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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is Jeff’s birthday, and everyone here at ESL Podcast would like to wish him a very happy 29th birthday, again.

Since none of us here can sing very well, especially Lucy, we’ll let this special guest do the singing for us.

Please join us –as some of you have already — in wishing Jeff a very happy birthday, with many more to come!

84 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jeff!”

  1. Nermin Eminova Says:


  2. habitus Says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff.
    With love, dear Teacher.

  3. Dan Says:


    Congratulations Jeff. Have a good birthday Sir.

    Greetings from Italy.

  4. kelly Says:

    Happy 29th Birthday~ forever!!! I love u, my teacher who lives in Beau~~tiful Los Angeles!

  5. Benoît Says:

    I wish you a nice birthday!
    Since I use your podcasts I’ve made a lot of improvement reading and speaking English.
    Many thanks.

  6. Sergey Says:

    Happy Bday, Jeff. You’re helping me so much with my English! All the best to you

  7. Vinicius Cordeiro Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!
    I thank God For you, you teach me a lot, and the best part is that the podcasts are for free.
    May God bless you

  8. emiliano Says:






  9. jean marie Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!
    Thank you so much for your courses, I’m the double of your age (1955) but I really hope to impove my skills thanks to you(it’s never too late…), I am on the good path! Keep teaching us for a long long time.

  10. Ziba Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Happy Birthday. I wish YOU best whishes.

    I’m sure YOU ARE the best English teacher in the world/ Internet AND Lucy of course.

    I congratulation to YOU and your team as well.

    Your team work is great.

    Best regards,


  11. Giovanni Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

  12. A+M Says:

    Dear Jeff

    Happy birthday to you and GOD bless you.
    I wish you to continue your progressive life and making “terrific” ideas like generating this web site.

    A+M from beautiful Iran

  13. Andrey Says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan,

    Happy Birthday to You! I wish you all the best.

    You are the greatest team together with Lucy and all assistants who help you in doing a very nice job!

    From Ukraine,

    Best regards,

  14. Andreas Says:

    O Captain! My Captain!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Looking younger than you are…

    ; – )
    …from the beautiful city of Haaaaaaamburg in Germany

  15. roberto Says:

    Best wishes for your bday dear Jeff and thank so much for your precious teaching.
    Roberto from the eternal city of Rome

  16. REZA Says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Jeff.

  17. Myo ko ko Says:

    OK, Jeff
    I won’t sing anymore, otherwise my bit horrible voice will get on every one’s nerves here!
    I’d better sit back and listen others sing.

    Hey Lucy
    There you get a credit!
    I really don’t know you can sing that well! 😛

  18. Natalya Says:

    Happy birthday, dear JEFF! I wish you good health! You are THE BEST!
    From Russia.

  19. Lanter Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I wish you a happy birthday in your 50th birthday !
    Welcome to the club!
    All the best and good health.
    Hermann, Olten/Switzerland

  20. Zyga Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    I hope you will be with us as long as we wish.
    God bless you.
    Zyga from Poland

  21. Aécio Flávio Perim Says:

    What else can say other than happy birthday. The worst thing about birthday is that you are one year older. One more! But it doesn’t matter, my friend and teacher, cause the best thing is that you are alive with us.
    Aecio from that country that is down the equator and down the equator there is no sin.

  22. Gastón Guerrero. Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff, I’m really grateful about the work you do with Lucy, you help a lot of people doing podcast.
    so, enjoy the party 😉

  23. Lassana Says:

    I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF !!!

    I hope you’ll continue the most popular way to learn english language, I mean ESL Podcast of course 😉

    Thanks for all and As we say in US ” God bless you ”


  24. Mei Says:

    Happy birthday to Jeff, the best teacher I’ve ever had. Best wishes to you and Lucy.

    From Ottawa in Canada

  25. toufik toudert Says:

    Happy birthday you are great men

  26. Luiz Alberto Del Antonio Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    I wish you much health and peace.
    God bless you… and more important…. your amazing voice… hehehe
    Thanks for all.
    You’re very special in our lives.

  27. Wang Says:

    Hapi Jeff!

    wish you have a long-living life, til the ripe of old age 😀

  28. Jaime Says:

    A big hug. Happy bday, dear teacher. thank U for all.

  29. Vlad Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    Best wishes,

  30. Gilberto Says:

    Hello Jeff,
    My name is Gilberto, I am from Brazil, but I’m living in United Kingdom.
    I just wanna say, happy birthday Jeff, you’re part of my life, because I listen you every day, since I decided definitely learn this beautiful language, I laugh a lot with your jokes, and in this special day for you, for your family and friends as well, I wanna say thank you for to be with us, teaching us this beautiful language, and I hope you continuos with us for many and many years.

