Accessing the Website from Iran

Comment from Ali from Iran:

PS: I’d like to also express my discontent (unhappiness) about your site. I am a Persian native and live in Iran, but your site seems likely to be closed to our country. We have to use proxies (substitutes) to browse your site. I hope political atmosphere and canard (false information) about our public nation will not affect your trust.


We want everyone to have access to ESL Podcast, no matter what country they live in. We at are not blocking Iran or any other country. We have had other Iranian listeners tell us about this problem, and we investigated (researched) by contacting our hosting company (the company that owns the computer servers we use). After looking at the information provided by these listeners, our hosting company tells us that our website is being blocked in Iran, not the U.S. We are not sure what the real situation is, however. We only have the information that our hosting company gave us.

If you are in a country where you are having difficulty accessing our website and you have a workaround or another way to gain access, please post a comment here so other listeners can use that information.

Thanks to Ali and our other listeners who are listening to ESL Podcast despite these hurdles (difficulties).

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4 Responses to Accessing the Website from Iran

  1. emiliano says:

    Dear Ali from Iran, I think people from Iran are nice people and I know that this is true because when I was working I have some relationship with some Persians like you, and I do declare they all were as good as we all, or mayself, may be.
    It doesn’t matter where we are from, and we do not mind about the false information that some newspaper may tell about Iran or other countryes, nothing to be with the real persons that live over there.
    I know also that ESL doesn’t block Iran or other countryes, as many times I have listned Jeff replying questions of people living in your beatifull country.
    You are an old and wise civilitation, with so many years of tradition and culture. Best wishes for all of you.
    Regards from emiliano (spain)

  2. Shayan says:

    Dear Ali,

    I’m from Iran too, I came across with the problem with u mentioned, but I finally found out it is neither to do with ESLPod nor to filtering system in Iran. Just some ISPs cannot access ESLPod, that’s it, I don’t know why but this is the fact. The only thing u need to do is just change ur ISP, that’s to say, try different Internet card or different connection numbers if u r using dial-up connection.
    At the time when I cannot access ESLPod using one ISP, another easily may be good.
    I hope that it helps…


  3. Ali says:

    Thanks very much to for their warm reply, and to my friends Emiliano and Shayan as well.

    And a word to my friends in Iran and other countries where this website may probably be unreachable or hard to access; I temporarily could bypass this problem by using a web proxy named UltraSurf. You can download it for free from:
    This solution, however, may be defective in some regions, but I think it works for most cases.

    Good luck all…

  4. Mehrdad says:

    Thanks so much to dear Jeff
    this is the Government that has destroyed any thing , with worst wishes for this system of governing and for our governors

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