's Guide to the TOEFL® Test Podcast

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Monday, January 16, 2006

TOEFL® Podcast #15

Directions on Campus

Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 0:50
Explanations: 2:27
Fast dialog: 13:44
Questions: 14:51

Simon: Hey, Paula, how’s it going?

Paula: I’m doing all right, not too shabby. Where are you headed to?

Simon: I need to go to the student health center. I’ve felt lousy for the past week, and I figured it was time to see a doctor. Besides, I haven’t had a checkup in ages. Good thing I have that mandatory health insurance.

Paula: Do you know the way from here?

Simon: To be honest, I’m a bit lost. I was told that the center was located across from the student union and next to the administration offices, but I can’t seem to find it.

Paula: Do you have a class schedule with you?

Simon: Sure, I think I stuck one in my backpack this morning.

Paula: There’s a map on the back page. Let’s take a look. Let’s see, we’re here and the health center is here. Just walk past that brown building over there and you should run right into it.

Simon: Thanks. Oh, no! I forgot my student ID!

Paula: I’ve got an extra few minutes. Perhaps I can walk you back to your dorm to get it.

Simon: Gee, thanks. I appreciate it.