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ESL Podcast’s Seventh Anniversary

ESL Podcast celebrates its seventh anniversary this month. We started our podcast back in 2005, and since then have produced more than 1,100 episodes, or around 450 hours of English to listen to and learn from. We’ve enjoyed every minute of these past seven years, and are very appreciative for having the opportunity to help people from every country of the world improve their English.

As we do every year, we want to thank all of those who have made ESL Podcast possible, including: Adriano, our wonderful webmaster; Jessica, our fantastic main writer and customer service expert; Sue, our post-production genius, and our other writers and helpers.

A special thanks goes to Warren Ediger of for his always interesting and excellent blog posts on American life and culture.

Most importantly, we want to thank YOU, our listeners, and especially our subscribers and donors.  We could not do what we do without your support, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Note: In the past we have had a special video for the anniversary, but this year, due to some technical problems, we were unable to produce one. However, we hope you’ll look forward to our 8th Anniversary Video next year!

Jeff & Lucy

Photo credit: Isaac Newton’s Seven Colors of the Rainbow, Wikipedia CC

51 Responses to “ESL Podcast’s Seventh Anniversary”

  1. Dan Says:

    Congratulations Guys!

    No problem for the video. We’ll await patiently untill next year.


  2. Warren Says:

    Congratulations Jeff and Lucy!

    Wow! Almost 1200 podcasts. What a wonderful service, a gift really, to English learners around the world.

    It’s a delight to be a part of your extended family.

    Warren Ediger

  3. Mine Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your seventh anniversary.
    Thank you Jeff and Lucy and all ESL Podcast team , for this
    job great


  4. Dim Says:

    Dr Jeff, Dr Lucy and Team,
    Thanks for great job! I’ve joined your Podcast not from beginning and listened to previous segments – from the beginning, and the most re?ent ones. I admit that the level of your podcasts has increased and now most of your stuff is really elaborated and helping thinking in modern English. I said most of them for not to include podcasts about pets among them! I agree with you, Dr Jeff, dogs are OK, but cats.. you definately shouldn’t make so many podcasts about cats!

    What a pity with a special video! I’ve been waiting for that for a whole year! And it’s true, I’m not kidding. Hope you are, and we’ll finally see the 7th anniversary video soon. This week, I mean .)
    I expect of thousand pleas concerning the special video for all of us…

    Anyway, it’s up to you, of course, and thank you for brilliant job again!

  5. Javad Says:

    Hello and congratulation to every one of you , I wish we could see you again Jeff and maybe finally meet Lucy on this year’s video !!!
    It’s alright we patiently wait till next year because actually we don’t have any other choices right now !!! and hope that you all be safe and sound …

    Thank you

  6. Sergio Says:

    Happy anniversary, Lucy and Jeff and all the ESL team!
    Happy anniversary to the bloggers too!
    P.S. A particular cheer to Emiliano (El Gatufo) for our friend to be here soon!

  7. Juan lara Says:

    Congratulation Jeff and Lucy

    I hope you continue forma many years

  8. chen fu Says:

    thanks a lot for your meaningful work. on my commute everyday, eslpod is definitely my accompanist. any episode is never supposed to be missed.let’s keep moving forward together

  9. Yang Yang Says:

    ESLPOD is really wonderful broadcast. Everytime I listen to JEff’s broadcast, I couldn’t help to think the most popular TV host Meng Fei ????in China. He is humorous and Kind.

    Congratulations for ESLPOD’s 7 years birthday. It’s also my birthday date.


  10. Peter Says:

    Dear Jeff and Lucy,
    Talk about a big downer.
    Man, I was looking forward to see another video of you.All joking said, I was looking forward to your aniversay video clip way more than ” The dark night rises.” this time I m dead serious! I mean, I m not in the mood to make jokes. We both know why. Sorry chief , I know i really let you have it. But , don’t do the crime , if you can’t do the time (joking, just the last part )
    I mean , it is sad that we don’t give another Eslpod’s millstone the recognition it really deserves.
    Well ,I understand. No worries. It is the way it is. We must roll with punches ,I guess. But, I have to say , you got me off guard. Ok, I will let you get away this year. But, I will take you on your word for next year.
    Still,can’t get over it . It is sad that you don’t have anything special lined up for the 7th anniversary,but I understand sometimes things don’t go our ways.
    However, I wanna take a moment here and thank you ,Lucy ,and Warren for all the wonderful scripts , audio lessons ,blog writing and, above all” learning guid.”
    Thank you boss for starting the whole thing and never stop topping yourself.
    Thank you for the greate gift-that is, “ESLPOD.”

