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ESL Podcast 411 - Eating Junk Food 2008-09-26
ESL Podcast 411 - Eating Junk Food
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Tags: Dining
Audio Index:
Slow dialogue: 1:31
Explanations: 3:03
Fast dialogue: 13:36
Frank: Hand me that bag of potato chips.

Katie: Here. You mean you're still hungry after two burgers and French fries?

Frank: Yeah, I am. I'm a growing boy. Where's the popcorn?

Katie: I can't believe we're eating all of this junk food. I'm supposed to be watching what I eat.

Frank: Forget about it. Who can watch a football game without stuffing their faces? It's an American tradition.

Katie: Where did you get those candy bars?

Frank: Some kids were selling them door- to-door and I thought it was my duty to buy some.

Katie: It was your duty to buy 10 candy bars?!

Frank: What can I say? I'm a softy.

Katie: I'm getting another soda. Do you want one?

Frank: No, thanks. But while you're up, can you hand me the phone?

Katie: Sure, why?

Frank: I'm ordering a pizza.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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