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A Convict With Many Convictions Has Strong Convictions


The signs say: “Re-elect Krambs (for) District Attorney – A Man of Convictions”

A convict (pronounced CON-vict; noun) is a person who has been found guilty of a crime, usually by a judge or a court of law. To convict (pronounced con-VICT; verb) is the act of officially saying someone is guilty of a crime.

Conviction (pronounced con-VIC-tion; noun) has two meanings. First, it refers to the formal statement that someone is guilty of a crime. Second, it describes someone who has strong beliefs or opinions that are unshakable (others are not able to change) and who believes strongly in what they are doing.

So, this candidate (person wanting to be elected to a public position or job)–Mr. Krambs–is running for district attorney. A district attorney is a public official who acts as the state or federal (national) government’s lawyer in court.

Should we congratulate Mr. Krambs for being unusually honest about his crimes, or is he telling us that he has been a successful lawyer and believes strongly in what he is doing? I guess the voters will have to decide.

~ Lucy

7 Responses to “A Convict With Many Convictions Has Strong Convictions”

  1. Darren Says:

    Hmm… This is really confusing. Is he a good guy? I don’t think he is an honest people who can possibly confess that he once did something wrong.

  2. Gulls Says:

    Is Mr. Krambs a honest or a dishonest man? I’ll never know.

    I’m sure he is not clever enough (he is a lawyer) to find out a good slogan.

  3. emiliano Says:

    Indeed he has to be a man with great convictions as to be so sure about lenguage meanings. And it is so good that lenguage isn’t mathematics which is an exact science. Lenguage and gramma is made by people day by day and its result is being an inexact science sometimes may be so funny like this one.
    Usually I enjoy just a lot talking about different matters using words and expressions with twice or more meanings that may be very funny and relax the situation quite a lot.
    I love your sense of humor Lucy, and talking with you has to be a great pleasure, I’m sure.

  4. Jeff Says:

    As I read the responses here, I am wondering if you are getting the wrong idea (or am I?). This is a play on the two definitions. Strong convictions means you feel strongly about something (good or bad) and conviction means that you are found guilty of a crime. This man wants to be a prosecutor, the lawyer for the government. So the sign means that he should be reelected for the office of Prosecutor because he has been successful and convicted many guilty people in court. It also means that he believes in what he is doing. We can only assume what he believes is good because he would not talk about his bad beliefs. It’s just politics and typical American election yard signs used before an election.

  5. Linus Says:

    A lawyer, an honest man ??? Are you kidding ???

  6. Gulls Says:

    “Re-elect Krambs (for) District Attorney – A Man of Convictions”
    Lucy, a potential voter, can play with the two definitions.

    This very bad slogan is ambiguous, and it sounds as an order.
    Good slogans identify and express something that really lives in the mind of the voters.

  7. Inma Says:

    I like the slogan. The intention here is the double sense of convictions. He has principles but play with the meaning because he is running for a district attorney.