    Happy Birthday!


    p.s.: sorry about my mistakes here, as you know I am a learner.

  31. emiliano Says:

    Listening to the Cat, Gatufo has came and said miauuuu hapy birthday Jeff.

    Ja,ja, yes it is true.

  32. Betty Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!??

    You are a great man!

    You are a jolly good fellow!

    I can’t sing well. But please listen to the song below:

    For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow
    For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), which nobody can deny
    Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny
    For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow
    For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), which nobody can deny!

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    Betty from Beautiful and Peaceful ESLPODLAND

  33. Betty Says:

    The Emoticon function does not work after the iphone software update!

  34. Luiz Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff

  35. chris Says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff. I am probably the earliest listerner of ESL Podcast. Thank you for all the contribution you made! I wish you and your family good health ! your biggest fan from Beijing, China.

  36. Mei Says:

    Happy Birthday ,Jeff !

  37. hanmi Says:

    happy 29th birthday and enjoy it in the cat’s meaw, Jeff!

  38. Grover Fonseca Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff, my best wishes and I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day.

  39. Emilio Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    I wish you many more years without Cats!!!

  40. Yan Says:

    Happy Birthday! 29 forever….

  41. Jeff Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and birthday greetings! It is a real honor and pleasure to be able to do what I do, however undeserving I certainly am of your kind words. It is truly the best gift I could ask for!

  42. Theo X Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  43. Al Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jeff.

    I love your site and your programs.

    With best regards.

  44. Alexey Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    For your health! Cheers!

  45. nasim Says:

    happy birthday Jeff,you are very good teacher

  46. Dan Says:

    Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!

    Jeff mayor of LA. Jeff..Jeff!

    He speaks SpanEnglish already!!



  47. Silvia Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!!

    I wish you the best!!

  48. Victoria Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! I wish you all the best!

  49. Øyvor Steinsheim Says:

    Hmm..I knew someone had his birthday this date, but who??? Today I know, so
    dear teacher,

    I hope you had a wonderful day, also thanks a lot for letting me listen to your
    voice. this still, after all these years, makes my days wonderful!! Especially this year,
    my eye sight has bad..then podcasts are my huge comfort!!

    Looking forward to new lessons during the fall and winter time!

  50. Dan Says:

    We want to see Jeff on an Hollywood’s movie..

    JEFF! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!

  51. boba Says:

    Have a great day!

  52. Parviz Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff,
    You are great.
    I hope I shall continue congratulating your 29th birthday more 100000 times.
    Sincere yours,

  53. Alireza Shiri Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff. Thank you for all the things you did for us.

  54. Mehrdad Says:

    I Love you Jeff, happy birthday. :)

  55. Zbyszek Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff !
    No one does for us as much as you and your team.
    I wish you everything the best, good health, happiness and let your dreams come true.
    Just know you are very important person for so many people around the world.

  56. Dan Says:

    Je-eFF! Je-eff! Je-eff!

    President of the US!!

  57. Mohamad Says:

    this is first time that i see your website .really what a good time!!!

  58. daniele Says:

    Happy birthday! I wish you all the best!

  59. Anderson Guimarães Says:

    Hi Jeff, I love your work. Thank you very much for help a lot of people learn english. Happy birthday :)

  60. Veronica Says:

    Happy birthday sensei?You are the best?

  61. luiza Oliveira Says:

    Jeff, Happy Birthday! Thank you for help us to learn English!

  62. Giang Says:

    Happy Birthday To You !!!

    On Behalf of more than 7 billion people in the world, I Wish you all the best.

    Thanks so much for your English.

  63. YaoPingan Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff !
    Thank you very much.

  64. Max Says:

    Happy birthday. Thanks for your cast.

  65. Mario Says:

    I’m in late! Sorry Jeff! But I’m wishing you a very happy birthday!!!

  66. sara Says:

    With all my love.happy birthday jeff.
    wish u all my best.

  67. Aécio Flávio Perim Says:

    I’d like to know how old he is! Anybody knows? Tell me please.
    Aecio from the country that is located down the equator and there is no sin down the equator. Great!

  68. Ozair Says:

    happy birthday jeff !
    wish u all the best me best friend 😉 😀

  69. Ben Says:

    Happy Birthday,Jeff——My best English teacher I’ve ever met.
    Every post you has writen is so worth reading.
    This is the greatest English learning web I’ve ever met.
    Every time I read the post in this web,I feel really happy and enjoy the reading very much.
    The English circumstance supplied to us here bring me much of happiness.
    I have a great time chating with friends from other countries as well through this web site.
    Thanks a lot to Jeff for bring these things to me.

  70. motamaken Says:

    Teacher dear Jeff i used one of your members . Happy birthday DR JEFF,
    i listen to your voice everyday that feel me happy specifically when I commute.
    I hope you live a long, happy years.

