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ESL Podcast 782 Ė Expressing Bitter Feelings 2012-04-16
ESL Podcast 782 Ė Expressing Bitter Feelings
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Tags: Relationships
Audio Index:
Slow dialogue: 1:10
Explanations: 3:01
Fast dialogue: 13:03
Laurent: Iím done with women! Theyíre liars and manipulators.

Julie: Let me guess. Youíve had a bad breakup?

Laurent: It wasnít just bad. It was monumentally awful. Iím never going to date again.

Julie: Youíre just feeling bitter right now, but youíll get over it. You wonít always feel so jaded. Wait a second. Did you break up with Brittany?

Laurent: Yeah, Iíve told you about her before.

Julie: I remember. Donít you guys have an on-again, off-again relationship? I mean havenít you guys broken up before?

Laurent: Yeah, but this was the absolute end. Weíre not getting back together.

Julie: But didnít you say that three months ago? Maybe thereís still a chance for reconciliation.

Laurent: Absolutely not! Brittany walked all over me and didnít care one iota about my feelings. Iíll never talk to her again. As far as Iím concerned, sheís persona non grata!

[Phone rings]

Julie: Hello. Oh hi, Brittany. Yes, heís here. Itís Brittany and she wants to talk to you. Do you want to talk to her?

Laurent:! Oh, give me that phone!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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