    Thank you , think you , thank you,

    You guys are the best of the best

    Jeff and Lucy ,
    U never taught me how to speak the language; you though me how to live it.”. I mean what just wrote every word of it!!

    For that , I will have always been greatful!!!

    Yours forever

    A die-heard fan,

  11. sara Says:

    Dearest Dr.Jeff & Lucy
    thank you for being here through these years ,I learned a lot hear and really by all my heart I thank you .

  12. Øyvor Says:

    Congratulations to you, Lucy and Jeff and the whole team!
    Thanks to all you members also, since you are my teachers too=)
    I`m so grateful for all the podcasts and transcripts, thanks a lot!
    However, I have to admit that I`m a bit dissapointed as I`ve waited
    so long for the next video;), but never mind, I can watch all what you
    have made beffore once more=)

    My best wishes to all of you!

  13. tania Says:

    And however far away of you I would leave I would come back to you.

  14. tania Says:

    A similar huge rainbow I have seen over the sea these days.
    The psychic connection is running. I was thinking about you when I saw it. The most beautiful colors, the most beautiful English lessons, the most beautiful ESLPOD team.
    All our gratitude to ESLPOD team.


    All the best for you, dear ESLPOD team,


  15. meme Says:

    KEEP UP for a good work, I’m really appreciate for both of u for ur hard work to keep us in touch with u both
    and Keep us posted in any new abt what going on in this world,
    I like ur script Dr. LUSY and I enjoined when i’m listening to urs
    DR. JEFF I LIKE the way how to explain the expression and i have a happy moment in listening
    SO I hope I can speak and write E in good manner and learn more from U

    HaPPy 7th ANniVerSaRy

  16. Ethan Says:

    U guys are amazing!
    Best podcast ever!


  17. Phong Tran Says:

    Dear Jeff & Lucy,

    Congratulations for the special anniversary!!!

    It is very proud and happy to hear that your podcast has pulled off for 7 years and will be more successful and long-lasting. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to both of you for your great works. I have learned many things from your website and in my opinion it could be regarded as a most wonderful English website for ESL learners. Thank you very much and wish you’re all healthy, happy, and successful!

  18. Isabella Says:

    To the whole team:

    You guys are making this amazing work.
    Love u guys so much~
    Thanks for all you have done for english learners just like me.
    Happy anniversary!
    And nice know there are so many people are learning english. Good luck everyone!


  19. Peter Says:

    Look at Eslpod go!!
    Man,7 years of gloary with no slip-ups ,what so ever. You are on a roll Jeff,in other words, hot streak :)

    Another year in the land of eslpod is closing in. Unbelievable , it feels like yesterday that I was first introduced to amassing eslpod through my brother stumbling on eslpod while surfing the internet.since then , I have been a staunch listener, a big admirer of our dear professors Jeff and Lucy and more recently Warren.
    I must say,I love warren posts. I suncierly hope this year around we see more of his posts. He always makes sure to produce posts rich enough that every single member of blog no matter how advance they are persuing English language has something to take away.
    Warren you are as amazing!!! Thank you.
    Dear Jeff, you know what they say,” the best gift is the gift of knowledge.” thanks for all the expression gifts , cultur gifts, general knowledge gifts ,and so on.
    Dear Lucy, your beautiful mind has made all the audio listens possible. You are my personal heroine,an amazing writer who owns English language. Did I ever mention that I love your pure American accent ? I wish you talked to us more. Between you and me,Jeff has a bit of dialect:) Don’t sell me down the river sis:)
    Jeff will knick me out :)). I still need you guys.

    My dear profossers Jeff and Lucy
    All the thank you notes ,all the sense of grattitude that is in air of Eslpod right now boil down to one hard fact which is : A unanimous verdict signed by all the citizens of eslpod that you lingustic program is one of the kind ;further more , “You Are Amazing!!!!.”


