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Pssssst…Hey, It’s Jeff’s Birthday!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our own Dr. Jeff McQuillan! Dance in the streets, drink some champagne, or just send your good wishes. 

“Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Jeff.
Happy birthday to you!”

We wish you health and happiness for many, many, many years to come!

101 Responses to “Pssssst…Hey, It’s Jeff’s Birthday!”

  1. Hugo Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff.

  2. Andre de Almeida Says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Jeff….

  3. Rodrigo Says:

    happy birthday, Jeff.
    I am an English teacher in Brazil and I use your podcasts in my classes and to improve myself, I do appreciate them, you are the best ever.
    Thanks a lot for the help. And may all your dreams come true.

  4. Idi Oumarou Ibrahim Says:

    “Happy birthday to you, Dr. Jeff McQuillan!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you, Dr. Jeff McQuillan!

    My English is not good enough; otherwise I would write a special poem on this wonderful occasion. I am now content with expessing you my best wishes this way. I wish you all the best, Dr. Jeff McQuillan – in your personal activities and also in your professional activities. In your entire life, I wish you all the best.

    ESL podcast is the leading source of learning English for everyone in the World. About believing that, I am just as strongly sure as my name is Idi.”

  5. rodrigo Says:

    Congratulations dear friend¡¡¡¡¡, happy birthday from the depth of my heart
    How do you feel reaching mid thirties???

    From Venezuela

  6. Vinícius Dutra Says:

    Congratulations, Jeff!

    God Bless You!

  7. Antonio Alves (Brasil) Says:

    Oh, Happy Birthday. You are a young man!
    Thanks for everything!

  8. Rodrigo Says:

    Happy Beerday… ehh.. I mean, Happy Birthday Jeff!! :)

  9. Canan Says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Happy birthday, wish you a long and beautiful years.

  10. Hendrik Says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I wish you all the best!

    Happy birthday from Germany.


  11. Anna Says:

    From Russia with best wishes! Happy Birthday! Thank you for all :)

  12. Mildred Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! I really love you and your podcasts and wish you many happy returns!

  13. Mary Says:

    Happy birthday !!!

  14. Ahmet Says:

    Happy birth day to you from TURKIYE.

  15. Matheus Rodrigues Says:

    Hey Jeff!

    I wish all good things to you…and..I hope you stay alive for many many years….(To make new podcasts for us) hahahaa’

    Congratulations for you and you work!

  16. Tania Says:

    Happy birthday to you , our dear Dr. Jeff. Thanks for your help together with your team in improving our English.


  17. Marcos Borges Says:

    Congratulations from Brazil!

  18. nita Says:

    Happy birthday to you from me, too. Thank you for your great podcast and the nice speaking. (And thank You to the team wich helps to produce the podcast, despite you don’t have birthday today)
    I wish you no cats around your house, some freetime to relax and a party with lot’s of sympathic guests.

    best greetings with cacao,


  19. Olya Says:

    Jeff, best wishes for your birthday from Ukraine! I wish you many years of happiness. Always be so open, so friendly, so humorous as you are:)

  20. Marcin Says:

    Wszystkiego najlepszego :)

  21. Andre Says:

    Hey, Jeff

    happy birthday to you.
    I’m sending this from wet cold Germany.


  22. RoMaN :-) Says:

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations …
    Happy birthday, Jeff!
    … I never fail to hear your podcasts …

  23. pluton Says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff. You’re great. Thanks for the podcasts!

  24. Julio Says:

    Have a good day, Dr. Jeff, and if you drink, don’t drive!

  25. Taís Cerruti Says:

    Not just a year older, but a year better.

  26. Danka Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! :)

  27. Khalid Says:

    Many Many happy returns of the day Dr. McQuillan.

  28. Miki Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

  29. Jiwon Says:

    Happy forever Jeff :]

  30. François Says:

    Happy birthday to you from Paris, France, and best wishes to you and your team. Many thanks for your podcast.

  31. Rodrigo Teixeiradr Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!



  33. Gang Says:

    Happy birthday!!!! You should make an episode of that ;D

  34. MaRRy Says:

    Health, money and love
    Cheers !!!

    Happy Bday …… Lets party :)

  35. Marielle Anne Says:

    In French from Quebec city

    Bon anniversaire
    Le temps passera
    Comme la rivière qui coule là-bas
    Bon anniversaire
    Le temps te laissera
    Quelques rides au front qui t’embelliront.

    Happy birthday
    The time will pass
    As the river which flows over there
    Happy birthday
    The time will leave you
    Some wrinkles in the forehead which will embellish you.

