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ESL Podcast 648 – Working on Commission 2011-01-03
ESL Podcast 648 – Working on Commission
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Tags: Business
Audio Index:
Slow dialogue: 1:17
Explanations: 3:00
Fast dialogue: 16:04
Dennis: I just got a new sales job and I’m going to be making a bundle.

Irene: What kind of job is it?

Dennis: I’ll be working strictly on commission. The more I sell, the more I earn. It’s a great opportunity for someone with my talents in sales.

Irene: I know you’re great at sales and I’m sure you’ll do well, but you can’t coast in a job based on commissions. You’ll have to work really, really hard.

Dennis: I’m not worried. For me, selling is second nature. I’ll barely have to lift a finger and the profits will come rolling in.

Irene: But isn’t your paycheck going to be in flux all the time? You’ll never know what your take-home pay will be.

Dennis: There’s no cap on how much I can earn, so the sky’s the limit.

Irene: That’s not exactly what I meant. Some weeks, it may be hard to live on what you earn, don’t you think?

Dennis: What? Do I hear a hint of uncertainty in your voice?

Irene: No, it’s just that…

Dennis: Put your mind at ease. I could sell ice to Alaskans!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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