  20. cruzerland Says:

    Thanks to you and your job partners. It’s about three years I’ve known you, since I decided to learn english on my own. It’s been a big adventure. I’ve never stopped since the beginning….

  21. el gatufo Says:

    My hearted congratulations to all ESL team, specially to our dear teachers Lucy, Jeff and Warren.
    Sure you may feel absolutely happy as along these seven years you have done the best site
    to learn English and also a nice site to have real good friends.

    Lucy, Jeff and Warren I really love you.

    emiliano “el gatufo”

  22. el gatufo Says:

    Also all my best wishes to all my dear friends of the Blog, I would like to say here all my
    real fealings about the blog and how nice have been to me the fact of having found along
    these years so many good friends just to every one of you, but be sure that all of you
    are deep in my heart.
    So nice good years sharing ideas, feelings and shuch a lot of good moments.

    Thank you to every one of you dear friends.

    emiliano “el gatufo”

  23. kasra Says:

    Thanks a lot for your podcasts. I’m just joining your website and think it help me to improve my English.
    I hope one day I can write and speak well.

  24. Ziba Says:

    Congratulations all in ESLpod Team.

    Your work and your aim are great and respectable and your frienly voice is lovely.

    I appreciate your work. Please continue,


  25. Peter Says:

    Thank you “former Emiliano” for the kind words

    The feelings are mutual my friend
    But, Emiliano if you look a bit more closely ,you sure will see like me that You and me along with our other classmates have had quite a journey through and with Eslpod.
    I know ,You hopped on board way sooner that makes you snarter!!
    I was a bit behind.well, I m always behind!

    But, My dear friend ” emiliano” ,
    Although,We never left this page ,yet every week in all these years. Every each one of us traveled to four corners of The united state. We traveled East ,we traveled west. We took a trip or two out North ,and sometimes we ended up in deep south.
    We poked the U.S. map all over. with Jeff,and Lucy we traveled a lot!!!!
    we visited parks ,mountain ranges. We made wine ,we went skying , we did some extreamr sports ,and above all ,Jeff bented time,and walked us through the U.S. hostory where we were introduced to a significant number of prominent people who made a difference in American history. We made acquintance with presidents of United State. We did all these through eslpod. We laughed ,we cried ,we learn and we taught.
    It has been a long journey my friend

    A long journey ,

  26. Sam Tayalan Says:

    Congratulations all of you guys! It is really wonderful Job,Best of luck to continue this Journey

  27. Genji Says:

    I’m 66, a beginner of ESLPOD.COM.
    I believe ESLPOD.COM is the best in the world.
    I could not do what I do without YOU, Jaff & Lucy. Thank you, ARIGATO.

  28. emiliano Says:

    That is the truth Peter. It has been a long wonderful trip that has given us such a big pleasure
    that some how it has changed our life for good.
    By my side I have got close friends and it has been the best of all.

    Thanks Peter dear friend.

    emiliano “el gatufo”

  29. Doogii Says:

    Happy 7th years anniversary.

    Thanks a lot of for your great service. I hope you will provide this service a long time.
    I wish you all best!

  30. sorour Says:

    Congratulations and thanks very much to the whole team and specially you Jeff because you are the best pod caster in the world.

  31. Behnam Says:

    Congrats! ESLPod is and has been my number 1 listening resource for the past four or five years. If truth must be told, the way Dr. Jeff explains every necessary word and/or phrase makes me wonder most of the times and it is extremely easy on the ear which conveys nothing but his competence in this field and his knowledge, IMHO. And thank you Dr. Lucy Tse for your marvelous scripts. They are the meat and potatoes of such a top-notch result.

    Keep up the great work,

  32. Hui Xie Says:

    Thank you so much for Jeff and Lucy.Now, I am familiar with Jeff’s voice more than my husband’s. Is it a good thing or not?
    I do not know how to express my appreciation to both of you. If it is possible, can I join in your team? Just kidding.
    But still thank you.

  33. Andreu Martínez Says:

    Dear ESL podcast team and collaborators,

    Thank you very much!

    You are doing a great job! I can say that you jointly with Warren (my current English teacher) are the basic pillars of my English learning process.

    I knew about you about 5-6 years ago and you made the difference on my English learning process. Thanks to you I knew about Warren, the best among the bests.