    Saudi Arabia

  71. Olga Forero Says:

    Estimado Dr. Jeff,

    Un abrazo grande desde la costa caribe colombiana, un feliz cumpleaños!!!!! Espero tengas un año muy feliz.
    Te agradezco tu dedicación y generosidad en cada podcast, los disfruto mucho. Cada madrugada escucho un nuevo capítulo y aprendo cada día.
    Como se que sabes español decidí escribir este mensaje en mi lengua nativa. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!

    Happy birthday dear professor!!

    all the best,

  72. Myo ko ko Says:

    Hey Aecio

    You really don’t know Jeff’s age?
    Ok, I’ll tell you now and etch it in your brain and ever and never forget!!
    He is much much younger than Emiliano and Betty and
    a bit younger than Dan and
    at the same age as Peter and
    a little bit older than me.

    How about? I guess you get it! 😉 😛

  73. Nasser Says:

    Hi Dear teacher
    Happy birthday dr jeff
    i’ve found your web site recently. it’s amazing. its wonderful and very very helpful. nowadays, almost all time i’m listening your voices and due to dr lucy’s transcriptions, i am improving my english in a pleasant process.
    please upload some academic podcast. I’m preparing myself for Toefl exam.
    thank you the best and the most unforgettable teacher.
    with the best wishes

  74. Aécio Flávio Perim Says:

    Everyone is worried about Jeff’s age. Jeff’s age is a secret. Keep this secret deep in your soul, dear Jeff. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, important is that you are alive and healthy with us. Do you know my age? It is 72! Can you believe that? Spite of my age, I feel very active and with enough strength to keep on making things, specially challenges. So you can be calm and happy. The rest of our classmates may feel lucky for having Jeff as teacher, and a good one.
    Aecio, from the wonderful land below the equator, where there is no sin. Did you know that God was born in Brazil?

  75. Sylvain Labrosse Says:

    It’s never too late to sing ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to someone we really appreciate. I know Jeff, you live in Los Angeles and me and my girlfriend are far away in Montreal (QC, Canada), but for us you really take part of the family. The only problem is that you don’t know us. I know it’s sounds a little strange. :/ I often say to Diane (my girlfriend) that you and I have taken a coffee together. I think I know more the USA than my own country. I’ve been a loyal member for some months but I have already listened to e-ve-ry number of your ‘podcast’ and ‘English Café’. It’s incredible! Thank you a lot dear Jeff (and also Lucy – I like you too, you know!).

    N.B. I have an idea to help you to more appreciate cats. Just need to do this below:

    1 cat cut into roast
    1 can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup
    1 cube of beef bouillon
    1 clove of garlic
    1 Fine Irish Stout, a lot like a popular dark Irish Beer

    Ok it’s a joke, but this recipe really exists. Anyway we are now vegetarian (for somes months) and we’ve never eaten cats before.

    With best regards


  76. Sylvain Labrosse Says:

    I’m still and will remain a loyal member… for ever! 😉

  77. George Louis Says:

    Well, I’m a little late but here I am. I want to wish you a happy birthday teacher Jeff, a lot of health, a lot of cake (hmmmmm) , a lot of fun and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (The cat really represents you, I know how you ‘looooove’ cats). haha :)

    Best Wishes Jeff!!!!!!

  78. emiliano Says:

    English Café no 75…………….Page no 4…..The Sounds of Silence

    Jeff said:

    “The son is very much about sadness, it´s very much about being alone and being in the dark, and that´s how
    he felt Americans felt after the death of John F. Kennedy. I¨m a little too youn to remember tha, I was alive, but just barely,
    I was only about two month old when that happened. I was born on September 24th, 1963, so it was just about
    two months after I was born”.

    Thanks Jeff.

    Take the guide, English Café no. 75 (page nº 4 ) and read about the Sounds of Silence, a song of Paul Simon, over there Jeff conessed
    his age, just the day, the month and the year he was born.

    September 24th 1963 two months before Kennedy was assesinated in Dallas. (Texas). Jeff didn´t remember, but I did
    perfectly well.

    Sorry Jeff, you told us.


  79. Mostafa Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Happy birthday.
    I hope you to be happy and healthy for ever.
    I am from Iran and I have been learning English of you and I hope to be a good English teacher.
    Thanks again, Mostafa

  80. Bpeunthai Says:

    Happy birthday, wish you all the best.

  81. josé Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I wish you a Happy Birthday from the beau…tiful Zaragoza Spain

  82. Josef Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I love your Podcast. Thanks.
    Josef from Germany

  83. Mary Says:

    Happy birthday!
    Best wishes

  84. Roberto Says:

    Let me wish you happy B-day and thank you for being a great teacher. Greetings from Colombia