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Getting Crafty with Crafts

KnittingMost people know about the Internet selling website eBay. It is a website that allows individuals and businesses to list items for sale.  Then, buyers use an auction process, where each buyer indicates how much he or she is willing to pay for an item and the person who is willing to pay the most buys the product.

eBay is probably the most well known Internet auction website, but recently, I heard about a new Internet selling site aimed at (designed for) individual sellers who are crafty (two meanings: 1) clever; 2) able to make things with one’s hands, especially decorative things).

In the past five to ten years in the U.S., there has been a resurgence of interest (increased interest after a period of not being popular) in crafts, especially knitting and crocheting. Knitting and crocheting are two methods of using yarn (thick thread) and long needles (sticks) to make things like sweaters, scarves, baby clothes, handbags, and many other things. (Crocheting (pronounced “crow-shay-ing”) uses one needle with a hook at the end, and knitting uses two needles, with no hook.)

This new selling website takes advantage of this interest in crafts and is called Etsy. All of the products listed on the website are crafts, or things that are handmade (made by one’s hands, rather than by machines in factories). On the website, you will find sweaters and scarves (long pieces of fabric you put around your neck to keep you warm), of course, but also handmade greeting cards (such as birthday cards, Christmas cards), cases for cell phones, candles, furniture, clocks, jewelry, and much more. On the site, the seller sets (determines) the price. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the website, there is a page where customers can ask for custom (made for a specific customer) products and the price they are willing to pay.

For many people, crafts are a hobby (activity done in one’s free time for fun), but many people are turning crafts into cash, especially in these difficult economic times. When I was little, my mother taught me how to knit, and later on, my sister taught me how to crochet. Looking at the nice quality products that other people can make on this site has really put my own efforts to shame (makes me embarrassed about the low quality of the things I’ve made).  If you ever see me with an odd-shaped (strangely-shaped) scarf or a lopsided (with one side smaller or lower than the other) hat, you’ll know I didn’t get it from Etsy. I made it myself.  I’m afraid I’m not too crafty with my crafts.

Are you crafty?  What can you make?  What would you like to learn to make?

Me?  I’ve always wanted to learn to make things with wood, perhaps to build small pieces of furniture or other practical things.  But given (considering; keeping in mind) I’m not very good with my hands, I think I better stick with (stay with) writing scripts!

~ Lucy

11 Responses to “Getting Crafty with Crafts”

  1. Rabea Ali Says:

    I’m by no means crafty preson. I can only make odd-shaped and lopsided things . Knitting and crocheting are impossible for me to try.

  2. dongsung Says:

    I’m not good at making things by hand either. I’ve reformed of my small cabinet last year. It took a lot of efforts and times to do it. but the result was humble, but because it was things that I’ve tried my best, so I decided to keep it at my room. I’m not crafty, but I did it not to sell it to someone, So sometime I proud of my self.

  3. roberto Says:


    Times are changing and now people like to have crafty things. When someone visits a house, the first thing that the house´s owner shows you is something crafty.
    I live in a village and many people from the city want to buy old things to repair them.
    By the way, when I was young I learnt to make knittting and crocheting but today I have forgotten it.
    Come on Lucy, I think you can get all you want, you only need is practise and make things with love like this article. Doctors say that it is very good for health to make things with your hands becujase yopu practise your body and mind.
    As Dongsung says, when you are make something with your hands, crafty things, you will allways be proud for it.

  4. Bkhtiar Basher Says:

    If you ask me, i am not crafty, but right now i am involving in project for making hand crafts goods, i am the project wirter, and the UNICEF is funding this project for house wife women’s in surrounding areas of city centre of province that i live in. the aims of project are , firstly to foster the culture of economy independence of women and empower them how to manage and administrating this project by themselves, secondly to become self-reliance in providing their basic necessities rather than depend totally on government and there husband’s.

  5. emiliano Says:

    I always saw my mother and Cuca knitting and crocheting as a natural way of doing thing with their hands. In fact my mother was an expert doing some pullovers or sweaters for my father or me.
    Cuca also likes crocheting and we have some nice things at home that were made by her.

