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ESL Podcast 1188 – Advertising to Children 2016-03-07
ESL Podcast 1188 – Advertising to Children
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Tags: Business
Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:16
Explanations: 2:40
Fast dialog: 14:53
James: Look at that! It’s commercial after commercial. It’s terrible how advertisers are going after kids.

Vicky: They’re just doing their job, marketing to a lucrative demographic.

James: But just look at what our kids are bombarded with: toy commercials and junk food ads!

Vicky: Children’s television is no different from any other type of programming. Commercials are a fact of life.

James: But don’t you think it’s wrong to manipulate young viewers with these commercials? Aren’t they more susceptible to false advertising?

Vicky: Shh! That’s our company’s product commercial. It really gets your attention, doesn’t it?

James: Yeah, it’s grand, just grand.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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