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Your Questions for the ESL Podcast Third Anniversary Video Podcast

anniversaryballoonbunch.jpgWe have celebrated our past two anniversaries by producing a video podcast. We want to do that again this year, but we need your help.

This year, Jeff will be answering listener questions. Do you have a burning question (something you want to know very much) about us or the podcast? If so, post a comment here and we will select a few to answer in the anniversary video podcast.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

~ Lucy

67 Responses to “Your Questions for the ESL Podcast Third Anniversary Video Podcast”

  1. Alvaro Says:

    Well, I would like to see you Lucy on this one. And also I’d like to know if are married and if not I would like to know what do you think of brazilian men!!!!

  2. emiliano Says:

    For me it should be nice to know who has the idea of doing this ESL podcast, was Jeff? was Lucy? who?, and how did you changed your mind Jeff/Lucy to start teaching English this free way to all people all over the world instead of teaching it in person at the schools ?. Do you think in advance that it should be such and exit and that you’ll have so many friends?.

    Thanks all ESL team, and congratulations Lucy and Jeff, you are doing a marvellous work.
    I think that all your previous dreams at the begining are real now.

  3. Heiner Pavel Says:

    Congratulations ESL podcast, I’m from Peru and I listen to your podcasts every time when I can, I think this is a good way to learn english and I would like to know, Why doesn’t Lucy like to appear in every anniversary video podcast?


  4. Julian Says:

    Happy Aniversary for THE BEST ESL Podcast ever! You’re the best, I’m improving a lot my English with your podast. Thank you very much!

  5. Luiz Carvalho Says:

    First, Cogratulations Lucy and Jeff and team. Your esl podcast is the best. If possible I’d like also to see Lucy and where the poscast is recorded. Thanks.

  6. heme Says:

    Dear Lucy,
    I’m always so happy to hear you and Jeff every day.
    I’d like to see you and all ESLPod team members in the video podcast also.
    See you,

  7. pedro Says:

    Well,I have to admit that to celebrate the third anniversary of ESL Podcast,I’d like to see Jeff and Lucy talking to each other (as if they were in a cafe chatting like friends while having a cup of coffee), about some interesting fact in their lives:it could be their childhood,it could be the first time when they fell in love,it could be the most wonderful thing that ever happened in their lives,it could be how they met,it could be…it could be…,well,you two know better than me what it could be,right? (I’m just suggesting).
    By the way, happy anniversary in advance to all of you and I hope you continue doing this amazing podcast for the years to come.Congratulations from Spain!!!

  8. Fred Says:

    Seeing Dr Lucy is not a good idée. The Mystery will fall.

    You could try to do like this woman :

    T h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h

  9. Shanerose Says:

    Hello ESL Pod!I’m from Vietnam, and I’m a loyal fan of ESL Podcast. I do appreciate the job you’ve done. I do thank all of you for your good job. You all have helped me so so much in learning English.

    You know, I listen to ESL Podcasts everynight, then listen again and take notes in the following morning. I can hear and understand almost completely what you say on the Podcasts, without Learning Guides, just because your voices are so sweet ^.^, and quite easy for me to hear, well, I find them so interesting! I really love the explanations and examples you give. They help me widen my knowledge, my ability to use English phrasal verbs, idioms and slangs. And so on…

    For your next 3rd Anniversary, I wish to see all of you on the video singing together (or doing something together instead). I would be very happy to see all the people I really love but have not had any chances to see). ^.^

    And for the next English Cafe and Podcasts, I hope you would give us more phrasal verbs,may be the different phrasal verbs originating from a certain root verb, like : call on, call off, call at, … ; pass in, pass by, pass on, pass away,etc, so that we can distinct them. Ofcourse I can learn these in English books, but I’d like to listen to American themselves explaining to me. It’s more lively, isn’t it? :))

    Well, that’s all for my points. Once again, I do thank all of you for your great job, and I do convey my best wishes to all of you. ESL Podcast is my best friend! ^.^ I LOVE YOU! (the program and the people as well :))

  10. Mohammad Osama, Egypt Says:

    I feel like I’m celebrating mine. Eslpod Cast is considered my home now. you know, my wife is very jealous because i spend most of the time with Jeff and lucy whom I really appreciate and admire. What I need from Eslpod is to come up with two cafes each week instead of one.It’s very resourceful and informative. also, I beg Dr. Jeff to answer as many questions as possible in these CAfes, it’s very important.