    I wish and I know you will have a very successful year ahead of you and I hope to see your video next year and maybe… who knows to see Lucy in the video.

    Take care!


  34. Jeremy Says:

    Dears Jeff and Lucy, I want to congratulate them for this seventh anniversary. From Venezuela, with the most sincere affection, I wish you every success.
    Best regards, Jeremy.

  35. Peter Says:

    Dear Kasta,
    No doubt it,even for a sec!!
    You will improve, in no time.
    Just stick to the program , it is a tried and true linguistic program. It is the best! Why is it the best ? It is because the system runs by two prominent professors “Lucy” and “Jeff.” that put it on top my friend
    Hang in there my friend.
    Just keep listening to Jeff ,and the next thing you know ,u have picked up an international language that come handy in 4 corners of the world.

    Welcome my friend
    You are the most welcome

  36. IMNHMD Says:

    Yahoo! Congratulation on ESLpod’s 7th anniversary. Sorry I don’t tend to keep track of time, but when I saw this news, I just came to this page surly. And I’m glad I did.
    Fristly, I should mention I’ve been listening to ESLpod since I start participating in English courses, and it sure is funny for visitors who read my comment from here that “I use ESLpod as a best, sweet and practical complement to my English classes. I download lessons which are relevant to my English class’s topic.”
    Secondly, I actually pass the time in particular during mid-night listening to ESLpod untill I fall asleap–How wonderful lullaby!
    Believe or not, I also enjoy hearing Dr. Jeff MacQullian’s voice. I listen to your stuff where you can imagine– In university, taxi, bus, kitchen while cooking, park while I’m walking and even in the bathroom!
    For my lonly, empty, pitty and disapoinnting moment ESLpod has been my all-time favorite program to help me get throught the other days.
    In summary, Jeff and Lucy, your jobs and the way you do it, is spactacular and unique. So don’t miss out on the other days.

    Finally, my advice for English lovers who have found or think learning English is difficult and disappointing is that you have a chance just ahead of you by listening to long audio English files like ESLpod as much as you get an opportunetly to do it. You’ll figure that it’s brought you confident and satisfactory when it comes to learning English.

    I wish for both fabulous I’d say teachers, Jeff and Lucy, having nice, peaceful and healthy days and years.
    thank you for taking time to my plain texts.
    IMNHMD from Iran, Shiraz.

  37. Betty Says:

    Dear Lucy & Jeff

    Like many of your students, I have been waiting to see you in your video this month.

    Like many of your students who expressed disappointment because of no video this year, I was also surprised to learn that there is no video this year.

    I wanted to make seven sentences like the two above.  But I became bored after only two!

    Imagine doing it for seven years!

    My most deepest sincerest best English teachers awards have been won by Jeff, Lucy and Warren.

    I have not forgotten everyone in the team who helped made this wonderful website possible, including Adriano specially.
    He is the handsome young clever wonderful webmaster.

    My Premium Membership subscription is only USD10 every month, not too little and not at all too much, but I think it is important that austerity measure in the whole world won’t eat into this USD10 per month.  It is to keep my English going and keep my blood flowing.

    Dear Lucy & Jeff, you are two of the most clever people in this world.  I believe there is a special reason for you to choose  Isaac Newton’s Seven Colors of the Rainbow to replace the video.

    You won’t believe how many hours I have spent reading all the technical stuff about rainbows, colours, light spectrums, etc.

    And I searched the web about many things that has the word seven in it, like:

    Seven Days of Creation

    Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    All the ‘sevens’ in the Harry Potter series of novels by J.K. Rowling, 


    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Dear Jeff & Lucy

    Seven is a very special number since day one of the world.

    You have done seven years of hard work for people living in seven continents who enjoy learning English seven days a week.

    Please, Dear teachers, please give us many folds of seven years of English lessons to enjoy.

    Thanks again and All the best to you all.

    Betty :)

  38. Ali alipour Says:

    cngratulations !
    I hope to celebrate the seventieth anniversary

  39. Peter Says:

    My dearst friend Betty,
    I truly like your comment
    In fact ,I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for the word “austerity.”
    I didn’t know the word.



    P.S. Dear Betty, you are absolutly right!
    Leaning Guide is the cheapest ,yet the richest learning English Guide ever.
    The cheapest by price ,and the richest by content.

