using the word to indicate that I am adding information (background and definitions) to the article. This is a very traditional form of language instruction, useful mostly for text that you want to read but is too difficult. Normally I recommend people wanting to improve their English to read things that they can understand without extra definitions or dictionaries, but for articles that are just too difficult, this use of a glossary (list of word definitions) can sometimes be helpful.


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8 Responses to Annotated English: Gun Parties for Women

  1. &rey says:

    I sometimes read articles from VOA. In my opinion they are professional but kind of boring. They tell only facts, no humble attitude.
    That is why i like ESLPOD, Jeff is never boring.
    Well VOA and ESLPOD together – it’s great!
    Thank you, Jeff! Keep doing this.

  2. rama says:

    I think stun gun is a good way everyone to protect themselves because it does`nt cause of death and give chance to get help and so forth
    Thank you very much .

  3. Nice topic Jeff… I think that to use guns for to protect yourself make part of american´s culture. But in my opnion isnt the best way to protect yourself.
    Jeff could you explain more about guns into American´s culture ? (in some english cafe maybe)
    We “often” hear at TV bad things happening like students shot others students at university per example.

    I will open a discussion about this topic at ESL Podcast Google Group Google Group.

    Take care

  4. Jeff, I enjoyed the new way for read the VOA Article with help definition include by ESLPOD.

    Nice and useful idea

    Thank you..


  5. Valeriy says:

    Hello Jeff!
    Choosing such a topic is a good idea because we can learn a lot from it about the ways Americans usually use to do their business as well. I don’t even mention new words and their definitions, they are useful to memorize definitely, but how Americans sell to each other different products was really interesting to know. You could see something similar in Russia too. But we never sell things at our homes or at least do it very seldom since we’d rather do it at our working places. I guess it’s because American dwellings are ‘a little bit’ ladger, as a rule, than Russian ones.
    Anyway, a stun gun is a good small machine people invented to feel more safe and confident in case of other greedy ones try making them unhappy.

  6. emiliano says:

    Jeff, you are the one.
    Thank you.

  7. Masaharu Kurosawa says:

    Hi, Jeff
    I could understand easily what this article is saying with your help. Especially, the explanation of background is very useful!
    From this article, I feel deeply that it won’t be long before a gun party is held in Japan, because Japan has been dangerous…
    Thank you for an interesting article, I enjoyed it!!

  8. Sebastian says:

    Don’t want to petty or anything, but Jeff forgot to explain “in bulk” which means “in large quantity”
    Thanks for a decent article.

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