  11. Roberto Says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic work My English improved considerably since I starter a few months ago.

    My nine years daughter has been studying English at school for three years; she knows about 200 terms and basic grammar rules but, from what I can see, she cannot follow your podcasts yet (sob) … although she sings “take me out to the ball game” almost like you 😉
    Have you ever considered doing something for “beginners” who do not know much about English?

    Thanks again,
    Roberto and Martina

  12. Gulls Says:

    Where do you find your creativity ?

    I see two parallel lanes : a work lane and a play lane separated by a railing.

    The lower the railing the greater the creativity.

    I suppose that in your case the railing between the work lane and the play lane is low

    so that work and play are mixed.

    My only question is : Where do you find your creativity ?

  13. Fred Says:


    I am like you, I can hear an understand almost what Jeff says.
    I buy Learning guide for encourage and support ESLPOD team.
    So with you post , it’s like a form supports.
    Hoping I have not upset you.

  14. Pavel Says:

    First, I want to thank you and Jeff and Adriano Galeno (great web-design) and all other people who work on

    I have a burning question. I would like to know if it’s possible to download second part of “secret to improving your English”
    One year ago or so, I have found the first part here, in this blog, and I am tremendously curious to hear the rest.
    Jeff said, at the end of the special podcast, that the next part will be related to speaking, pronunciation, writing and grammar…

    Eslpod is the best resource of English, I am very sure.

    Thanks for everything :)

  15. pedro Says:

    Yeah,I agree with Fred.If we see Dr. Lucy Tse, the mystery will fall,that’s for sure; and in my comment above I didn’t mean to see Lucy…(I mean,the real Lucy).
    Hey,do you know what?We could see a puppet video podcast. That’d be great!Just imagine that!Jeff and Lucy converted into puppets with funny voices and making fun!what can I say?What fun!

  16. Linus Says:

    I don’t care about mistery, I just want to see Dr. Lucy Tse talking about… whatever she wants of course, she will know better than I do for sure, and anything she picks up will be fine with me. But what I really want to say is that all of you, Jeff, Lucy and the rest of the team we don’t even know their names are doing a fantastic job, not just by helping us to learn english. but by commenting on issues that allow us to understand better the culture and the customs of the american people. Thank you very much and congratulations on your third anniversary.

  17. Tomo Says:

    Hello. Here are my questions!

    Q1) To Dr.Lucy Tse: Have you run out of idea of writing scripts? How do you usually come up with a theme of a script? I myself write scripts just for fun, but it is very hard job. So I wish I could know a secret of your creativity.

    Q2) To Dr. Jeff: My husband always says that you must be good at acting because you can read script very naturally. Do you have a acting career?

    Q3) To Dr. Lucy & Jeff: How long do you want this program to last? Do you sometimes tired of keep podcasting this program?

    Happy third anniversarry! I love you!!

  18. Wilma Says:

    Hi everybody, It’s nice to belong to this Group.
    Hi Fred, Like you I have got a Premium subscription, although I can hear and understand almost everything Jeff says in the low rate speed.My problem is the normal native rate of speaking. I do need the Learning Guide, otherwise I would have to look up the expressions, new words, phrasal verbs in specific dictionaries which would take me a lot of time and for sure I’ll never found those so clear and pedagogical explanations. And what to say about the Cultural Notes! I love them. I agree completely with you, If we get the benefits it is our duty to encourage and gives a real and concrete support to ESLPOD team. I also buy the books, not only to learn more but also to help support the team. The books are very good and very useful, once they focus some of our specific needs. I am from São Paulo, Brasil, and in 4 months listening to this wonderful podcast I can feel I have improved a lot!

