ESL Podcast in The China Post Newspaper

Many thanks to Professor Bill Templar of the University of Malaysia for his letter to The China Post last week. Professor Templar recommends ESL Podcast to those interested in improving their English.

You can see his letter published here.


Canadian Pharmacists Association

The Canadian Pharmacists Association, previously known as the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, was founded in 1907 in Toronto, Ontario. CPhA is the national voice of Pharmacists in Canada, representing pharmacists practising in various fields of pharmacy in community, hospital, academia, government and corporate settings, plus pharmacy students. Its mission is advancing the health and well-being of Canadians through excellence in pharmacist care. In 2014 CPhA adopted a new governance and membership model, most provincial pharmacy advocacy associations (PPAs) and select national pharmacist associations (NPAs) have become Organizational Members of CPhA. Their individual pharmacist and pharmacy student members are now CPhA Associates. The CPhA Board of Directors is made up of representatives appointed by each Organizational Member. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the broad direction of the association.

Americans importing viagra from Canadian pharmacy online, at the very least to cut down on their prescriptions, and sometimes cases even to afford life-saving drugs. But I’ve seen these bills before and FDA is always behind their failure – but what about this time?

Canadian Pharmacists Association

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  1. Ari Fernando Ramos says:

    It´s not surprise for me that ESL Podcast be recommended as an outstanding English course.
    My congratulations to Jeff and Lucy

  2. Grzegorz says:

    He has very good taste 🙂

  3. Wilma says:

    He DOES know what quality and commitment are.

  4. Joyce says:


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