Grandma Moses and Her Paintings (English Cafe 126)

In today’s English Cafe 126, Jeff talked about the famous American painter Grandma Moses. Jeff talked about her style of “folk art” and it’s depiction (representation) of rural life, or life in the countryside. By looking at her paintings, we can get a sense (have an idea) of what life was like in rural American at the beginning of the 20th century.

These are pictures of Grandma Moses, who, as Jeff mentioned, began to paint in her 70’s and lived until the age of 101.


Here are a few of her paintings:



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8 Responses to Grandma Moses and Her Paintings (English Cafe 126)

  1. Wow.. Wonderful. You are never too old to learn!


  2. Sara says:

    Very interesting subject. It is also very inspiring for me. Actually I love painting but since I am engineering student I hardly can find some free time to do that. This story made me hopeful 🙂
    Thanks Lucy and Jeff!

  3. emiliano says:

    Oh, she did people like my father did, yes indeed same faces, same colours, and he began to paint with 83 years old. He started to go to learn how to paint with that age and he was going to that school more than 4 years , and from that age he has painted more than 100 pictures. I have some of them, but of course he didn’t paint as good as Grandma Moses. I like her paints quite a lot, and reminds my father’s.
    At father¡s home all walls are covered with his pictures, that’s very nice. Now he is 94 years old and with relative good healt, but his eyes doesn’t good to see colours so he stopped last year, after my mam was dead.
    He started to paint because he was alone, as my mother wasn’t with him. She was in other place for old and a little insanne people, so he has to do other things in other to be good, not quite sad. And painting was great, also he kowns other yournger fellows that estimulate his friendship and he didn’t feel so alone.
    We have inside some creativity that only in bad times, or when it is neccesary appears silently. I know it quite well.
    ¡Bravo to Grandma Moses¡, I like her pictures and her nice creativity.

  4. Rama says:

    I love painting . May be someday I would start painting. It makes me cheer up

  5. kamran says:

    i liked this episode so much. and you chose a very interesting personality. she started to paint no matter how was her paintings. now see she is alive after many years in your episode and we are writing comments and admiring her work and spirit. at least she didnt sit idle and left inspirations for others. thanks for choosing such topices and themes. i love to listen your every podcast and i eagerly wait for the next esl cafe episode. thanks for the free mp3 files. God bless you. keep up the good work. i pray that God showers His choicest blessings on all the staff of esl podcast. thanks.

  6. s johnson says:

    my mom found an gmm painting on the back fo a yarn pic of trees upstate. it was found in an estate sale in fl she noticed it because it is indentical to a pic in the st pete times . the caldren is in a different spot but i think there more to the people in the picture i feal like she knew them like the lady in the blue dress w white apron but all the buildings are identical as well as the seenary in the back ground. are these worth much money not that we would ever part w it

  7. Matthew J says:

    I have to do a project on her and she is really interesting I loved her paintings and she looks alot like granny on beverly hillbillys lol

  8. sarah says:

    my mom loves her and her paintings, and now i do mom paints very well and some of her paintings are like grandma moses’ s. my uncle nick really likes painting and appreciates the country scenes(of grandma moses). even I like painting very much and i’ m very good in art at school!

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