    Hi Shanerose, are you upset with me and Fred? Please do not. I loved your suggestion of seeing all of them singing.See my suggestion below.
    Hi Roberto from Italy. I agree also with you, as far as a podcast for begginers, so I repeat your question to Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lucy Tsé: “Have you ever considered doing something for “beginners” who do not know much about English?”

    NOW ABOUT THE PARTY TO CELEBRATE THE THIRD ANNIVERSARY – First, Congratulations! You are the best. I suggest a sort of dancing party where all the listeners will have the unique opportunity to see you all, and dancing! Smiling, Laughing! I wonder if, at least, a part of the party could be a dancing session, any kind, international style, folk style, etc..
    Warmest regards,

  19. luc delvallee Says:

    Congratulations for your third anniversary and the good job you are doing.You are making a great contribution to abolish barriers between people thanks to your excellent teaching. My burning question? whatever the subject(why not a description of the place you are working) a video podcast with Jeff and his good sense of humor but,according to me, Lucy should appear on it.Come on,Lucy, it’s now or never:do not blow things out of proportions!!!

  20. Hermann LANTER Says:

    ESL Podcast is worked out on the highest standard and in a wonderful and constant exactness. The Podcasts are a pleasure, and I look forward to every new episode. For this Dr. Lucy Tse and Dr. Jeff McQuillan get the Olympic gold medal. Many thanks.
    I would be interested in knowing how the two language specialists learn a foreign language: How do they learn all the new words? How do they enlarge their vocabulary and how do they bring all the new words into the long-term memory?
    Congratulations and furthermore much strength to carry on with this excellent work.
    Hermann, Switzerland

  21. emiliano Says:

    YES, I want to see Dr. Lucy tooo……, please. Both of you Lucy and Jeff singing to all your pupils/friends. So please Lucy go ahead and tell us what ever may please you.

  22. Daniel Says:


    I would like to see Lucy and Jeff

    Lucy: you and Jeff..? Are Jeff … and you?… I mean… Are you….? … 😉

  23. Sergio Says:

    I have two burning questions:
    1) how much time do you spend making each podcast?
    2) how do you make them? what are the stages?


  24. malika Says:

    Hello I’d like to thank all of you for the wonderful and great job you’re doing, and I regret not to know about your podcasts before, because I would need much more time to listen to the previous ones. If I had a burning question it would be the same one as emiliano, what’s the point of teaching the language freely? Do you feel good when you do or give something? do you like your language and want it to be spread ?
    By the way I like the way the podcasts are organised and also the english cafe which help us to expand our knowledge about other cultures.
    Dr. Jeff you have a gorgeous voice and a wonderful way that amuse us while learning
    Dr. Lucy I hope Dr. Jeff isnt bothering you with his voice and let you inspire much more ideas (just for lough :) )
    I have a suggestion, if it’s possible to use some of the expressions explained in previous podcasts from time to time in the coming podcasts so that we could remember and use them again, I don’t know if it’s what you’re doing as I didn’t listen to all your podcasts.
    Thank you to all the team
    from Morocco

  25. Nathalie Says:

    I’m a new member and I appreciate a lot your work. So I would like to know is the ESL podcast your main work? Are you and Jeff teaching somewhere else? And my boyfriend want to know if you and Jeff are married? :) (of course I’m not as curiouse as him )

  26. Sergio Says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,
    I think I have a suggestion for your – our ! – anniversary. It is not related to the special video podcast, but you might find it interesting: I wondered if it were possible for your team to publish some special ESL Podcast material, such as wallpapers with your logo, screensavers, the jingles and so on…it would be a nice way for us to deepen our comradeship, to be a group…even if scattered all around the world! Wouldn’it be wonderful if we had the EC jingle as ringtone?

    By the way, I vote for those who want Lucy in the next video!

    Thanks, Sergio (from Italy)

  27. ESLPodcast Google Group Says:

    Hello Everybody.. without doubt to see Lucy face on this video should be great.

