's Guide to the TOEFL® Test Podcast

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Monday, November 14, 2005

TOEFL® Podcast #7

Doing a Project Together

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:26
Explanations: 3:35
Fast dialog: 12:55
Questions: 14:27

W: Well, while we’re waiting for the other two members of our group, let’s read through the assignment guidelines for this group project. We’re supposed to come up with a presentation on one of the topics on this list.

M: Yeah, and the professor said that we have to work collaboratively. How long does the presentation need to be?

W: It’s supposed to be 15 minutes. We’re going to be graded on the presentation itself, and on how well we work as a team.

M: Okay, let’s get moving on it while we’re waiting. What do we do first? Maybe we should decide on a topic.

W: I don’t think we can do that without the other two people. Let’s brainstorm on what the major tasks are that need to be done.

M: Sure, that makes sense. Then, we can assign responsibility to each of us for the tasks. We want everyone pulling their own weight. We need to research the topic and write up an outline for the presentation. Someone needs to actually give the presentation.

W: Well, I think it may be a good idea for all of us to give some part of the presentation, to share the load. For instance, one of us could do the introduction and conclusion, and one of us could give the historical background. Then, someone else could give the facts and figures and one of us could handle the graphics. What do you think?

M: That sounds okay to me. Here comes the other two. Let’s bring them up to speed.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse