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ESL Podcast 929 Ė Trying to Locate Someone 2013-09-13
ESL Podcast 929 Ė Trying to Locate Someone
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Tags: Daily Life
Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:01
Explanations: 2:41
Fast dialog: 14:04
Carmen: Hi, Iím looking for Waldo. I was told that he comes in here from time to time. Have you seen him?

Antonio: Waldo? I havenít seen him in a while. He comes in sometimes, but itís pretty hit-and-miss.

Carmen: I canít seem to pin him down. Every time I think Iím hot on his trail, Iím too late. Heís skipped town or has gone underground.

Antonio: Thatís Waldo. Heís the most elusive person I know. I think he actually enjoys playing a game of cat and mouse with people who are trying to locate him.

Carmen: Iím starting to get that feeling. Iíve been trying to track him down for over two months.

Antonio: He does seem to have a sixth sense and knows when to vanish.

Carmen: Iím starting to think he doesnít really exist and that heís just a figment of my imagination.

Antonio: Itís funny you should say that. I think his ultimate goal is to be invisible, just another face in the crowd.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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