    Going to a shop to buy these kind of things was expesive if you have three or more children at home, but it was in the past years. Afterward “this apparently lost of time” disappeared among the new generations and my daughters generation didn´t like to do this hand work.
    I think it´s really a pity and here is quite difficult to get these kind of handmades again, as the persons who know how to do it and how to teach the handmade is going to extint.

    It´s so nice to wear a sweater or a scarf made by a person who loves you that I was always proud to say it and felt these cloths as the best of all I may have.
    I had till now a scarf made by my wife It was knitted so many years ago that I can´t remember when she handmade it. The scarf is quite long, soft, and remains new despite so long time. I love it.
    My mother was every moment knitting just till she was very old and she knitted me a nice and long open sweater with buttons that in Spain we call this kind of woll cloth “rebecca” (remembering the movie “Rebecca —Joan Fontain_Laurence Oliver_Hitchcock ..oscar best movie 1940″— as she wore this garment in the film, that here was a new cloth and we named it as the movie´s title, it´s funny but real) and I wore it at home for many years till it was completly destroyed of so much use.

    Always I wanted to know how to knit as I think it has to be very good for the mind rest, afterward I painted some drawings named
    “mandalas” instead, and it was great to have some relax, yes that´s true.

    I would like to see you Lucy with a nice scarf or sweater knitted by you, I ´m sure you´ll look splendid with it.

  6. Michel Says:

    I am like you lucy: to bad with my hands.
    Every thinks I try to do with my hand doesn’t work….hum.
    At the house with my family, I am this one who cut “wood for winter” the big job without precision. The hard job, the basic job. I can also cut the grass during summer.
    I am not a crafty man. I prefer to read, to create pedagogics activities for my students. It’s the way where I am not to bad.

    During schools hollydays, when my wife asked me to paint a room, the result is not very good.

    Morality: Do what you know. Every one has his own place. that’s why the world can be so nice.
    soon on the net

  7. JY KIM Says:

    Hi Lucy, Jeff & all ESL friends.
    I do cross stitch especially in winter period. I dislike cold weather, so I prefer to stay in warmy home and doing cross stitch.
    It’s pretty big size one. so It’s highly complicated but easy to do.
    I’ve almost finished 80% on this flame one. but here in Korea, Spring is coming soon.
    I would like to go outside and want to stop doing it. may be this small project will be completed new coming winter period. ^o^
    I’ll try to do it again when I have free time during weekend.
    Anyway I aslo feel proud of myself when I look my completed ones like clock on the wall, some flames and two blue dolphin cushions.
    C YA~!

  8. Tania Says:

    Hi ! It is trendy to wear handmade gloves , scarf and cap at the skiing or skating in winter time . And even a nice sweater … But to knit or crochet when there are so many knitting and embroidery machines …
    no , I feel a terrible headache . If you live in the country … a crafty woman is very , very appreciated . My mother is a crafty woman , but me … She always said to me : learn to have your job , your own income .
    But knitting and crocheting are hobbies for many women . Just for relaxation .

    All the best for you all ,


  9. Tania Says:

    Hi ! Dear Emiliano , you are breaking my heart with “Rebecca ” .It is one of my favourite books. Of course when I was a teen-ager .
    But even now I am still dreaming …


  10. Sonny Says:

    Actually, i’m not good at knitting and crocheting.It takes a lot of time and effort to get into details.At the time i was in elementary school,there was a subject called sewing or embroidering .First, i made shapes of things i like on a white handkerchief , then embroidered along the lines i made.It was kind of hard;after ending up each time, my eyes were weary.

  11. Valery Says:

    Oh, Lucy! I have the same problem. I really respect and a little bit envy people, who can do something with their hands. My hands are not from proper place (just kidding) :) But I would like to learn to do different figures from any materials and, of course, make clothing and accessories, because I’m very picky about fashion and it’s often very difficult for me to find thing which I really imagine. If I can make it by myself, I’ll have less troubles.