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ESL Podcast 1185 – Smuggling Across Borders 2016-02-26
ESL Podcast 1185 – Smuggling Across Borders
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Tags: Travel
Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:40
Explanations: 3:57
Fast dialog: 17:36
Christina: What is the holdup? There are cars backed up for half a mile.

Harry: I bet the border patrol is looking for smugglers.

Christina: Do you really think so? I wonder if there could be a drug mule in one of these cars carrying illegal drugs.

Harry: It might be drugs, but it could be any kind of contraband. I’ve heard that there’s a problem with gunrunning and other kinds of arms trafficking across these borders.

Christina: Maybe they’re looking for people trying to sneak into this country without permission.

Harry: Or they could be looking for people trying to import exotic species without permission.

Christina: What kinds of exotic species?

Harry: Plants and animals that aren’t allowed to be brought into this country, at least not without quarantine.

Christina: Plants? You mean like these herb plants I bought?

Harry: I doubt if they’re prohibited. Wait, you can’t leave the car!

Christina: What if this is contraband and they catch me with it?

Harry: They’ll confiscate it and send us on our way.

Christina: Are you sure?

Harry: Sure, I’m sure. They’d be much more interested in the bats I’m smuggling in my pants anyway.

Christina: What?!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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