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Monday, April 24, 2006

TOEFL® Podcast #24

University Bookstore

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Audio Index
Slow dialog: 1:06
Explanations: 3:19
Fast dialog: 16:22
Comprehension Question: 17:47

I went to the bookstore to buy the textbooks I needed for this semester. I went in and saw that the books were organized alphabetically by department. I found the Chemistry department under the “C’s”, but, I couldn’t find the books for the class I was taking. I asked one of the clerks.

Student: Excuse me, I’m having trouble finding the books for Chemistry 205. Could you help me?

Clerk: Sure. That’s Chemistry 205, right? Okay, that would be over here. What course section?

Student: Let me see. It’s section four with Professor Jackson.

Clerk: For that section, there’s a textbook and a course reader. There’s also a set of course notes.

Student: Oh, okay. If I get them and they’re the wrong ones, what’s the return policy?

Clerk: You can return textbooks within two weeks. You can return course readers, course notes, and lab notes, too, as long as they’re unopened. Just make sure you have the receipt.

Student: Wow, this textbook is $95. Are there any used copies and are all of these required?

Clerk: Sorry, but it doesn’t look like they’re any used ones and, yes, they’re all required, not optional.

Student: Okay, thanks. I also need to get a backpack, some notebooks, pens, and index cards.

Clerk: Those will be on the second floor. Anything else you need?

Student: No, that’s it. Thanks a lot.