    Let´s go Lucy,

    Let´s make a MANIFEST called “Show up Lucy” in order to support and cheer he up show up in the next ESLPOD video!



    Name / Country

    – Ed / Brasil

  28. ESLPodcast Google Group Says:


    Name / Country

    – ESLPodcast Google Group / ESL Pod Fans around the world!

  29. sara Says:

    You guys did a great job during last three years. We learned a lot about English language as well as American culture in the podcasts. for third anniversary video, I like something special and different from other podcast such as your personal life , not only to have interview with Jeff and Lucy but also with their family members, if it is possible, and what they think about you spending time on Esl podcasts.
    Lucy, we all like to see you this time with jeff in the video. so, please!
    many thanks for your great job and happy anniversary!

  30. Ahmed Basel Says:


    I’m very happy for eslpod and i hope to continue for next 100 years.

    Thanks all eslpod members

  31. Shanerose Says:

    Hi Fred! Hi Wilma! :)

    Thanks a lot for your comments :) . But I guess there’re some misunderstandings here ^^.
    When I said I could hear and understand almost all what Mr Jeff says on the Podcasts withoud any Guide, I didn’t mean that Learning Guide on ESL is useless, and that I didn’t support the team.
    You know, Learning Guide is so wonderful for all of us, but, the truth is that, you know,I can’t afford to buy it. I’m just a student. And besides, you know, in Vietnam it’s not popular for students to use Master Card or Pay Pal,things like that, for payment. So that’s really a disadvantage for me! :(( So I said I didn’t need Learning Guide just to make fun and console myself! :))
    Anyway, thanks again for your comments. Thank to them I know that the ESL team may misunderstand me as well ^^. Wish to make friends with all of you! :))

    To the ESL Team : Hope you don’t misunderstand me ! ‘Cause I love you so so much! :))

  32. Luciano Says:

    Are you married??
    If not, who is the so famous Jeff’s wife?

  33. Luciano Says:

    Oh yes, Congratulations!

  34. Ari Fernando Ramos Says:

    Congratulations for the ESLPodCast team. You´ve made a very good job, mainly for us as your second language listeners.I´d like to see Jeff and Lucy in the video.
    Thanks a lot

  35. Rodrigo Says:

    Congratulations to all of you guys at beautiful Los Angeles, California for this third anniversary, you deserve the best of the world for this great job, the friendship and best wishes from all the pupils and friends you got all over the world is the reward for this wonderful job, god bless you all ¡¡¡

    I agree with some of the listeners about seeing our teacher Lucy Tse in the coming video (up to you the way), my question is about if there are other projects and products in esl podcast such as special courses designed for professionals in especific areas such as legal, economics, medicine, engineers, dentist, etc.

    Many thanks
    Rodrigo (from Venezuela)

  36. Mohamed LaHeta Says:

    Happy 3rd Anniversary
    Lucy and Jeff, you both are the best
    I hope you continue making these podcasts
    My questions is:
    – Do you think to make Real English podcasts in the future, I mean, spontaneous English, no script, using slang, word linking, etc, as you talk everyday ?


  37. emiliano Says:

    Well I think you have to do two videos as there are so many friends like me that are asking for so many things that should be imposible to please all of us. It should be nice one video done by Lucy completely. She may tell us something about herself (we know she was born in Arizona), how she decide to go to California, or to teach English, if is very difficult to write the podcast, if she is married, and of course how is her work being so close to Dr. Jeff….is he a good fellow? as good as we think? is nice to work with him?, and so on.
    The other video may be done by Dr. Jeff, but he has to tell us somethings we do not know about him……because we know just a lot about himself. He has been always so nice as to tell us many personal things through his English Cafes. And of course, he may tell us more or less same things like Lucy about his work. If she is as nice as he tell us always. And of course he may present us his marvellous wife, that beautiful person he is always talking about. I am very, very curious about all this little things. I promise to take off all my ……I do not what….clothings? if they do that.

  38. Asril Wardani Says:

    Hi, I’m asril from Indonesia. I’d like to hear both of Lucy and Jeff. Thanks for your interesting topics and Every day i always listening your recorded podcast and want to see Lucy and Jeff in video? And what is the best for us to make english as our daily bread caused english is not my native language.


  39. Harald Says:

    I’m Harald from Austria. First of all i would say THANK YOU to Jeff and Lucy (great team), I really appreciate your work.
    Now to my really burning question:
    Since i have listened to “ESL Podcast 365 – Putting the Children to Bed “, I’m in love. Who does this stunning voice (Andrea) belong to. Maybe you could invite her to your video Podcast or at least show a picture of her and tell something about her.

    Some ideas for further podcasts: Agriculture, rural life, agricultural vehicles and agricultural tools , …..
    Happy third anniversary! Thanks a lot, Harald(from Austria)

  40. Roberto Says:

    Dear Lucy,

    I would like to know whether the expression “do you had ” is correct.

    Sorry for bothering and thanks for your wonderful job. You are all great!


    Alvaro, I just read your reply on top …. oh man! You are so audacious!!!

  41. Calvin Says:

    I want to know the geographical statistics of the listener. Which nation or country or state in US would be the most? Just make a medal list like the Olympic game. It would be funny.

  42. Roberto Says:

    I have been thinking about what question I will ask and I realized that there are many and the big deal is listen the Podcasts and learn step by step. However I really believe that the most important thing is can see Jeff and, of course, Lucy!

    But if the ideia is “Make a question” I would like to know What does mean chunks in the sentence below:

    “Use chunks and change words and expressions….”

    I have to do my homework and I have any ideia the meaning of “chunks”.


    Best Regards.

    From Brazil


  43. ESL Podcast Google Group Says:

    Jeff and Lucy… You´ll need to create a DVD serie! LOL
    is not a bad idea, is it ?

  44. Sergio Pinheiro Rodrigues Says:

    One question that always has intrigued me is whether is possible to learn a new language from the scrath, I mean from the very begining, just by listening and reading a lot, whithout the help of gramar and the language structure, as many podcasters claim. Another question – would be helpfull to listen to a more advanced subject (say CNN news, etc) just to get acquainted of the pronunciation and intonation, even not understanding most of it is spoken.
    Thanks a lot and congratulations for the great job.

  45. elcomandant Says:

    Hi Lucy and Jef,

    I’m enjoying daily of your podcast. I guess or rather I imagine that both Lucy and Jeff, have a good relationship, you must be a good friends. I’m sure this.

    However, I can’t imagine how is the landscape where is located your work place.

    So, my burning question is:
    -Could I see in the video, how is the street, square, avenue or maybe park, of how Jeff says, “beautiful Los Angeles, California”, where both are going daily to work?.

    On the other hand, I want give a proposition to you:
    -Why don’t you make possible you that the learners, listeners or followers of, can go to visit your studio?.

    I’m planning to visit Los Angeles from Spain, and I would like see your studio, and if is possible I would like to have some soft drinks or beers with both. I invite you, of course. This could be wonderful.

    Thanks for all your help.


  46. Wilma Says:

    Hi Shanerose,
    I hope I have not hurt you. Like you, I had a very hard time when I was a student! No credit cards, no Pay Pal, no money at all! However, I resisted and faced all difficulties. Many of them were so huge that I was not able to come over them, but, many of them were defeated by my enormous desire to grow economically and culturally. By reading your texts I feel that you do the same. You resist and you are better than me for sure. Who knows, one day, I’ll tell you why, in my opionion, you are better. Go on, never give up! Warmest regards.

  47. Jonathan Davila Says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,

    I might not have all the word to write. Once you got to know about your site, I started to listen to almost every podcast. I have learnt a lot from your guys. Please keep the good work. This is the best esl podcast.

  48. Alvaro Says:

    audacious? why?

    there are a lot things in the world that we don’t have a clue, well most of them we don’t know and we don’t reach just because we don’t ask!

