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Do You Hear a Din in Your Head? Part 2

Last week, I wrote a post about something called the Din in the Head, what is sometimes called “involuntary mental rehearsal.” (If you haven’t read the first post, go back and read it now.) I asked at the end of Part 1 what the meaning of the Din was. What does the Din say about language acquisition?

One researcher thinks that hearing a Din is a sign that your brain is actually picking up new vocabulary, sounds, and grammatical structures. The “noise” of the Din is a product (result) of your Language Acquisition Device (LAD) – that part of your brain that is dedicated to (has the special purpose for) language acquisition.

Who gets the Din? Usually, it is those who are not yet very advanced speakers of the language, or those who are reading or listening to a type of language they are not familiar with (they don’t know very well). Notice that I said read or listen to this language. We acquire languages by reading and listening, especially reading and listening to things we are able to understand. The Din may be your brain’s way of telling you that you are picking up new language, that your LAD is working.

Don’t be discouraged (down, depressed) if you don’t now hear a Din after listening to or reading English. Many of you are already very advanced speakers, and the English you read and listen to now may not contain anything “new” for you to acquire (to get, to pick up). Remember the Din also seems to work for music as well as language, so just listening to a new song a couple of times will soon give you the Din experience. Just be sure to pick a song you like!


6 Responses to “Do You Hear a Din in Your Head? Part 2”

  1. Roberto Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Since I’ve discovered ESL podcast, I cannot stop listening to them and my dins have your voice!
    Just a little deviation from the topic; I use to listen to your podcast any time I can and, not so seldom, even when I go to bed.
    So, tt happens that in my dreams I often meet friends or collegues or other people and they all tell me something that I am actually hearing from the earcups.
    Do you know whether that helps me to assimilate the language or I am just messing up my oneiric activity (and it will drive me crazy :-) ?

    Thanks so much!
    Roberto, Italy

  2. Ari Fernando Ramos Says:

    I Like very much to listen Music, especially classics and jazz. Usually after listening a new piece of music, such as a Sonata, I get the Din. It happens also with the very good English lessons of ESLPod. They are welcome.

  3. sara Says:

    actually it’s happened for me a lot and I always was thinking why when I tried used the think that I learned before I can’t remember it but these random things come to mind whitout when I don’t need them. I asked myself is there anyway that I can orgnized them, I didn’t know there is scientefic thing behind that. Thank you Jeff for this intresting post.

  4. emiliano Says:

    I don’t really know if I have or not a DIN usually, but what I could say is that several times a day I am listening me inside my mind speaking to me but “in english” not in spanish as I was used to do before.
    Sometimes I am telling me things about which ever matter happens in that moment, also thinking about the blog and what to say in it, when I am walking around or I am shopping food which is very funny and inapropiate for that momments.
    To think so often in english or to say phrases without meaning inside me in this lenguage is a Din?. Well I don’t mind, but to me is clear that E.S.L., Jeff and Lucy
    are in my mind along time every day, and it is a pleasure to have this thoughts so frecuently.

  5. emiliano Says:

    Just now my Din is that….Today I have been married for the last 38 years and it’s incredible, it seems that it was yesterday…….
    Again the thought is repeating once more inside me, it’s incredible. What have I done all this years?. I don’t know, time
    seems to be so short. I can’t imagine myself being so old today.

  6. Alcina Says:

    Hi everyone. Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.
    I am from Cambodia and learning to write in English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Whether you are coding testing designing, the opportunity to make an impact is there.”

    Thank you so much for your future answers :-D. Alcina.