Pampering Your Pet (ESL Podcast 343 – Being Alike and Different)

In today’s episode, we hear two dog owners talk about their “babies.” Munknown.jpegany Americans have pets and they like to pamper (to give every comfort and attention to) those pets.

We talk about different ways that American pet owners pamper their pets in the Culture Note of today’s Learning Guide, including taking pets to a salon, buying clothes for them, taking them to classes, and giving them gourmet food.

These types of pampering are not too unusual, but I came across (encountered) one store that catered to (to be specifically for) pets that was really surprising to me. I was having lunch in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles not too long ago and I saw this store.

Many people say that you can find anything in L.A. if you look hard enough. The name of this store is “Three Dog Bakery” and under the name are the words, “The Bakery for Dogs.” Since I don’t have a dog, I didn’t go in to buy a snack (at least not for a pet), but there were customers in the store doing just that.

Are you a pet owner and do you pamper your pets? What do you think would be going overboard (doing too much)?

~ Lucy

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8 Responses to Pampering Your Pet (ESL Podcast 343 – Being Alike and Different)

  1. Jamshid says:

    Hi Lucy
    I think it’s sometimes exaggerate what the people do with pets .
    I like animals but I believe we have a lot of children in the world that they need a little more attention .
    When I think at this children ,so poor ,so alone ,so helpless I think half of this money or attention is enough for this poor children.
    really poor children in…

  2. Maria says:

    Hi everybody,

    Jamshid, I’m absolutely agree with you. But not only in the 3. World – look around nowadays in Berlin – in rich European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and others there are more and more children in poorness, helpless situations – no understanding, more pressure, lonesomeness and social isolation. Often their (kids) answer is violence.
    The pets – dogs- do what YOU want without contradiction mostly – but children are personalities of themselves – they have the right to request, to discus what they think and even so to fail. That’s their way to learn. And we have to take care of all of them!
    To raise kids is really a wonderful and great even so difficult job. It’s a hard work – CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

    I have three adult children and a little grandchild and I’m really proud of all of them..

    Gruezi from Switzerland

  3. Maria says:

    Thank you ESL- team for these always interesting themes and your really good job.

    With warmest good wishes from Maria

  4. emiliano says:

    I agree absolutly with Jamshid and Maria, and in other way it seems so ridiculous to do such things with pets. I think that is people that are boring and incapacitated to
    love a real person, children, parents, brother and sisters or friends.
    There are lots of persons that need love or our time, even our money to cover esential needs, but an animal need only care, good food, some time.
    friendship and nothing more.
    I like dogs an cats, very much, but never I’ll do such absurd things with them.

  5. Sam says:

    Hi to you,
    Has anybody ever thought about why pet-pampering is very common in western countries? Yes! you are right the answer to this question could partially be due to what I call “loosened family realtionship” in these countries compared to what we see in easteren countries that is “tightened family relationship”. I do not what to go into detailes and explain what is going on in these two types of relationships as I assume everybody has realised it so far. For this reason people in western countries tend to look after their pets in such a luxerious way. We may say that this could be in favour of Animal Rights Low!!! though.


  6. Ellly says:

    Hi, Lucy. I am a pet owner but not kind of person that doing too much to a pet.
    My dog is chihuahua and she is 16 years old, so i was almost grown up with her.
    When i am home, my sister and i pay attention to her. We really love her.
    But we don’t go to the bakery or spend too much money for her.
    We just give our affection to her.
    I think those kind of store, bakery or salon, are for their owner not for their pet.
    My dog is pretty happy without those things.
    As a matter of fact, what i want to say is that “Please, don’t abandon your pet”
    There are people who don’t care about their pet anymore if they are fed up with them.
    Even if the pets are old, getting ugly and being sick, they are still your responsiblilty and your friend.
    When i hear that kind of story or news, i can’t stant it.
    Anyway thanks for today’s posting, Lucy.

    Elly from Korea

  7. Henry L. says:

    Well. Of course, pet is part of your family when you are growing up with. But not that luxury. I do agree with Jamshid and Maria. spend a penny for a poor children need better than a luxury thing for a pet.

    Best ever regards!

    Henry Luong

    Edgewater, NJ

  8. Ruben Castillo says:

    Hello Jeff, Hello Lucy congratulationsyou are doing a great job.

    I’m agree with HenryL. I have a cat (european black cat, in other words, a cat without pedigree) for me is part of my family and we pamper him, but everything has a limit, and buying expensive things for a pet, when in other parts of the world are people dying of hunger is something inmoral.

    Ruben Castillo
    from Barcelona(Spain)

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