    Thanks, thanks

  36. kiyo Says:

    Happy birthday to you , Dr. Jeff !
    Thanks for teaching me English.

  37. Ruyet Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff.
    Good Health and God
    Bless you. Many thanks.

  38. Matheus Leme Says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff… I wish you all the greatest things in the life! God bless you every day!

  39. Anna Says:

    happy birthday Jeff
    have a happy day (your day)
    I think this site is wonderful
    and I love to read and study in here
    thanks a lot (always i think) . Jeff and ESL Podcast team

  40. abudy Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff
    from saudi arabia :)

  41. Vaclav Says:

    Happy birthday and all the best to you, Jeff.

    Vaclav and your friends from the Czech Republic

  42. Horst Says:

    Only one day too late is also too late! Happy Birthday, Jeff and many thanks for your podcasts.

  43. Talal Says:

    happy birthday Dr. jeff happy birthday Dr.Jeff
    happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you

  44. Nothing but flowers Says:

    Happy birthday, Dr.Jeff !

  45. emiliano Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    in this new year of your life that begins I wish you and your family days full of happiness, good humor and prosperity.
    Also joining my voice to all the bloger´s friends I sing to you: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you….”
    Have a nice weekend full of gifts and good feelings around you.

  46. Joyce Says:

    Happy Birthday Dr.Jeff! Love your voice! Wish you all the best and happy always =p

  47. ebbel Says:

    happy birthday from germany to jeff!

  48. Tema Says:

    Dear Jeff!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    I wish you whatever you want!
    Thanks for everything!

  49. Esmaeil Says:

    Wow! :)

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff

    You’re definitely one of the greatest men of all time. I wish you 100 birthday celebrating more to come.

    We all owe you so very much.

  50. gregorex Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!

  51. Eric Says:

    Happy Birthday from Eric, Wish you all the best !

  52. sara Says:

    Happy birthday Dear Jeff.Wish you the best always.

  53. Linda Says:

    happy birthday to you.send my best wishes to you.wish you happy everyday.appreciate you and your team taking so great podcast to improve our english.

  54. Nima Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Stay young & cool as you are.

    Happy birthday to you from Iran.

  55. Mei Jiang Says:

    Happy birthday to you, Jeff, the best English teacher in the world. Happy every day!

  56. Tom Says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I hope you are doing well.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up good work.


    Tom from Hungary, Budapest

  57. Karengera Daniel Says:

    All best wishes from Rwanda. Happy birthday Jeff. I wish you a happy long life!! May God be with you!

  58. bakhtyarblue Says:

    Happy birthday Dr.Jeff we are really helpful for giving push or making progress for me and other listeners and readers, keep going, this time for another anniversary of ESLPOD, and Dr.Lusy birth day, instead of ELSPOD listeners and readers tell LUSY to show herself in the video that you may prepared it for next june. anyway recently i have prepared and translated a mini book from English into Kurdish- i live in the north part of IRAQ Eribil province. it contains two parts IDIOMS or English phrases and another part deals with SLANGS, hopefully next week will try to published it.


  59. david Says:


  60. Marcelo Says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff! coming to you from Brazil.

  61. ghcc Says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff!

  62. Julian Says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Jeff.

  63. magda Says:

    Happy Birthday from Brazil . ( Feliz Aniversario). Hugs.

  64. Laurent Herman Says:

    I’m late but I wish you a happy birthday. My students and I all like you so much. Not forgetting Lucy of course!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  65. Meli Says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff.
    I wish you the best.
    I usually read your podcast but my english isn’t good enough.
    From Madrid a friend of Emiliano. Meli

  66. juan lara Says:


  67. Ali Says:

    Happy birthday to you dear Jeff. Is this the 29th anniversarry of your birthday again?! You look like it. Many, many thanks to you.
    Hope, some day, people talk about an ancient Jeff who has lived for hunderd years, and has provided English learning resources for many people around the world. People who owe Jeff and all Eslpod team.

    Ali, from ancient Iran

  68. Leslie Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Wish everything is going well to you
    And thank you so much for all of the effort for teaching us English
    This is my favorite English learning website
    Thank you
    and Happy Birthday to you

  69. André Says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!

  70. Fuad Says:

    happy birthday to Dr. Jeff.
    you’ve the most effective way of educating, as i believe. thank you and may Allah bless your lifetime for the favor of the learners

  71. Michele Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Thanks for this site, have a nice Holiday 😉

  72. Miklós Says:

    Boldog születésnapot Jeff!