  49. Roberto Says:

    Hi Alvaro,
    Well, to me it sounded like a marriage proposal to Dr. Lucy Tse.
    Anyway, I did not mean to offend you and if I did, I apologize for that
    Take care.

  50. Eduardo Gomes Junior Says:

    Hello Jeff and Lucy Tse,

    My name’s Eduardo Gomes Jr from Brazil…

    My question is about you both:

    When and how did you meet each other, and how you both decided to work togheter in ESL PODCAST?

    Tell us a little bit about your day by day relationship.

    Keep up your great and helpful work.

  51. Jutta Schaefer Says:

    Dear Lucy, dear Jeff,

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! For me it’s the no.1 podcast.
    I hope you will go on with your work for the next 10 years or so. By then I will have reached a satisfying level of English. I can’t think of a better way of acquiring language skills. I keep telling that to my rather lazy students. My wish is simple- I’d like to see a picture of Lucy Tse. When you hear a person talking it helps to have an idea what that person looks like. Just one more thing I’d like to lhear something about is American accents. Can Americans tell a persons’ origins by their accent? Is there any sort of “standard American English” used in the media e.g.?

    Thanks and – take care

  52. oleg Says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff,

    I have an interesting question for you for the video podcast and it is about the phrases “I find it!” or “I forget”
    Watching movies I always hear the phrase “I find it” instead of “I found it”, when someone actually find something. Or “I forget” instead of “I forgot”, etc.
    I will be happy to hear an answer and if you could clarify this question to me 😉
    Then someone found something, why did they use the verb “find” in the present tense?

    Sincerely yours,

  53. Ariel Says:

    I want to know where Lucy’s ancestors are from. I wonder if they are from Southeast Asia since Lucy’s last name not seem to be American.

    By the way, I thought the cover people of “A Day in the Life of Jeff (a Man)” and “A Day in the Life of Lucy (a Woman)” are Jeff and Lucy. Am I wrong?

    Ariel from Taiwan

  54. Alvaro Says:

    No problem Roberto! Don’t worry about that! when we just read something, we can understand a lot of different things. I really want to see Lucy , I wanna see the face behind the voice! She and Jeff already are part of my life!
    Greetings from the Beautiful Brazil!

  55. &rey Says:

    I congratulate Jeff, Lucy and all the ESLPOD team with the third anniversary. You do great job and we really love you.
    I started to listen to ESL podcasts more then year ago and I noticed that my english improved very much. Recently i’ve started to watch TV serias “Friends” to practice my english and also for fun and it is obvious that your podcast really helps me undestand english language.
    Also I told all of my friends and collegues about ESLPOD. And know two of my friends and my girlfriend are also fans of ESLPOD. We like to listen to podcasts and sometimes discuss the episods.
    Thank you very much. I’m really looking forward for special video podcast!
    Andrey from Kursk, Russia

  56. ESL podcast fan Says:

    Congratulations and many thanks to all of you…

    Of course, we want to see all the ESLpod team in the anniversary video podcast.

    Tanks, Thanks, Thanks, you are doing a wonderful work !!!!

    MC, Spain

  57. Bigmoose Says:

    Hi my Dear Friends,
    Only one word for describe your Podcast : Cool, Very Cool, because we can learn English every day and very simply an another language in our car, bus , train, subway… with our iPod.
    Thank you so much.
    David from France?

  58. Eduardo Gomes Junior Says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I have another question:

    I’ve listened to a number 100 anniversary pod ” An interview with Dr Jeff Mcquilan” which I really loved it.

    There, you told the sound you like best, is when the garage of your home is opening , when your wife is coming home…

    So it came across as you really love your wife, which is very, very good…

    I love my wife too…

    Well, tell me:

    What would you do for love? Everything? or almost everything?

    By the way…This question could be made to Dr Lucy as well….=)

    Is this a “burning question ” as Dr Lucy wrote above? =) I hope so…

    Best Regards,

    Eduardo Gomes Jr.

  59. Roman Says:

    Congratulations to ESLPOD team from Kiev, Ukraine! :)

    You guys make a really good job. After listening to your shows for a while I decided to find some other podcasts for more advanced learners. Since I’ve listened to more than 100 different shows so now I can surely declare that you’re the best. Everything you make is just as it should be. I mean the variety of topics, the presentation, the quality of sound, brilliant sense of humor. Awesome!

    In token of gratitude I always try to promote you everywhere. On my job there are enough listeners already to create a fun club 😉

    As for suggestions for upcoming video, I’m waiting eagerly to see Dr. Lucy Tse 😉

  60. sama,UAE Says:

    Congratulations Dr.Jeff , Dr.Lucy & all of ESL team members..!!
    the only thing I wanted is to see Dr. Jeff , but I found his picture on the internet!!

    Now I have one BURNING QUESTION that is:
    Dr. Jeff , when was you born?? and what are your favourite hobbies???
    I also wanna see your wife ‘coz you always mintion her in the podcast..!!!

    Finally, thanks a lot for your great work .. it’s really useful for me!!

    Sama , Dubai – UAE.

  61. Mahdi Bayat Says:

    Well, I think that’s obviously going to be as interesting as everyone could dream. Watching Jeff answering questions on the video podcast would be great.

    Thank you all ESLPOD Team.

    From Afghanistan

  62. Randy Says:

    Dear Dr.Jeff, Dr. Lucy and ESL team members,
    I do really appreciate your hard works and efforts in doing this for all the listeners around the world. I wish you enjoy running this podcast blog and will never get tired. If possible, I would like Jeff, Lucy, or any of the ESL members to share your most embarrassing moment(s) in your life. It would be more fun through Video clips. If not possible, that’s ok. We will still happy if we can see you all in the video.

    Thank you again, and hope we can meet someday !!!

  63. Alessandro Says:

    Hi Lucy, Jef and team,

    I don’t have any burning question, but I wont to tell you: “Thank you very much!”

    I would like to see Lucy on this one like most of us. :)

    Happy anniversary from Italy

  64. Eddie Says:

    Dear Lucy, Jeff & team,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since April 2008, well, as I can recalled.
    I Wish to see all of the team of ESLPod. Oh, btw, I had just downloaded and watched the 1st and 2nd anniversary video:)
    Looking forward to see the 3rd video …

    Happy anniversary from Indonesia

  65. FAISSAL Says:

    Hello all and sundray…..
    I hope all better with you……….
    To beging with, i am faissal from Algeria, and i am in university senior, joinning the stream of langagues i study both of “english and french” and my mother tongue is arabic, in a netshell i will be graduate as an interpreter…..
    well i am english slave, and i just want to thank you for this helluva interesting WEB SITE, it’s cut above every web, it really makes a hit, though i ran across many site but they were not my cup of tea, they are by far banal, but yours is fruitful and knowledgeable, so with your site my english start looking up…..Pls i beg you to carry on helping people form all over the world to have a good command of there english….Honestly JEFF & LUCY i am among those who are fond of ur podcast…..And guess what when i talk with some people in skype from america, or england they say that i have a good accent, and all the credit to you….I should give credit where credit is due…..
    best regards
    ?????? ??????

  66. Koji Says:

    Congratulations third anniversary of ESL pod!!

    I remember when I listened ESL pod for the first time, It was episode 40.
    Thank you ESL pod team very much for ESL podcast. And I hope ESL pod will continue for long long time.

    The video type podcasts in first and second anniversary are very funny. I hope that the third one will enjoy us all podcast funs all over the world.
    Actually, I want to know more about Dr.Jeff , Dr.Lucy and Podcast team memmbers and I also want to watch the daily scene of your “beautiful Los Angeles,California”.

    Happy anniversary from Kyoto, the beautiful city of Japan.

  67. Eduardo Gomes Junior Says:

    When daes the video will finaly be posted ?

    I’m looking forward to watching the video!

    All the best!