    I m with you on that,

    Buy for now.

  40. Dino Says: “the best of the best”, congratulations for the anniversary, I learned English with you
    but I still hear you because I love you.
    God bless you!


  41. Elliot Says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff ,

    A special thanks to your dedication on learning English . Your way is really interesting and funny so that I’m very enjoying it. Congratulation for 7th anniversary.

    Elliot from Taiwan

  42. tania Says:

    “Seven years of hard work for people living in seven continents who enjoy learning English seven days a week” is the nicest compliment to the ESLPOD team, dear Betty.

  43. kuong do Says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse,
    Firstly, I want to give my congratulations to the ESL Podcast’s Seventh Anniversary.
    I am Kuong Do from Hanoi, Vietnam. Have been listening your podcasts every episode for 3 years, I have improved my English a lot. You have been doing a great job for English learners like me. I really appreciate your work. I wish you and your family healthy and success. I hope that your website will last for a very long time.
    Thank you very much.
    Kuong Do, teacher,
    Hanoi, Vietnam.

  44. tania Says:

    Hi! The best teachers, the best collaborators…
    I have admired iPad Artwork – video by Adriano Galeno and Art in iPad Portfolio Adriano Galeno.
    More details on

    When Jeff told us about the British painter David Hockney I was not understanding the iPad artwork.
    Thanks to iPad Portfolio Adriano Galeno I can say that this new way of artistic expressing is wonderful.
    Thank you our dear Adriano. We wish you to be more famous than David Hockney.

  45. tania Says:

    Hi! And my present for you on the seventh anniversary of the ESL Podcast…
    At last I can understand the words, the lyrics of an English song. I mean that listening to Nat King Cole’s songs I realized that I was able to understand him.
    Thank you.

  46. tania Says:

    The best teachers, the best collaborators and the best blog friends.
    To all of us a cup of champagne!

  47. emiliano Says:

    Yes dear Tania that is the truth.
    Now I am going to see Adriano Galeno’s Portafolio.

    el gatufo…….former emiliano

  48. ed Says:

    7th wow aniversary!! congratulations !!

    I’m a pretty new face from korea.
    I could not help but to be one of members here after subscribing your podcast by chance.

    no pain
    no stress
    no drowsiness
    no boring

    It’s really true, jeff & his staffs are natural born english killers!!

    I always thanks for your awesome contents.

    cogratulations again.


  49. Betty Says:

    Hi ed

    I am glad you have decided to become a member as well.

    You are absolutely, learning English from this website gives us

    no pain
    no stress
    no drowsiness
    no boring

    Jeff tried very hard not to teach us something rude online, otherwise we probably learn a lot more ‘real English’.

    I found it very funny listen to Jeff said:

    “This verb to “suck” is a rather rude, informal word meaning to be very bad at something or to be terrible. It’s a very negative way of describing someone. If you say “This sucks!”, you mean this is terrible. This is awful. It’s a pretty strong word, not a vulgar word, but certainly one that you wouldn’t want to use in a business meeting”.

    (see Learning Guide, ESL podcast 811, P6)

    In fact we English learner very often do not feel the same as native English speakers when we copy the native English speakers and say something rude.  We do not know it is rude and must not use it in business or formal meetings.

    My lecturer last time always used rude words and she never told us that the words were rude and not to use the rude words.

    Jeff is a better teacher.  He teaches us the rude words and told us not to use them in business meetings or if we want to keep our jobs.

    Welcome to this blog, look forward to reading more comments from you.

    Best regards

    Betty ??

  50. Betty Says:

    Sorry,mistake in my post above:

    “You are absolutely, learning English from this website gives us ……..”

    Should read as: “You are absolutely right, learning English from this website gives us ……..”

    Betty :(

  51. ed Says:

    hi Betty.

    you are so sweet.
    thanks for warm welcomming comment.

    I start to catch on that here is the only place to say hello between members.

    and, you must be one of most enthusiastic members.

    How do I know??
    yep, from your english, your writing.
    you must be a great learner.

    for me, there’s little chance to write something in english here in korea.
    It’s my tiny hope to write something here often, and keep in touch with you members as well.
    one stone, two birds. right??

    thanks again.
    and nice to meet you betty, all members~

    have a nice day!!