  73. Boby Says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Happy Birthday to you, (you belong to zoo. You smell like a monkey and looks like one too). Or something like that you once wrote here, and I would remember this forever.
    But seriously, I wish you well and keep up excellent job!

  74. FCO JAVIER Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Dr Jeff and many thanks for your excelent Job
    Have a nice day

  75. Barbara Says:

    I’m glad to hear you add your age(??)!!
    But for the femail doesn’t like.
    Thank you and your coworker do the best for ESL students!!

  76. Øyvor Says:

    Dear teacher!

    Better late than never.. CONGRATULATIONS=))
    I wish you all the best for the coming years..
    I guess you celebrated your day on one of those healthy restaurants;)

  77. Kobe.Su Says:


  78. Clover Says:

    Happy birthday to Jeff!Great worker for english learner.wish you happy the whole life.

  79. Giulio Says:

    Happy birthday from Italy!
    Tanti Auguri Jeff

  80. roberto Says:

    Hello Jeff!
    I hope you have a pleasant day of birthday.
    We take pride in being your pupils because we continue learning english…
    Happy birthday!

  81. Farahnaz Says:

    Happy birthday to you, Jeff.
    I’m really sorry, I’m late. I was so busy to go to your website, so I didn’t know that.
    Keep your best job. I enjoy hearing you. I’d like to write an excellent sentence to show my appreciation of all your hard work. but I don’t know how.
    I wish you the best wishes.

  82. emiliano Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
    …sorry for the late 😛

  83. Sara Says:

    Ha den äran/happy birthday to you from Sweden.


  84. roberto Says:

    Feliz Aniversário!!! (Happy Birthday in portuguese) and very, very, very thanks for this wonderful podcasts.

  85. anhbui Says:

    Happy belated birthday to you, Jeff ^.^

  86. Paul Olalde Says:

    Dr. Jeff,

    May I wish you best available in spiritual and material kingdoms in this vast universe. May you find strenght and happiness to face all kind of difficulties you may encounter, may you have intelligence, understanding and clarity. May this be spread all over you and your loved ones, and the loved ones of your loved ones.

    PS. your english podcast is of great quality and helpful.
    Thanks to the ESL TEAM too.

  87. rafael Says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff ,you are my hero, my idol even my teacher and an exelent friend…congratulations…. to lucy too…

  88. Nicth Says:

    Happy birthday

  89. pedro Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Teacher, people like you deserve living many many many many years beacuse their great contribution to the growing og others
    God bless you and your family today and ever.

  90. gero Says:

    Happy birthday dear jeff. god bless you and your family.

  91. Mario Says:

    Hi Jeff!
    I’m a little late to wish you a happy bithday!
    But I think that congratulations are always well accepted, if they are sincere!!!
    So, I wish you a very happy birthday!!!

    Mario (from Rome – Italy)

  92. Matteo Says:


  93. João Luiz Says:

    In Portuguese

    Parabéns pra você
    Nessa data querida
    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida.

    Happy birthday!!

  94. Sangwon Says:

    Saeng Il Choo Ka Hae Yo(Korean). Happy birthday, Jeff. Thank you for your pod-casting.

  95. Manuel Says:

    All best wishes from Galicia (Spain).
    Happy birthday Jeff.
    Saudos e unha aperta

  96. Jeff McQuillan Says:

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment here and wish me a happy birthday! I am very grateful for all of your good wishes. It is a real honor and privilege to be small part of your lives and to receive such wonderful messages from all over the world.

    I’ll take this opportunity to wish all of YOU a happy birthday, too, and hope that you will be as lucky as I am in celebrating your start of a new year of life. Most importantly, now that I’m 47, I feel so much wiser and knowledgeable than what I was when I was only 46. I was such a fool back then!

    With much gratitude,

  97. Sanaz Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Jeff!
    Hope to have a great life along with your wife!!

  98. Fabio Says:

    Jeff Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Fabio Bastos

  99. Gianluca Says:

    Happy Birthday from Italy dear Jeff

  100. Sanjiv Jindal Says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff

    I am listening your podcasts regularly for last few days. I am thankful to you and god for getting this useful site fortunately to improve my English. But every time one thing is disturbing me. I want to know, why you always pronounce g sound with n sound.

    Sanjiv Kumar Jindal

    Moga, Punjab, India

  101. Oscar Says:

    I hope you had a great birthday party Dr. Jeff McQuillan. Thanks for all your hard work.