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Simple English Stories 1: The Turtle and the Rabbit

Learn English Through Simple English Stories for Kids (and Adults!)

Are your children trying to learn English?
Are their English lessons boring or too difficult?
Do they still have trouble speaking English, although they have studied for years?

Listen to a Sample $8.99

Simple English Stories for Kids (and Adults!) is the answer! Simple English Stories are children’s stories written at a low level. These fun and exciting stories include useful vocabulary that is repeated many times in an interesting and meaningful way within the story. Hearing English used many times while hearing a fun story will help children learn English quickly and in a fun and exciting way!

Learning While Having Fun

With Simple English Stories, you and your children will be able to:

  • Increase comprehension of English by listening to easy English sentences
  • Improve English fluency by reading along with the story
  • Learn new words by listening to them over and over again in different stories
  • Have fun listening to classic children’s stories…in real English!

Something For Adults and Older Children, Too!

For older children and adults, each Simple English Stories contains a “Bonus Story” that takes a fresh and different look at the traditional classic story (Story A). This is a humorous and fun way to introduce useful vocabulary. Children and adults can listen together to Simple English Stories—and learn English together!

How it Works

Each Simple English Story is divided into three parts to give your child (and you) many chances to learn important and useful vocabulary and to become more and more comfortable listening to and reading English.

  • Story A: This is a classic, popular children’s story that all Americans know. It is told simply, with many repetitions of important new words, but in a fun and interesting way within the story. (Beginner Level)
  • Story B: This is a new and original children’s story that uses at least 60% of the important vocabulary from Story A. The listener gets another opportunity to hear this useful language in an interesting and fun story. (Beginner Level)
  • Story C – Bonus Story: This story takes a new and funny look at the classic story in Story A, from a completely different point of view. This story introduces new vocabulary and is intended for older children and adults. You, too, will learn new and useful English while being entertained by a humorous and interesting story. (Intermediate Level)

Don’t Just Listen – Read it, too!

Get the most out of Simple English Stories by following along with the Learning Guide, which has a complete written transcript of every word in all three stories.

Each Learning Guide contains:

  • A complete transcript of every word in the story – you can read along to everything you hear!
  • A complete list of the vocabulary and expressions used in the story
  • Definitions of all the important vocabulary and expressions in the story
  • Extra sample sentences using the new vocabulary words correctly in context

These Learning Guides give you everything you need to help your child understand the English and have fun at the same time.

Note: This is an MP3 and PDF course you download immediately after purchasing; we do not send you physical books or CDs. After you purchase the course, you have 7 (seven) days to download your files.

Simple Stories 1:

Story A: The Turtle and the Rabbit

  • Listen to the story (slow)
  • Listen to the story at normal speed (fast)

Story B: Lena Runs a Race

  • Listen to the story (slow)
  • Listen to the story at normal speed (fast)

Story C (Bonus Story): Television Interview with Rabbit

  • Listen to the story (slow)
  • Listen to the story at normal speed (fast)