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Monday, April 17, 2006

TOEFL® Podcast #23

Looking for a Class

Script by Meropi Peponides

Audio Index
Slow Dialog: 1:05
Explanations: 2:49
Fast Dialog: 14:27
Questions: 15:37

Christie: Hey, Garret, how’s it going?

Garret: Christie, what’s up? I’m doing alright. Really busy though.

Christie: How come? It’s only the first week. You don’t have homework yet, do you?

Garret: No, but I’m going to a bunch of classes to try to figure out which ones I want to take. So far I’ve chosen five, but I’m going to have to drop one.

Christie: Really? Which classes are you taking? I’m only taking three classes, but I’m looking for a fourth.

Garret: I have three history classes and two psych classes. My major is history, so I’m really trying to get those out of the way. I’m want to graduate at the end of this year.

Christie: That’s cool. I’m actually a pysch major. Which of your psychology classes do you like the best?

Garret: I really like Psych 123. It’s with Professor McCann, who is great. You should see if there are any openings so you can enroll in it.

Christie: Yeah, I’ll go online later today to see. I’ve heard good things about Professor McCann, too.

Garret: Hey, what are you doing right now?

Christie: Um, I was just going to walk home. Why?

Garret: The class starts in 10 minutes. You should come with me and check it out.

Christie: That’s a great idea. I’d love to!