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Monday, November 28, 2005

TOEFL® Podcast #9

Exam Results

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 0:47
Explanations: 3:03
Fast dialog: 13:34
Questions: 15:11

Woman: Hi, what are you doing?

Man: I’m preparing for the exam this week.

M: What did you get on the last test?

W: I really blew it. I got a 78. The professor graded on a curve and I got a “C-“. I just don’t do well on multiple choice tests. Last semester when I took the prerequisite, the professor had open-book tests. They were still hard but I did a lot better on those.

W: Well, a 78 isn’t so bad.

M: Yes, it is. And, it’s worth a large part of our grade.

W: Really? How much?

M: According to syllabus, it’s worth 40% of our final grade. How did you do?

W: I got lucky. I got a 91. I’m okay taking multiple choice, true-false, and short answer exams. It’s the essay tests that trip me up. It’s so hard for me to organize my ideas when the test is timed and there’s a proctor standing over me. I just stare at the blank blue book pages and panic.

M: You got a 91! You must be pulling a solid “B” in the class.

W: I would be if I had done better on the last two quizzes. I think I have a “C” average right now.

M: It sounds like we’re both trying to raise our final grades in this class. Do you want to study together for the next exam? It’s supposed to be a mix of short answer, multiple choice, and essay questions.

W: Sure, I guess so, but you’d better bring the pizza.

M: Sure, you’ve got it.